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  • I feel like I've wasted my life?

    I've always been really paranoid that I'm wasting my life and not doing everything I should to live life to the fullest. I've always thought I was going to die young for some strange reason now I feel like I'm wasting time by just sitting in school. I feel like when I'm finished with school I'll just be an old woman sitting in a rocking chair or something.

    I'm 15 and I finish all my schooling in November 2013. Maybe I'm just keen to see the world and I've already enrolled in a diploma course and stuff for next year. My parents say it's irrational and I've got plenty of time left to do everything I want to. Does anyone else feel like their life is wasting away? I feel useless, I don't have enough experience to get a job and I keep feeling I'm going to die soon because I can't imagine any sort of future for myself. Like people I know say "when I'm older I'm going to get married and be a rich and successful surgeon" or whatever and I just sit there because my life is almost wasted away. What can I do to feel not so helpless and have more satisfaction? Please help, it's really depressing.

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  • What is 'old-style colonialism'?

    I came across the phrase 'old-style colonialism' in a source and I don't know what it means:

    '...the USA and the USSR, both of whom were hostile to old-style colonialism.'

    This is regarding post-World War 2 empires etc.

    Please help :)

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  • What is the cultural aspect of a poem?

    I have this English question and it says I need to 'comment on the cultural aspects of the poem'. What is a cultural aspect?

    (The poem is Forsaken by Duncan Campbell-Scott:

    Once in the winter

    Out on a lake

    In the heart of the north-land,

    Far from the Fort

    And far from the hunters,

    A Chippewa woman

    With her sick baby,

    Crouched in the last hours

    Of a great storm.

    Frozen and hungry,

    She fished through the ice

    With a line of the twisted

    Bark of the cedar,

    And a rabbit-bone hook

    Polished and barbed;

    Fished with the bare hook

    All through the wild day,

    Fished and caught nothing;

    While the young chieftain

    Tugged at her breasts,

    Or slept in the lacings

    Of the warm tikanagan.

    All the lake-surface

    Streamed with the hissing

    Of millions of iceflakes

    Hurled by the wind;

    Behind her the round

    Of a lonely island

    Roared like a fire

    With the voice of the storm

    In the deeps of the cedars.

    Valiant, unshaken,

    She took of her own flesh,

    Baited the fish-hook,

    Drew in a gray-trout,

    Drew in his fellows,

    Heaped them beside her,

    Dead in the snow.

    Valiant, unshaken,

    She faced the long distance,

    Wolf-haunted and lonely,

    Sure of her goal

    And the life of her dear one:

    Tramped for two days,

    On the third in the morning,

    Saw the strong bulk

    Of the Fort by the river,

    Saw the wood-smoke

    Hand soft in the spruces,

    Heard the keen yelp

    Of the ravenous huskies

    Fighting for whitefish:

    Then she had rest.)

    Thank you :)

    (BTW, you don't need to answer the question if you don't want to, just tell me what a CULTURAL ASPECT is) :)

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  • Help with physics question- AQA?

    I have this past paper for AQA physics test. On section 2, Question 13, it says there is an anomalous result. I cannot see this result, but in the answers it says that there is an answer but I don't understand. Can someone please explain why this is an anomalous result??


    Thank you so so so much!!! :)

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  • Why did beaks evolve?

    Why are there so many different types of beak? Why can't there just be one beak that does it all?

    (Birds) :D Thank you everyone :D x

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  • my toenail is falling off! Will it ever grow back?

    Amonth and a half ago, i got a toe infection from wearing too small shoe. My blister popped, but since then, my toenail has come off the big toe around the edges and i fear it will come off soon. Will it ever grow back?

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