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  • Nipple Stimulation 39 weeks......?

    Wondering how exactly to do this?!?! Dr said he recommends trying this week but didnt specify how. One nipple at a time, both, how long, how many times a day, how often...... They did a membrane sweep yesterday i was 3 cm dilated 20% effaced baby very low. Had lots of cramping yesterday. Today had 2 big globs of mucus discharge (plug?) tightening of belly but nothing to indicate if anything will happen anytime soon!!!! Sex is not an option either!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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  • 38 weeks pregnant irregular contractions?

    2 weeks ago i was 1cm dilated and baby very low. All day today i have had irregular contractions that are anywhere from 10-20 minutes apart. They are not that painful just a bit irritating. When i keep busy there not as often but are back when i sit down to relax. Not much back pain with them either. This is the first time i have experienced this even though this is my 3rd baby.

    Also have been extremely tired today and my feet/ankles are swollen for the first time even though i have spent most of the day on the couch.

    Just wondering what any of you would do....go get checked out or chill out at home and wait it out for regular stronger contractions?!?!

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  • 36 weeks 2 days pregnant?

    My belly gets tight and i get a lot of pressure. Also get sharp pains from my belly button down at all different times of the day. This is third baby but dont remember having this before.

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  • Finger foods?

    At what age can I start giving finger foods?

    Teething biscuits


    She is 7 months old now and has 2 bottom teeth coming in. I can feel and see the top of the teeth!

    What would you recommend?

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  • A toy that I can't find...?

    I'm not sure where to ask this but there is a turtle that shines stars in the babies room. I can't remember what it is called or who makes it. Can anyone help me??? Thanks!!!

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  • Crawling...?

    Is there anything that I can do or buy to help my baby learn to crawl? She spends most of her time on the floor and can roll to the right but she won't go to the left. She sits buy herself when I sit her up but when should she do it on her own? Any suggestions? I know there are more than one question here but I'm just wondering if there is more that I can do. Thanks!!!

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  • Not wanting to eat???

    My daughter is 5 months old and fight me when it comes to eating sometimes. She cries when its about time for her to eat but for the past few weeks she takes a few drinks then turns away and wants to play or cry. There have been a few times that she will eat the entire bottle but usually she wastes at least half of it. I even cut back from 6 oz to 4 oz and she still does it. She takes a few drinks cries takes a few more sits up and so on. Anyone know why she is doing that?

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  • Regular nap routine?

    What is a good age for putting babies down for a scheduled nap? What time is good and how long? Right now I just rock her to sleep when shes tired and put her on a blanket on the floor because I never know how long she is going to sleep each time.

    Thanks ahead of time!!!

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  • Diapers.....?

    My 4 1/2 month old daughter is sleeping on her belly every night now. Every morning I have to change her sheets and everything because they are wet. She sleeps 10-12 hours a night. Is there a better diaper that absorbs better in the front that I should try? I use Huggies now and I'm tired of everything being soaked every morning. Thanks in advance!!!

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  • Teething????

    My 4 month old woke up with a diaper rash on Friday, loose stools, not eating as much, and not napping like she was before. She also drools like a St. Bernard. Could she be teething? I don't feel anything out of the norm but she has never had smooth gums so I can't tell if anything coming through.

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Diaper rash?

    My baby is 4 months old with a diaper rash. When I let her lay without a diaper on should I put anything on it or not. Like cornstarch or balmex or anything else? I was putting balmex on her when I put a diaper on her but it wasn't helping so now I'm trying cornstarch.

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  • Bath time...?

    My 3 month old HATES to take a bath. I tried a baby bath, the sink, and laying in the bottom of the tub. She screams bloody murder every time. I have to close all the windows because she cries so loud. I got in with her once but its faster without me in there. She is a chunky baby so I really need to take my time and get in all of her wrinkles. I have tried putting toys in there too and it doesn't help. Does anyone have any tricks to share with a desperate mommy? Thanks in advance!!

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  • Tummy time?

    My 3 month old hates tummy time. She will stay there for like 5 min and then start crying. Will that delay her crawling or anything? Any suggestions to get her to stay? I try talking to her and playing with her but it doesn't help.

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  • 2 quick questions...?

    Why do they want you to give kids whole milk? When can you put them on 2%? Why don't they want the fan to blow directly on a baby?

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  • Teething....?

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I am a first time mom. Is it possible for a 10 week old baby to be teething? I don't see anything but she sucks on her hands and drools like crazy. She tries to put her whole fist in her mouth. She is also crying with her hands in her mouth. If shes not teething, what else could it be? Thanks in advance!!!

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  • Is this normal?

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I'm going to give it a shot. I delivered my baby girl 2 months ago and I'm cramping up really bad. Its not period cramps feels nothing like that. Should I worry and call the doctor or let it go for a while? I just don't know if this is normal.

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  • Kippy Bannon...?

    There is a song called Daddy's Little Girl by A women named Kippy Bannon and I have only heard it a few times. I haven't heard it for a few years now but I can't find the song anywhere. Has anyone heard it or know where I can find it? It says what are you gonna do when your Daddy's gone and your Daddy's little girl.

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  • Is 6oz every 4hrs too much for a 1 month old?

    My baby just turned a month old and she eats 6oz of formula every 4 hours. Is she eating too much for her age? She doesn't spit up very often I just don't want to be over feeding her.

    13 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago