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I am a true animal lover. I am a vegan that has completely eliminated leather, fur, and wool from my life. I am sickened by meat, animal testing, and any other type of animal cruelty. I have recently learned about the truth of Petco and Petsmart, and I am working on eliminating them from my life as well. I have befriended dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, gerbils, finches, cockatiels, parakeets, turtles, frogs, newts, hermit crabs, mice, chinchillas, ferrets, sugar gliders, fiddler crabs, hedgehogs, and pigs. I currently befriend one male cat: Leo; a male gerbil, Aladdin; two male Dumbo rats, Clyde and Pippin; a female cockatiel, Sophie; three male guinea pigs, Herb, Bear, and Rafiki; a female hedgehog, Primrose; and a pug/border terrier mutt, Huxley; I also volunteer at a no-kill animal sanctuary annually, I frequently foster animals for my local shelter(s), and I own a small exotic animal rescue.

  • Does this sound like a good plan for school?

    I've been doing some research about colleges (I've ALWAYS known I wanted to be a veterinarian), and I've decided on Cornell University. So, my plan is to get my Bachelor's Degree at CALS (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences) which is based in Cornell, then enter the College of Veterinary Medicine. Does that sound like a good plan?

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  • I have - kind of an odd question.......? Unusual pets 101...?

    Ok, so do you know the show Dogs 101 or Cats 101 on animal planet? Well they're coming out with a new one called Unusual Pets 101, and I am VERY into small animals, so I was wondering: How do you get your animals on that show? I am extremely experienced with rats, and I'd like to be the person who talks about rats. Is that possible, and how do I do that?

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  • Does anyone know if there will be protest at the Energy Solutions Arena on 9/22/10?

    Barnum and Bailey's Circus is coming to town, and I'm wondering if there will be a protest at the Energy Solutions Arena in downtown Utah on the 22nd?

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  • People with 5+ rats, I need your help.....?

    I have 11 rats. I'm really frustrated because I don't know how to let them all out for an hour everyday. A while ago, I tried letting them all run around my room at the same time, but they destroyed it. My mom doesn't want them all to be out at the same time, and neither do I. The best I can do (especially with school starting) is to let 2 of them out every day, and all of them out on the weekend. So, they would get out for 2 hours a week. Is this enough? Do I need to rehome them? How do you make sure all of your rats get out every day?

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  • Is there a way to make dried fruit back into fresh fruit?

    I've been soaking dried cranberries in water hoping they'll plump back up into fresh cranberries? Will this work? If not, can I use dried cranberries to make cranberry juice?

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  • What is the difference between these three terms?

    What is the difference between transgendered, transsexual, and transvestite? I always thought it was like someone of a certain gender who surgically became another gender is transgendered, and someone who simply thinks of themselves as the opposite gender is transsexual. Then, a transvestite is just the general term for all of these people. Is that right? If it's not, please correct me. Thank you.

  • How do I get my cats to eat vegan cat food?

    I made the food, but they won't eat it. It's a specially formulated vegan cat food. I put it in a bowl, and they seemed interested, but they wouldn't touch it. How do I get them to eat it? Once I know that they will eat it, I will slowly mix it in to their regular cat food until they are only eating vegan.

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  • Where can I get delicious vegan ice cream in Salt Lake City, UT?

    Tomorrow will be the first day this summer in Utah where it will be over 100 degrees out, so I wanted to celebrate with some good vegan ice cream. Can you recommend a few good places? Thanks so much!

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  • Can vegans eat honey? Is there any cruelty involved with obtaining honey?

    I'm a vegan, so I don't eat meat, dairy, or eggs, but can I eat honey? Does taking the honey have any negative effect on the bees?

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  • Do you think the BP oil spill will be the beginning of the end of offshore drilling?

    In other words, do you think humans will stop offshore oil drilling after what happened with BP?

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  • Why is it that gay men tend to love female celebrities?

    What is it about female celebrities that is so intriguing to gay men, such as myself? My favorite celebrity is Kathy Griffin. My favorite musicians: P!nk, Lady Gaga, and La Roux.

