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I joined on marchl 1907 Gloria A Please be advised that I joined on 3/08 not 12/07. Please change. Please correct: I joined on March 2008.

  • How can I see how many point I have? Why don't you leave it as it.?

    I had been 7 weeks in the hospital and when I come back, I had found out I can't find how many points or my status.

    Thank you guys. I had a bad fell and broke my leg and I had to have surgery. I steel sick but I miss you all. God bless you all.


    I can't find my home page and I can't see my e-mail either. I called At&T today and she kept me for almost 1 hour in the phone and they want to charge me. They don't accept check and they want my credit card but I refused. I don't want to put my credit card in the computer. I don't know if they updated the computer but now it's really screw up. What can I do? Do this happened to you?. What did you do? Thank you I love you all. Your advice will be appreciated.

  • Why did they make me a big contributor?

    Now they took it away. I haven't done any thing wrong. What's wrong with people in Yahoo?

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    Every time I misspell a word, the computer go from the beginning one by one.

    Thank you guys.

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  • How does Yahoo figure out your percent?

    I had been having a lot best answer for two years and I always still at 11%? I had received some best answer that I answered about 4 years ago.

    Thank you guys, love you always.

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    My nephew is getting married and I was invited to the wedding. My brother and wife told me I could stay there. I was going to sleep in sofa, suddenly my sister-in-law's cousin decided to to fly to N.Y. and they offered the sofa to her leaving me on the air. I could stay with my sister but she is out of state. Now I have to fly from L.A. to N.Y. which it will cost me around $500.00 plus the gift. I love my brother dearly. I had been sick and I'm doing this as a sacrify since we are the only two in the family who will be there. Now I feel really mad because they have two or three bedroom uptairs but it didn't occur them to fix one of the room for me for a few days. It's always this way, first my sister-in-law, second her family and we come as second hand. Now they rented a room in the hotel for one night where the wedding is going to be and they left the room for my sister-in-law's cousin also. After they made the decision they called us to tell that we could drive there and the cousin was going to stay in the hotel. They could up make arrangement and take two rooms but it didn't occurred to them. I have to spend a lot of money and I don't really want to go, not because the money but the principle. I had been treated as second hand when we are the one who help them when they need some thing. I already bought a ticket ($500.) which it take 5 hours plus the extra time waiting and the incovenience since about 1-1/2 I had a heart attack. I want to cancel the trip because I don't like this b.s. MY QUESTION IS SHOULD I GO TO THE WEDDING OR LET THEM KNOW THAT I'M NOT GOING AND SEND MY NEPHEW THE GIFT. I would appreciate your help asap since I don't have much time. I really, really appreciate your help and how would you feel about this? LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

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    I have a brother who is the biggest pain in the neck. We had tried to get alone with him but he always like to do some harm. If he had some power, he would be another Hitler.

    He took my sister to court when she was sick, he hurted me, he was mean with all my family, therefore, we decided to put him aside and don't pay attention or talk to him.

    He really hates my sister and there is a dog that had two puppies, he named one of the dog like me which I don't care because I love dogs. Since he couldn't make us mad enough, one night he went and took the puppies and put them in his truck and throwed them away. The puppies were still with their mom since they were very little. He disappeared the two puppies and the mother (dog) is crazy looking for them. He is trying to look for trouble to make us mad. This is happened in the Caribbean where my family have summer house. We haven't have peace since he moved there. We have witness that it was him who disappeared the puppies. We are animal lover and we feed the hungry dog. MY QUESTION IS HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF PERSON? Thank you guys. I appreciate your answer because I'm sick and tire of people like this.

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  • How do feel about this? I need your help.?

    I had been going out with my ex as a friend, we just go for lunch during the week. Some time he seems like a nice person but other time is like he doesn't give **** about.

    I was sick in the hospital that happened on Tuesday. I was diagnosed with bad pancreatic. They left me there for 3 days to run some test. I called him in the morning to ask him a favor and tell one of my friends know. My other friend called him also and he sounded that he didn't care and told him that he was putting some cement to fix his house. I never bothered to called him back. He didn't go to the hospital neither he hasn't called. I'm really mad at him. Today is Friday 2:30 p.m and he just called like nothing happened. Well, I didn't answer him. I wonder if you would feel the same way. Because when my friends are sick that's my first priority. I know he is calling me to take me to eat and now it's me who doesn't care. I can buy my own food. I will appreciate your help in advance WHAT''S YOUR OPINION?

    Thank you guys, I love all. (Forgive my grammar I'm so mad that I think I lost my head.)

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  • why are so many racist question in Yahoo?

    Recently I red some question about if there are some white people in P.R. and one guy said: he never seeing a white people in Puerto Rico. He must be an African. These people should be reported. For the one who said that he never seeing a white from Puerto Rico must be an ignorant who don't have any education. I don't care if there dark or white we are the same. I think some people need more education and seach Google before they answer. I'm tire of these already. It seem to me that this people should be reported. This is a place to learn and help people but I don't see it that way any more. This type of question and people who put other people down for the nationality should be reported. They are people white and dark everywhere.

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  • Don't we need a little bit of humor?

    What would do if you can't sleep and turns your computer in the middle of the night and you see a finger pointing at you saying: STOP let me sleep ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I need some sleep also. Would you be scare?

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  • How can I get back the cut and paste which was over the left side.?

    How do you do to get the save, edit, cut and paste. It used to be in the left side and it disappeared. Thank you guys.

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    In several occasion I have had answered questions and when I submitted I see "this question had been deleted. Why do they have that question there?

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    I had been getting the best answerS a lot for three years and I still at 10%.

    Thank you in advance. I love you all. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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  • Why some people in Yahoo are so impolite?

    I have to give credit to so many of you who had been so nice. However, there some people that criticize the way you write, the spelling and the grammar. Since when this game became a grammar game? The people that I'm talking about know whom they are . My point is if you have nothing good to say don't say anything. I would like to ask those people to show me their English B.A.if they have any. If they are an English teacher, they should be doing something else.. One of the rules is this game is to be polite and courteous. It take the same amount of time to be nice and polite than to be rude. Most of the people here speak others languages and to my understanding this is not a grammar class.

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  • I wonder why people doesn't answer my question.?

    Several days ago I was very upset and I posted a question and I never received any answer. It was in the category relationship. Now I'm looking for the question and I can't find it. What's wrong with Yahoo. I'm ready to quit this.

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  • II wonder what do you think about this problem?

    My sister is a good sister. She lives in N.Y. She has a two story house in the beach in Puerto Rico. I had been sick quite a while and I live alone. I had so many medical problem, broken discs (6) I had a heart attack 4 months ago and I don't have to many people to talk to since most of them live far. When my sister is in N.Y. she calls me more often, (she always saying the same thing anyway.) When she goes to the Caribbean I call her and she does nothing but complaints. The thing is that she always cut me off for several reasons, sometimes she says, I have to go because my feet hurt, because is windy outside on and on. I get upset because I'm the one who's paying for the call. I get to the point that I decided not to call her anymore. I was thinking to visit her and she told this afternoon if anybody wants to go there they have to do their own things because she is not going to be carrying people around. This disturbed me because I'm not expecting anybody taking me around. Is a long story but I'm fed up and I'm thinking to cancel the trip. I went there about two years ago and we went to visit some friends and I could not say a word because she monopolize the conversation. The fact is that she goes over there 4 times a year and she can talks to all her friends who are my friend also. The last time we went to visit my cousin who is dentist and I want to ask him a question and she took over the conversation and the only thing I could say was bye, it was nice to seeing you. Thank you to all of you.

    (Sorry if I put this in the wrong category)

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  • ANIMAL LOVER. What would you do in this situation?

    I have a friend who call me all the times and tell me a story step by step about her dogs, her neighbor's dogs and she never finish. First she is crying because her bird died, next she told all about her cat, the cat died also. Next she talks about one dog she picked up from the street because the owner said he was going to kill him. Now the dog is sick and her husband is fed up with. She already has another big dog which she can't afforded. As much as I love animals, I told her that the only thing I could do was loan her $100. so she could take the dog to the vet. Well this is happened on Friday and she said she will comes on Saturday. She didn't call Saturday or Sunday. Today she called me and to tell you the truth I'm afraid to call her because she goes on and on telling me the story how the dog is sick. She does not talk only about her dog but all the neighbor's dogs. What make me mad is that she doesn't stop and keep telling me over and over. I had a heart attack 4 months ago and last night I was so mad I could not sleep. The fact is that when she founded the dog she should had called the SPCA or animal shelter and report the owner. This is the story that goes on and on and I really tire of it. The same day the nurse came to see me and told the story of how sad she was sad because she left 3 or 4 dogs in the shelter and they stays crying and now she missed the dogs OMG WHAT I'm suppose to do? Your advice will appreciated.

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  • Why when I go to questions and answers I get a whole bunch of number in red? What Iam suppose to do?

    When I answer a question, the screen change and give a lot red numbers and letters? Why does this happen?

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  • What do you think about this friend?

    This friend was one of my best friend. I'm the one who call her all the time (long distance.) She doesn't call me very often. For some unknown reason I got a heart attack on January 8, 2011. I was in the hospital in ICU for 6 days. I called her and she didn't answer the phone so I sent her a tex. She called me back, we talk for a short time. She told me that she was sorry after we talk for 5-10 minutes, then she told me that she had another call in the other line and that was the end. It had been about two month already and she had called. I feel hurt, but I'm not planning to call her any more. I want to thank all of you ahead for your answer. I wonder what do you think. I give all my love. I'm getting better.

    Sorry if I put this in the wrong category. (By the way I live alone and don't have any family here)

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  • I need some help immediately, what do you think about this?

    I talked to a psychiatrist by phone since I felt so depressed to ask for some help. He talked to me and asked me to see him on Friday at 12:00. When I got there he had about 30 people who he gave appointment at the same time. It was my first time. He was very nasty to me, when he saw me for the first time he told he didn't have any magic pill for my problem . He continued to saying that my problem was that I was dying with cancer since he saw that I was very skinny and walking very slow. I have 7 broken discs plus diabetes. I was so upset that I wanted to die. I went to my doctor and asked him if I had cancer. He said no. This psychiatric had never seeing me before and I think that is a poor professional ethic. I want to know what do you think about this and what can I do? A few people told me I could report him to the California License Board in Sacramento. Your respond will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, I love you all. (I had been very upset and nerves and I don't really know what to do. I don't have any knowledge of any cancer at all. ( I apologize for my spelling and grammar but I'm very nerves. It's sad that you are looking for some help and you ended feeling worse. He didn't have any medical record to make such a prognosis nor he ask me who was my primary doctor.

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