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  • Racial Bullying interview question (Asians)?

    Ok, for my English DE course, we are required to interview different people for our research paper. My topic is entitled as Racial bullying, targeting Asian population. So, if there are any Asians (preferably middle--- high school students), please help me out with the following questions. The more specific, the better. Thanks

    1. Have you ever been bullied?

    2. Can you recall when did the incident occur? (kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school)?

    3. What type of bullying was that? (verbal, physical, cyber bullying, intimidation, derogatory name calling, threat)

    4. Where did this take place? (on a school setting, bus, mall, theater etc.)

    5. What were the main causes? (for bullies to pick on you)

    6. How big of a problem is this?

    7. How was the issue resolved?

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  • How to get the Facebook verification code?

    I need to verify my account, but how can I get the confirmation code?

    I entered my phone number, however, I didn't receive anything... thx

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  • 請問紐約的著名景點


    可以推薦一些著名景點ㄇ 或是逛街ㄉ好地方

    或是 特別ㄉ地方



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  • Yonex Mp-15 Lt, Carbonex 8400

    各位大大,小弟最近買一時衝動了兩隻YY 的球拍,但,實在不太了解他們的性能.

    麻煩幫我介紹一下他們的特性 (Yonex Mp-15 Lt, Carbonex 8400), 及保固磅數,謝謝~

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  • 請問幾時開學(高一生)



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  • 如何上籃? (3步上籃)

    請問一下, 3 布上籃是走3步再上, 還是走2步?

    要是走3不的話, 有犯規ㄇ?

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  • 有關YAHOO知識---如何看到自己被檢舉的信?


    如何看到自己被檢舉ㄉ信?我有被人檢舉, 想要改進, 但不知道哪錯ㄌ!

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  • 有人玩 Runescape 嗎?(網路遊戲)

    有沒有人玩 runescape? 我 77 等,在找一些朋友.


    P.S 我英文不錯,可以幫忙。

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