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  • Chicken pecked me and broke the skin, is that bad?

    I just got 5 new hens, some are skiddish others arent, one pecked me on the inside of my fore arm and broke the skin. I washed it but it kinda bothers me, anyways, my questions are;

    What can i do to make the chicken not peck me?


    Should I be worried about an infection?

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  • Please help!! something wrong woth my chicken!! emergency!!?

    i just went outside to check on my chickens and my older one is very sick. i have no idea whats wrong!! yesturday she was fine, she isn't that old a good few years but i'm actually not sure possibly older, anyways. she is falling over, wont stand up or walk, she will eat and drink just a little bit but deff not like she usually does. her comb is pale and she doesn't want to open her eyes, please help i don't know whats wrong with her. possibley a moccasin baby bit her but i couldn't find anything to resemble a snake bite or anything else biting her. please help? tho i think it might be to late, she seems really far gone :'(

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  • What would be a good show name for....?

    Rosebug Featherclown? she is a gorgeous tobiano Paint.

    also,what are the purposes of show and barn names?

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  • SNAP (foodstamps), what can i or can i not buy?

    I have been approoved for Texas SNAP, or foodstamps, and am having problems getting my card and info.

    first Q; has any one else had this problem,?, where you are not told you are approoved but you call the number and the automated machine tells you you are and the day and amount ect. but you call and call wondering where the card is, but no one knows. i call the card place and they told me they have to file a complainte on the worker that handeld my case because she messed it up somehow, i told them "i don't want anyone in trouble i just want the card so i can go to the store" he tells me "a state representitive has to see your case and call you to fix it and mail you a card" and that "if you get one in the mail before the call you can't use it". i then asked when i might get this call, he tells me he can't give me an estimate whats so ever.

    second Q; so whenever i do get the card, what am i not aloud to buy? example; dog food? toilet paper? body wash? candy? cake mix ect? also, do i have to get store brand everything?

    to make it easier, is there a list of cans and can't on food buying with SNAP that i can look at?

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  • Walmart vs. HEB, whos cheaper?

    Between Walmart and H.E.B., which one is cheaper on general grocerys?


    sandwhich supplys

    homemade dinner supplies

    hambugerhelper and sides




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  • Could my billy goat be shown in ffa/4H?

    i have a young billy goat (born in march) that i raised as a bottle baby who is just the sweetest thing. he isn't registered and isn't full boar, he is a percentage. he also is not a wether and i believe he is to old to be banded.

    i was wondering if the local high school would let a student show him. i don't care if he wins or comes in last, i just will be very busy at work soon and wont be able to spend as much time with him and i don't want him to get a 'bad billy' additude. he would stay at home and the kid would have to come over to work him.

    what do you think? should i at least ask?

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  • Are there any natural flea remidies for dogs and cats? non bank breaking?

    i have a 2yo pitbull, a 3yo red heeler, a 1yo lab mix (rescue), an 8 wk old chihuahua terrier mix and a 1yo cat. we are going to bomb/fog the house, 7 dust the yard and give flea baths on wed. after all this i need something to keep them off/dead, but after spending all this i really need to find the lowest cost, most effecient flea repelent/killer for them. please help if you can, is there something they can eat, anything that works and dosen't cost a fortune? thank you for your help!

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  • What is the best vehicle?

    i need to buy a long lasting vehicle that is very gas efficient, family friendly, and can pull a 2 horse trailer.

    I really need lots of suggestions tho, i have no idea where to start looking, i was thinking some kind of suv but i'm not sure.

    must have all three qualities, anything else i don't really care about. no single cab or diesel trucks.

    thanks for helping!

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  • What would be the best vehicle for my family? (pulls sm-med horse trailer, best gas mileage)?

    I have a gas guzzeling '96 gmc sierra that needs to go, but i can't go with out something to pull my 2 horse trailer, but, i plan to upgrade my trailer later as well which may be a little heavier.

    We plan to have a baby in the next few years so i need something baby safe,

    and it has to have very good gas mileage.

    Can anyone think of a good vehicle for me that fits the things above? oh and not anything brand new, i will try to find one used. Thank you!

