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Hey:) Name's Rachael & I just relocated not long ago to southern virginia outside Danville ...I love answering questions when I can and you'll see most of my answers in the pets/ dogs/ cat/ ferret section as well as some on health, disability, social security ect. I appreciate all the answers I get on my questions and find this site very helpful.

  • where can i call to get my pool filled up? hellp?

    i have a 18ft by 48 in easy set pool we got at walmart n have well water. the pool isnt so easy set n we had to drain what we filled n i called a place a local pool store told me but its an hour away....they want 275....

    if theres anywhere i can call first thing instead of gettin this water delivered or may be cheaper in the danville virginia area ...greensboro is actually closer then this place in randleman nc that delivers...there HAS to be some place closer so at least no extra fuel surcharge

    thanks i want this filled n running...almost took it back today

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  • if i hav a go phone through cingular sim card can i use it in any phone like a blackberry?

    i dont like my phone at all and know that if this is an option then id have to pay full price for phones (saw some online and ebay) but if i have my sim card can i use it to get one of these?

    i really want a keyboard phone like sidekick but know cant cause thats usually t mobile or verizon.

    thanks for any help i wanna better phone that i can text better with- dont always text but wanna be able to do it lol

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  • if i paid a car ins co 700 for 6 mos insure up front can i get partial refund?

    i got a policy so i could get the car that day and i am looking for a new rate cause i know i could get a cheaper rate or add collision. this ones very expensive and not worth it. ive had about a month. and paid 700 how much do u think nationwide will give me back if i change to a new policy next week???wondering if i should just ride it out but everyone said i shoulda done it by now. i do wanna add collision n this compnays overpriced n also over state line

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  • when do the stimulus checks get sent out??

    i ended up moving to a different state right over line to be closer to my dr and my father in law who is accountant did our taxes. it wasnt set up direct deposit and wanted to know when the checks will get sent out. i know im getting anywhere between 300 and something. husband didnt work on books much that yr to help me alot so not sure if will get much more. im on ssd so should at least get 300.......BUT i have ssd direct deposit so would that stimulus be deposited? or is sent cause taxes are different??

    i really hope doesnt get sent to old address. we moved in november and still get mail sent there

    thanks for any help. our house didnt have any appliances in it when we rented it so finally able to get stove and washer- hope this money comes so it can reimburse also

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  • if my long term disab co gives me an arguement or hard time can they attach my bank accts?

    im having major issues with my ltd company that has paid me disability (ltd) for about 5yrs while waiting/fighting n getting lawyer/congressman/senator-who helped me win my case sent mea letter that they were going to with hold benefits since it was taking so long to get back pay-----well now ssd will be awarded i want to contact them to just go ahead and do that now.

    can they try to attach either my money market or my regular checking accts if they decide no that isnt what they want. ive gone thru alot with them and also ssd. i have had a very hard time overall n all people want is money which is killing me.

    do i have to worry about my accounts? or the bills ive paid off n things ive had to get? i want them to just with hold my benefits . i will get my ssd monthly starting next month again and can do without the hassell with this company- been nothbing but more stress which kicks up my pain levels and stress.

    thanks for any advice

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  • can long term disab co just with hold future benefits once ssd is awarded?

    They ent a letter a few months back which freaked me out and pissed me off at same time...they were going to with hold my benefits due to fact it was taking so long to get my ssd back pay.....they lowered/altered my benefit amount almost a yr ago when ssd was finally awarded after over 5 yrs of fighting n struggling. that was fine but then since it was taking almost a yr they wanted to with hold ALL of what theyd pay me...finally after crying and being on phone which stressed me out=caused alot of physical pain due to my RSD...a mgr helped me.

    now that ssd backpay is awarded i want them to just with hold all future benefits like they said they wanted to anyways.....

    im calling them next week to tell them to not pay me any longer and thats that. i guess once theyre amount (my entire back pay-i have had so much debt and bills and all living on the low income) is paid theyll pay me later but i dont even care about that right now. any advice?

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  • Are social sec disability ''back pay'' or retroactive pay taxable?

    If someone gets a social security retora/back pay check direct deposited into your account have the taxes already come out or do i have to pay when i file next yrs taxes> i need to know if i have to set aside a certain percent.

    long term disab co will just have to with hold future benfitsalso but need to know about any taxes

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  • anyone stayed at dolphin inn in va beach pls help?

    has anyone stayed at the dolphin it nice, worth the huge cost...nice view????

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  • virginia beach dog friendly??

    i want to go to beach but from online it doesnt look like its very dog friendly or welcoming. i wanna get a room on ocean with balcony.

