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hai everybody , im very eppi if u like me to be yr a good friend.

  • do u support me?

    to all malaysian

    i dont like many migration coming to our country... like indonesia, mynmar , nepal , is people men in black from nigeria. all of this people im totally dont like it and heat them very much... they all coming here make our people uncomfortable with our own privacy. sometimes this people give our country more new criminal ...

    all malaysian .. do u like to live with them in our country...?

    i feel SUFFER if they are still live in my lovely country ..

    expecially people from indonesia and nigeria...

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  • How can i contact u all...?

    i want really big thank you for your all good advice to me. make me feel better . thank u very much.. thanks to



    *Dave A ..

    *vinnie 71975

    *justin v

    *stevey mevey



    *no name


    *** thank you for all your advise

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  • what should i do?

    i am very hot tempreture person... sometimes make unhappy to me. make me alone and feel lonely.. i dont know how can i do to make me feel better and comfortable with myself.. as u know , i'm be QUIET person now..?????

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  • please give some advice ???

    im 31 years old. not marriage yet . im a diabetes person and start since 6 months later in this yr. Im very sad about it. i also got diabetes history background from my grandmother and my mom. please give me some advice how can i control my diabetes. ..? that im safe now..!!!!

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  • What kind of car service on 20,000km?

    my car already 20,000km. Do i need to change engine oil,oil filter,coolant ,spark plugs and auto oil... ?? pls help me.. somebody can tell me..

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • please give me some advice ?

    im 31 years old.. but im unhealthy now..!! i got diabetes. poor me.. im worried now.. may be i cant find someone to make me happy , means can care about me in the future.. i scare i cant pregnant..

    5 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • what am i surpose to do ?

    honestly i still luv my lover . But his already hurt me. Im very dispointed with him. We know each others with the long time. But he still not asking me about "marriage".. how much time can i waiting for him to ask this question.

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  • What am i surpose to do?

    i love my boyfriend very much.. we know each other almost 6 years. But i dont know about ours relationship. very confusing me. Sometimes im very dispointed with me becaouse his always ignoring me.... make me suffer.. i want he with me what ever i am..

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