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  • What is your favorite horse sport/event?

    just bored and wondering, what is your favorite horse sport/event (to watch and to compeate in yourself) and why?

    i love to watch barrel racing and just normal horse racing, and i love to compeate in barrels, because i love the speed and it always amazes me at how these horses can turn on a dime going so fast, and i love watching horse races, again, because of the high speed.

    horses are such big and majestic but powerful creatures, and i love them, don't you? :)

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  • Can you bring a small dog to lone star park grand prairie on the first level?

    i havn't been since i was little and i feel like i saw a dog there when i went but i really have no idea. i plan to go again soon and recently got a 7week old chihuahua/schnouzer* mix and want to know if i can bring her with us if we are going to be on the first level.

    just to be clear, i am talking about lone star park horse racing in grand prairie tx

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  • What animals do you have?

    I have 4 dogs ( austrailian cattle dog f, pitbull terrier f, lab mix m, and a schnouzer chihuahua mix f) a cat, 2 little goats a chicken and a beautiful tobino paint horse :)

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  • How wrong is this? (pup possesion)?

    i work at a groomers;

    yesturday, a lady came in with a schnouzer chi puppy (soo cute) and asked if we new anyone that wants it, well i took a lunch and talked it over with the hubby (took a little convincing lol) and came back, called her, and told her that i will take her. i took her home that night and she was soo perfect, just what i've been looking for (since getting the job i've wanted a small longhaired dog). well today she came back saying she wanted her back, (she got rid of her because she is having morning sickness and can't take care of her and a baby) she said three things that made no sence, "my mother told me to sell her"(she didn't, i got her for free she never asked for money at all), "my mother got attached and wants her", and then she told me "they(her parents) go to colorado alot and she will

    be borded alot". the whole time i'm thinking 'are you serious?!' but what was i suposed to do, i gave her back :/ you might think i'm crazy but she was perfect for me and i fell in love with her almost instently, it broke my heart.

    How wrong do you think she was to do this?

    (please excuse my spelling lol on a cell phone)

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  • How much should i feed my horse?

    usually i don't have to feed besides in winter, but i am about to move my horse to a closer location (from parents ranch in next town to bosses house down the street) with a lesser abudundence of grass and two other horses. her horses are show horses (cutting) and are in the stable during the day and at pasture at night (so the sun dosen't bleach their coat) but mine is a paint and she'll be in the pasture the whole time. right now, she is on 15 acres of land with a donkey and a goat and gets plenty grass to eat. even tho she has grass as well, i don't want my horse to be a fatty and eat all her horses grass. with this all said, how much do you suggest i feed my horse.

    my horse just turned 4 yrs and is a mare, she is still in the begining of her training and will be getting lots more excersize and practice when moved to the closer location. (i'm going to guess at least an hour a day, with a day break every week or two? and of corse gradually make our rides longer)

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  • Why do my legs jerk before i go to sleep/why do i sweat in my sleep?

    i know its some epileptic thing and maybe hyplic* jerk or something like that but not sure.

    sometimes during the day and almost always when i'm going to sleep my leg jerks randomly with me not being able to control it at all, sometimes at night it does it alot every like 5 sec for a while, but i can't recall it waking me up, tho occasionaly i wake up for no known reason.

    also, aparently i get extreamly hot when i'm asleep to a point of sweating, this does not happen while i am awake, my bf wont let me go to sleep in anything but shorts and a tank because i wake him up because i am sweating and he has to take the covers off me, take in mind our room is at least 65 deg or less at night. a couple times, before i was with him, i have woken up dripping in sweat, but every time i wake in the morning i don't want to get up because i'm so cold. what could be causeing this? they have both been happening for as long as i can remember and i have never really thought to much about it till now but i can't figure it out. do you know what it is?

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  • What breed small dog do you suggest for my family?

    My boyfriend and I live together and have 2 roommates, a red heeler, a pitbull and a cat. I work at a groomers and want a longhaired small dog to pamper but can decied what breed is right for us. I need a pup that will do well being raised as follows; will be trained in kennel when puppy, as well as potty trained to go outside only. Will be taken just about EVERY WHERE we/i go, including work regularly, dog parks, friends houses, in other words will be VERY socialized with everything, will also be taught to play and sit in others laps and not just mine (i know when you keep any dog, especially small dogs, to yourself and don't encourage them to interact with others they become aggressive and protective over their main person).

