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  • What does this quotation mean?

    Hey guys,

    I am having a little difficulty trying to figure out what this quote means:

    "I am an average good Christian, when you don't push my Christianity too far. And all the rest of you—which is a great comfort—are, in this respect, much the same as I am."

    Would you guys please help me figure out what this means?

    Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated!

    2 AnswersQuotations1 decade ago
  • How to retrieve lost password?

    Hi guys,

    Well, I'm in deep frustration right now, as my hotmail account had been hacked a few days ago. I have no clue what my password is, and unfortanately, I do no know what my info(at least I think so) and alternate E mail is either.

    People have told me to E mail the hotmail Technical Support, which i might seeing as I have nothing else I can do.

    Do you guys think I should E mail them and ask for a password reset somehow? Or do you guys have any other ideas? Your help is appreciated, thank you.

    3 AnswersPassword and Sign In1 decade ago
  • Maplestory PIN help!?

    Hello everyone,

    I play an online game called Maplestroy, and recently I have been hacked. (I assume through keylogging or phishing) Anyway, I have changed my password one or two times, and have requested a PIN reset. I immediately went to my E mail clicked on the link they gave me confirming that my PIN has been reset. However, the computer I was currently using had no Maple.

    So the hacker got a hold of my E mail info (no idea how) changed my password, and have changed my alternate E mail (which I also assume). So, I am asking everyone here what I can possibly do to get a hold of my PIN or changing it once again without using my registered E mail. Should I log a ticket asking them for a reset or E mail change? I heard from some people that you should try to phone your E mail provider for additional help?

    Thanks! (BTW, sorry don't know what category this be in!)

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  • Can't type Chinese on Vista

    Ok, here is the story...I bought a NB in English, Vista.

    Then I install Chinese (Taiwan) at the very beginning, and so I can type Chinese (or see Chinese) perfectly.

    Then all of a sudden I can not type Chinese anymore.

    (I re-install Chinese(Taiwan) again but it didn't work... Is there anyway I can type Chinese again? Without downloading programs/hardware...

    PS: I can still see Chinese on web/word/yahoo, just can't type it anymore.

    1 Answer筆記型電腦1 decade ago