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  • where is iCarly's parents?

    Can anyone tell me where iCarly's parents are and why she is living with her brother? I would also like to read where you got it from so if you could attach the link that would be awesome. Thanks

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  • How do I get my daughter to keep her pull up on?

    My daughter has been potty trained (by day) since mid December. We have been trying to get her to stay dry at nights but are having a hard time. She is now at the point she refuses to keep her pull up on and constantly wets the bed. We check on her before we go to bed to make sure she is dressed (dressing her if she isn't) but in the middle of the night she strips down again.

    We have her go to the bathroom right before bed

    Only put the pull up on right before bed

    take it off right away in the morning

    Started taking her to the bathroom before we go to bed at night.

    We have also limited night time water intakes.

    What can we do to get her to keep the pullup on or help this process?

    She sleeps with her favorite pink blanket EVERY night it doesnt' leave her side. Well when she wets the bed 90% of the time the pees on the blanket as well. Making going back to bed extreamly hard.

    Thanks and real answers only please.

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  • Where can I find living assistance money?

    I have a friend that has been hit hard with everything horrible that could happen to someone. She lost her job and couldn't pay rent and now she is on the streets with her 4 year old and doesn't know what to do. She is trying to find any work she can but no one is hiring. Is there a grant she can sign up for that will get her and her daughter can have a roof over their heads and some food on the table?

    She can't get unemployment for she was working under the table. My husband and I can't help her out for we are scraping by as well. She has no famliy to help her out and I do what I can (watchign her daughter) while she looks for work. This person is a WONDERFUL mother and loosing her child would end her life. Please if you have any information that could help her out it would be greatly apprciated!!!

    Oh she Lives in Oregon

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  • what chocolate is the best to use for molds?

    I bought shot glass molds for new years and a friend and I are wanting to make a bunch of Chocolate Shot Glasses to drink our Baileys in. What is the best chocolate to use for melting, molding and taste? Thank you

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  • Are you a mom in Oregon looking for friends to talk to?

    I have posted this once before and some reason got flagged!!! I read the terms and conditions and no where does it state that I can't post this type of question!!

    We are a new Yahoo Group called Oregon _Mommies who are just looking to meet local moms who would like to do play dates and possibly just meet up for coffee. It isn't a manditory thing to meet up but a group of locals just looking to talk about their kids and daily things in their life. No political or religous talk.

    If you have questions about why your child is acting a certain way or how to fix a problem, you get real answers that you can discuse between friends. Thats all this group is, nothing bad!!! If you would like to join our group please check us out at Oregon_Mommies, yahoo groups.

    Please don't flag, please just tell me why I can't post this question. I see no harm. Just trying to help people like myself who are in need of friends. Thank you and hope to see some new members

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  • Are you a Stay at home or work at home Mom??

    Are you a SAHM or WAHM and would like to have some more communication with other people? I know that two years ago when I became a SAHM I was starting to talk less and less to the outside world. Then I found this wonderful group called Anythingmom through Yahoo!! It is a very active group of moms who talk about every issue that comes our way!

    If you go to and look at our message history at the bottom of the page you will see for your self how much we love to chat and share opinions.

    If this seems like a group you would like to get active in please stop reading this and go to the group page and sign up. Hope to see you soon!

    Kirsten - Moderator

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  • 19 year old cat is sick, what could it be?

    I have a 19 year old cat who has been in great health up until a couple nights ago. It started with her throwing up more then usual and then by 9:00pm she had the runs. It continued yesterday and this morning at 3:30am I awoke to her throwing up and trying to get to the litter box without success. We havea very small house and it was covered. This morning at 7:00am we awoke to bloddy runs. My fear from last night. I have a couple ideas on what it could be just know there are more knowledgable people out there. Sadly depending on what this is it might be time to put her down, which will kill me. I have had this little kitty since I was 5 years old.

    Sorry This is so winded just really worried about her and its a problem because we are cutting into rent money to pay for this. Just trying to figure out costs. Thanks for your help

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  • credit collectors writing debt off as tax . . .?

    Just found out that I have a $600 bill collectors have been after for 7 years (actually my husbands). He tells me that after 7 years it will be cleared off his record. yes, but they are just going to write his bill off for taxes and write it into his credit report. I keep telling him he needs to pay it off before then. My question is, would it matter on paying it off or just having them sign it off? We don't have this extra $600 laying around. I just don't see the system putting it your report and not having penalties. Can some one please point me in the right direction so I can finally start getting his credit in line.

    If you are able to send me to a link so I can read for myself and show my husband it can/can't hurt his score that would be extra helpful.

    Thank you

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  • Is there a way to make your own Power Point Template?

    I am wanting to make my scrapbook of my kids better and tired of using the same templates. I can't afford to buy any packages. It there a way to make/use my own? Thanks for your help.

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  • Having Sex at 9 months of pregnancy . . .?