    Now i have met lots of chihuahuas at work and have learned there not all bad, lots are very sweet and not yappy, even tho they don't know me, shih tzus i thought we're very stupid but very sweet but there actually not as dumb as i have heard, pappalonians i have not met alot but i think they are very pretty, i like pomeranians as well most i have met have been sweet. i also like toy poodles, yorkies, mini aussies, and any mix of the above breeds togather. besides a shih tzu i don't want a smooshed face like a peke or anyother like it, also do not want a schnouzer, yes some i have met have been well behaved and sweet but that is the only breed that has ever bitten me and shown more aggression to me than any other dog i have met (mutiple have tried only 2 succeded) i'm sure their great for you but i don't like them.

    i want to get the perfect dog for my family and need your help figuring out what breed, or mixed breed, that is. i haven't had anything smaller than the smallest size beagle so i don't know which breed would be best for us. Oh! Also, we plan on having our first child in the next 1-3 years (whenever we're fully ready) so a teacup is not what i need, toy would be okay but i don't want a toothpick legged dog around a baby.

    (please ex

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  • What small breed (or small mixed breed) dog would be best for my family? ?

    i have been working at a grooming and boarding place the last few months now as a bather, and have met many little dogs and i love fluffing and making the longhaired ones look amazing, so i have been thinking about getting one, but they are so different because of how they are raised, that i really am not sure which kind would probably be best for my family.

    in my semi small house on 1 acre, we have 2 rescue pygmy and pygmy cross goats and one rescue chicken (all outside of corse lol), a cat(1yr), and two medium sized dogs(2 and 3 yrs) inside. this is my boyfreinds and my house and we have 2 temp roomates. in the next 2-3 years we plan to have our first child, and it will be just the 3 of us and our animals.

    i have met lots of chihuahuas and surprisingly only a handful have been angry, the rest very sweet, i'm not sure about snouzers tho, i've met some real sweet ones but more really vicious ones.

    oh, also, we raise our dogs to love everyone, they are very socialized from the day we get them, they go on very regular car rides and meet lots of dif people and dogs along the way and are taught thruoughly that aggresion is bad, don't be afraid, and respect everything, not to mention stopping whatever they're doing and coming when i call.

    with all of this said, what breed or mixed breed of small longhaired dog do you think would fit well with my family or which do you suggest i do more research on?

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  • My chicken is panting, how can i cool her down?

    i keep her water fresh and she has plenty of shade but she is panting to try and keep cool, i have never seen a chicken do this, what are some ways i can keep her cooled down outside? can i get her wet, will that help? idk with chicken and heat but i don't want to loose her to over heating, please help!

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  • What do i use to wash the poisen ivy off my 2 mo goat?

    i picked up my 2 month old goat the other day and got poisen ivy like imediatly, so i'm pretty sure it was from him since i went no where around it. anyways, what can i, or what should i, wash him in/with to get the ivy oils off? i want to hold and pet him but ivy spreads like wild fire on me and i don't want it to get any worse.

    was thinking horse shampoo, a baking soda mix maybe? idk please help.

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  • What coming out of my dog?

    my heeler has had one litter, oct 09. i supervise (keep my eye on her) everytime there is a male anywhere close while she is in season. well if she HAD gotten pregnate she would be further along and showing. but yesturday i noticed that this clear (with a slight yellow tint), sticky stuff coming from her teats, i squeezed and more and more came out, it is in every teat, i just checked again and it is still doing it. some of her teats are also hardish, or, bagging up (like she is making milk), but i'm 99.99% positive she did not tie with ANY dog. btw, i do not remember this stuff coming out when she DID have her puppies, which were compleatly planned.

    Is there any other explenation for this sticky clear substance coming out of her teats, besides pregnancy?

    i do not want any 'answers' like "get your dog fixed" ect.. i will not, not only because i just wont but because i don't have the money. i am a responsible dog owner, i love and respect my animals more than most of you people do, even if i'm broke and hungry, my animals eat first, everytime. how much do you love your animals, because its not even close to how much i love mine. (btw this last part is for all the rude critisizing people on YA, all the respectfull ones, please ignore the message and continue to give me your answer.)

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