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  • pet friendly hotels on the beach??? virginia beac?

    im having a really hard time findin a hotel motel thatll allow my dog on vaca with us. i want an oceanview/front room with a private balcony like most rooms. can anyone help ive searched a bunch of pages and most arent on beach or way too high

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  • Can someone help me find an oceanfront room that will allow my dog in virginia beach-im having trouble?

    Ive been on many sites and half of what they have listed ends up saying no pets or has no internet. i am going may 13 for 2 possibly 3 nights (i hope) if i can find a decent price. I dont care about where we stay as long as it has a oceanfront balcony thats private, has internet access but its not necessary, would love one with a microwave, coffee pot.

    i cannot board my husky with my 3 other dogs due to fact he is very vocal, drives the whole vet/dogs nuts and while they would board him id rather bring him.

    this is a kind of spur of moment trip and we could stay 2 nights if one is 110 at most night but i want to stay another night and itd need to be like 350 total trip...

    im having a hard time finding the ammenities and having my dog allowed.

    i dont want a roach motel/too cheap. im leary of making reservations


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  • how come since installing HUGHESNET cant i get signed into myspace??

    there hav been problems one after another with hughesnet since installing a few days ago..very unhappy to say least and i cannot get signed into my will go to sign in page and all but wont allow me to sign in..its not password or anything i know for sure....whats the out so much money already with hughesnet...

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  • problems with hugesnet satelite internet???

    i basically got ripped off by these guys after saving cause im in rural area...i am so mad and i can deal with dial up better. the contractor charged my husband 170 when he came to door cause he had to put a pole up...then my internet doesnt run very good at all...they charged me so much money and when i called a bunch of times as did husband-i was outta state....the person could not answr any of my questions and speak out over 600 bucks and im disabled.....

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  • i bought a 6 mo insurance policy prepaid..can i get a refund/partial cause i paid way too much?

    i paid way too much, have had it less then a week...would allstate give me most of my money back??? i have gotten a few rates where collision is included for LESS then what i pd for

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  • Has anyone tried this method to quit smoking????

    I just saw a commerical and im wondering if this is just another gimmick and waste ofmoney. I have been a smoker since age 13 and i cannot quit no matter how hard i try. I need to quit now. This is some type of magnet that goes in your ear on the upper part. It supposedly gets you to quit smoking and u get it free- u pay 7 bucks shipping BUT if it helps me quit that is nothing compared to cost of smokes... I think its called zero smoke???

    PLEASE ONLY post IF you have tried this product- a magnet that goes in your ear. Dont tell me about patches or losenges cause ive tried and no to chantix cause of the just finding out side effects. I would like to try this product and would love any feedback. thanks so much u could be savin my life

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  • Most ''welcoming'' churches in the DANVILLE VA AREA?

    I moved here about 4 mos ago and wanted to get back into a church. i live in whats called bible belt and i really want to find a welcoming church. i have tattoos (not gawdy by any means- a few pretty meaningful tattoos one is noticeable on forearm) and have been given weird looks at times and i worry about walking into a church. I will be getting some nice clothes to wear (im disabled and often in sweatpants) but i really want to find a caring church family. I have heard methodist churches are most welcoming since theire commercials but that could just be a ploy.....anyone know of or affiliated with any churches in danville area and could help me?

    god bless you its easter and god is great

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  • United methodist church being the most welcoming????

    I have been seeing alot of commercials about how the united methodist churches are the most welcoming and open minded. They supposedly do not judge as many churches out there do which im interested in. I love church and have goneto churches all my life and tried out different ones til i found one that really fit me and my beliefs ect. Since moving to the 'bible' belt im having a hard time finding a church in the area. Alot of people have judged me due to the small fact of me having a few tattoos- a few are noticeable but in good taste and pretty...and i have my eyebrow pierced. the nose stud really isnt a biggie but i hate being judged cause i have a kind heart and i love meeting and talking to new people....should i try a methdosit church?? ive seen a few in my area but i get so nervous meeting people and going to a church.

    can anyone tell me about the methodist churches and religions.....and also why so many people judge others with tattoos- even if they are pretty, meaningful

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  • What's the best free website host???

    I am trying to make a page online for my support group and disability and wondered which sites are the best?? Any that are searchable on yahoo or google???i am trying to share story and get word out about rsd.

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  • Are google pages searchable??

    I am trying to do some work online when i can get on and make a page about my story with my disability as well as free websites i will make later on...

    i came across google pages....are those searchable/?? Like if someone typed in RSD in google search would it show up at all???

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  • do you like nose ring or stud better on a chick?

    Would you rather see a nise ring/ horse show?? or a stud like diamond/gemstone????


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