    So when I was 9 months pregnant I was ready to have this baby OUT NOW!!! Well my husband and I had sex like our doctor told us to do and well lets just say the next day we had our little girl. My friend is just a week from her date and ready to get this thing over with I told her to start having sex. She just told me last night they did and now she can't stop throwing up as well as other unpleasent things. What could be wrong with her? She hasn't been sick for 7 months now why all of a sudden? Has this happened to anyone, what was your outcome? Thanks

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  • I am worried about being sick. . . . ?

    My husband I just found out we are pregnant with our second child!!! We have been trying for 4 months and couldn't be happier. A friend of mine is pregnant as well and is only 10 weeks along. We are waiting until the end of next month to do a BBQ with the 4 sets of parents to announce our good news. We are all very close.

    Here is my problem there is a family beach trip coming up two weekends from now (the weekend after next) I am afraid I'm going to be sick. How do I keep my pregnancy hidden? I don't want to ruin the surprise. If I don't go they will know something is up. If I go and I am sick they will know something is up for they know we have been trying. I am also someone who very rarely gets sick. My parents also live 5 minutes away so they see/talk to me at least 4 times a week, they know I am fine. Are there any secrets on how to keep my tummy under control? If so PLEASE let me know!!! Thank you for your help.

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  • Do they make crocs/clogs for 2 year olds?

    I bought a pair of Airwalk Clogs a couple months ago and LOVE them!! My daughter has a blast walking around the house in them because they are SOOO light. She is two and wears a size 5 toddler. Do they make clog/crocs that size and if so where do I buy them? I think that those would be perfect shoes to for kids learning to run and walk. She has been walking since she was 9 months so no problem there, but can't seem to find them. If you can help me thanks!!!

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  • How to make her stop. . .?

    I have a 19 month old and I hate having to go through the whole dinner routine. She does great breakfast and lunch but when it comes to dinner she doesn't want to eat and throws her food on the floor.

    I know you may think she doesn't like the food given but any other time of day and she would be happy to eat it. I don't over/under season the food and if I know there is something she doesn't like I don't offer it to her. We normally eat dinner between 6:00-6:30. I don't feed her any food after 3:00 that way she will be hungry.

    Ok so here is my problem besides not eating. If we don't give her what she wants then she takes her plate and tosses it on the floor. Now we do two minute time out and then make her pick up her mess. She doesn't seem to care about any of it. It almost seems like she enjoys cleaning up the mess. What should I do? I get so frustrated that I tend to have to leave the dinner table and make my husband take care of her while I calm down.

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  • Are you a mom who needs someone to talk to?

    I have joined a yahoo group called AnythingMom that lets me talk openly about my experiences or challenges that I have with being a parent. It is a very open group of ladies that all we want to do is support one another. You can ask any questions and get up front answers without being judged. We care about each other and how our families are doing. Since I have become a parent I haven't really had any friends. I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) and was needing some interaction with the world. Thanks to yahoo groups I have found new friends that share the same interests as I do. If you are needing/wanting to talk to people please join our group. You don't have to be just a SAHM, if you have children/child you are more then welcome to join and share your thoughts and opinions.

    I know this isn't a question so please don't write a whole bunch of answers complaining. I didn't know how else to reach out to others out there that might be looking for help or just someone to talk to.

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  • Human Evolution. . .?

    My husband and I are having a disagreement about how people ended up with dark/white/fat/skinny skin. We were having a discussion about the science view of how humans came around. In the time line of what we can determine of human existence, why/how did people get different skin pigments and body sizes?

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  • What is wrong with my car locks?

    I have a 1997 Honda Accord Special Edition and the remote wont work. My car for a long time would lock over and over and over any time it wanted to. Then it got harder to unlock it with the remote. Now I am at the point that nothing works at all!! My remote still works for it has a brand new battery in it. I heard that it might have to do with the Door Lock Actuator? If this is true how much does one normally cost? Which type do I need to buy? I would like to fix it myself, how hard of a task is it? Thanks for your help

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  • Sweet N Sour Sauce/Dip . . .?

    Does anyone have a good recipe for Sweet N Sour dipping sauce? I want to make this for dipping chicken nuggets in. I have checked with but didn't really find what I was looking for. All of there recipes are very liquidy. I am looking for something that will stick to the nuggets. Thank you for your help.

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  • How do you change the dimensions on a picture?

    I am trying to make some pictures bigger and others smaller for a project I am doing. I can't remember for the life of me how to change the dimensions of each picture. I have Picasa2, Paint, And ZoomBrowser EX. I know that I have been able to do it before just can't remember. The Pictures are in JPG. form. If there is something I am forgetting to add I will add additional details that are needed to help you answer my question. thank you

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  • '84 GTI Rabbit . . .?

    Does any one out there have any good tips on how to remove rusty bolts from the exhaust on a '84 GTI Rabbit?

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  • Needing a middle name. . .?

    We are looking for a presidents name that would work with Turner _____ Creek. My husbands side of the family has this tradition that every male in the family has to have a presidents name somewhere in theres. First or last is fine. NO we do not want anything having to do with BUSH so please don't suggest it. Thanks.

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