  • Should I call animal control? Very tight dilemma!!?


    Here is what is going on. My grandfather has two dogs. One of them is an Alaskan Eskimo and the other is a Border Collie/Labrador mix. The Alaskan Eskimo is pretty old and has bitten dozens of people. My grandfather hasn't put him down because he loves his dog. I love animals, but this one is leading a miserable life. He recently just bought the Border Collie/Labrador mix. Because my grandfather is so inactive this dog hasn't ever been out on a walk since he's had her. I know that Border Collies and Labradors are very active breeds that crave the outside. Just after two weeks, I noticed aggression developing in this dog. I fear that this dog will get more and more aggressive as time goes on.

    Obviously, I don't want to upset my grandfather, but I want these dogs to have a better life. Now here's something that happened just to screw with me. My grandmother (grandfather's wife) just died a few weeks ago. My grandfather is pretty unstable.

    So my questions are:

    1. Should I call animal control? Keep in mind that I don't view these dogs as nuisances. I just think they deserve a better life. I don't want to be at traitor to my family, but I don't want these dogs to have miserable lives.

    I thought about recommending a small inactive breed for my grandfather to keep him company such as a pug or a French Bulldog. Do you think this is a good idea?

    Sorry this question is so long, but I need opinions!!!!

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  • Does anyone else here think religion is ridiculous?

    I know that you live your life that way, and I fully accept that, but I think it's interesting that you believe in God and the Afterlife and such. To me it seems like worshipping unicorns. The bible is like a big fairy tale book to me and anyone who follows it word for word can't think for themselves. I agree with treating people with respect, but what about all of the magic crap? Does anyone agree with me?

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  • When should I come out?

    Hi, I am a middle schooler right smack dab in Mormon, super religious, homophobic Salt Lake City. Oh ya, I'm gay. Only a few people know. My mom, my two best friends (one is a bisexual girl and one is a straight, atheist male), and a couple of my mom's accepting friends. However, my other friends are the typical straight males. They commonly say "that's gay" and "f a g" and I once asked them what they would do if they found out one of their friends was gay, and they all said they would ignore him forever. Anyway, I don't want to go throughout high school not dating because of my sexuality. I won't to go to Homecoming and Prom and all that, but not with a girl. Should I tell my peers I'm gay? Would that be a mistake? It's so hard. All of my friends will be dating, and I'll just be some creep who won't go out with anybody. Plus, there are a few people that are obviously gay who are really cute that I might want to hook up with. What should I do?

  • Rabbit introductions?

    Alright, my resident rabbit, Natasha, is a spayed female. I took her to the Humane Society and she fell in love with a neutered male rabbit, Nicolai. So, I adopted Nicolai. Now they're both in Natasha's habitat (which isn't a cage) and seem to be getting into some scuffles. Nicolai has a few drops of blood on his ear, but other than that, they seem fine. So, I just have one question. Will this pass? I know that spayed females and neutered males are the most compatible and rabbits are territorial. Will Natasha eventually accept Nicolai? They got along REALLY well at the Humane Society.

    Also, is it normal for a neutered male rabbit to hump a spayed female rabbit a lot?

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  • Help! Medical Question?

    Hello, I was laying down, and suddenly I got very poignant, acute neck pain on the right side of my body. The pain was in the my neck and a little bit in the shoulder. It was very painful and lasted for about five minutes? I wasn't in an irregular position or anything. What could it be?

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  • Just a few cello questions?

    I am a good cello player. I am a freshman who plays at about a 12th grade level. Anyway, I just need some tips and answers.

    *I am not very good at playing fast sixteenth notes. I seem to not be able to go the speed that I need to go. Is there a trick I can use to improve my sixteenth notes, other than practice?

    *My conductor told me that my vibrato was too fast, how can I slow it down?

    * How come I am more unsure of playing A on the D string or G on the C string then playing E on the A string? I seem to not be able to hit those notes as well as E on the A string.

    *Are there tricks to strengthening my 4th finger? Or is it just practice?

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