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  • i need the url for the old version of yahoo mail?

    my computer is too old to still get it. this only happened today. plus, i don't have the OS required anymore. this would be for a mac if it makes any difference, which i guess it doesn't if it's just a url. anyway...anyone who can help me?

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  • help with yahoo email?

    i have an older imac. it runs OSX, the first one. don't bs me about getting a newer version because i don't have the money to upgrade. now, when the new yahoo mail version came out, i was able to go back to the older version by using the following link: 4 hours ago i was able to retrieve e-mail from this url and now, i'm getting that 504 error message of not being able to locate that url. how do i retrieve my e-mail now that i can't go there with this url? i'm desperate for suggestions and help. thanks.

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  • doesn't the fingerprinting of educators violate the 4th ammendment right to privacy?

    "The gathering of fingerprint evidence from 'free persons' constitutes a sufficiently significant interference with individual expectations of privacy that law enforcement officials are required to demonstrate that they have probable cause, or at least an articulable suspicion, to believe that the person committed a criminal offense and that the fingerprinting will establish or negate the person's connection to the offense. See Hayes v. Florida, 470 U.S. 811, 813-18 ('85); Davis v. Mississippi, 394 U.S. 721, 726-28 ('69)."

    if this is true, how can educators, free people who have not committed a crime and who have a reasonable expectation of privacy, be required to submit to fingerprinting to be around kids?

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  • how does one get hold of their own cori report?

    i am applying for jobs and i want to know if i have a cori report. how do i find out if i have a criminal record when the charges were dismissed?

  • how to open yahoo mail without going through the new mail system.?

    i can't open the new e-mail system by yahoo or my computer will freeze up leading me to having to reboot yahoo. i need a url to get me to the older system, classic, while being able to bypass the newer yet unusable e-mail system provided.

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  • need help understanding wave function of electrons in the 2-slit experiment?

    electrons behave like waves, when electrons are fired at 2 slits so that the electrons pass through the slits and form an image on a sensitive material to show where the electrons hit. i'm ok with this. i also understand that when the peaks of 2 separate waves intersect, the peak is larger than one wave. this also holds true for the troughs.

    what i don't understand is the probablility/uncertainty concept. if the wave pattern shows where the electrons are most likely hitting vs not hitting a lot or at all, why is this at the point of where the peak of 1 wave is canceled by the trough of a second wave? why is this NOT at the site where the peaks and troughs are higher/lower than one wavelength?

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