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D J Motorcop

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Police officer since 1976 at the age of 19, Motorcop since 1978 all on Harley Davidson's iron classics. I have done service in Patrol Section, Drug Section and Investigation Section but I have returned to my first love till I retire in 2012.

  • Why do people believe everything they read in the paper or see on the news as the 100% truth regarding police?

    I refer to the paper selling technique of reporting only the bare minimum of facts dressed up with reams of innuendo, conjecture and biased prose.

    The press loves to judge and incite when they perceive police wrong doing but later when the officers are cleared of wrong doing the article is buried in the back pages.

    Then Johny Q reads the story and comes to an opinion on the matter and then comes on here to rant it out. However the opinion is third hand tainted and often written with dramatic flair and journalistic licence.

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