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  • Will my boyfriends awful hangover be gone by tomorrow morning?

    Okay so yesterday he went to a party, and eating hardly anything that day drank an awful lot. He is quite a light drinker, and to drink loads of cocktail, ciders and gin is a lot for him! Since the afternoon today, he has been throwing up any water or food consumed, and has had a chill and fever, and has therefore slept for a couple of hours. He has work at 11am the next morning though, so will a good sleep cute this hangover?

    2 AnswersOther - General Health Care6 years ago
  • Am I allergic to cheese?

    Whenever I eat extra mature cheddar, I get a weird burning/tingling sensation under my eyes. it doesn't hurt or anything, but can anyone please explain what this is?

    1 AnswerOther - Food & Drink7 years ago
  • What to get my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary?

    I want to get him/make him something special, and that in 50 years time he can look back at us. He's not into jewellery or watches etc, and he's 17. But I want some really romantic idea, but I'm not sure what to get! I know he is getting me an engraved bracelet.

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Why is my cat scared of going outside?

    We got my cat when she was 6 weeks old (way too early, we were told she was 8 weeks!) and eventually when she had all of her injections we let her out in the garden for the first time. Well she started shaking and crying like and of course we brought her back in! We tried it once more and the same reaction from her. Why could this be? She always sits on the window looking outside!

    3 AnswersCats7 years ago
  • Will I need extra protection?

    I'm on the combined pill, and I have lost my last active pill. I have a few days till I need it, and I'll continue my pills as normal! I have a doctors appointment a day before I need the lost pill, so he'll give me some more so I can take a spare pill. So basically, I will finish this pill. Do I need extra protection before hand though? Or can I carry on as usual?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • Lost pill in birth control pack?

    It's the last active pill! I have like 3 days till the day I need it, and I'll get some pills the day before it so I'll definitely have the pill. But do I need to use extra protection before it, or can I proceed as normal?

    1 AnswerPregnancy7 years ago
  • Lost my last active birth control pill?

    I'm on the 21 day pill, and I'm safe till Tuesday, but then I have no pill because I've either lost it or taken it early by mistake? I have an appointment Monday with my GP to get more pills however, but any advice?

    1 AnswerPregnancy7 years ago
  • I've lost the last pill in my birth control pack?

    I'm on Microgynon 30, and my last active pill is Tuesday, and it isn't in there! I'm not sure if I took it early by accident when I first started or what, but I'm really unsure of what to do!

    1 AnswerPregnancy7 years ago
  • I forgot to take my Microgynon 30 pill yesterday morning?

    As soon as I realised this today, I took yesterday and today's pill as usual! I haven't had unprotected sex since Thursday, but I'm still panicking?

    1 AnswerPregnancy7 years ago
  • What's the best way to stop jealousy?

    So me and my boyfriend have been going out now for 5 months, and even before this we've had flings for about a year or two. But no matter how much I love him, when he speaks to this one girl, I feel so negative, down and jealous. In the past, our "flings" would stop because of him liking this girl, and I've always liked my boyfriend in that "crush" way. I hate feeling jealous, but when he texts her i panic, and think to myself he is going to end our relationship like previous times! I always over think and I hate it. How do I stop being so negative? The past is the reason I'm like this..

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • I'm really worried about my period on the combined pill?

    Okay so I'm on the combined pill, and I'm supposed to be starting my period this Wednesday. This is my second month into it, and I've had sex without a condom. On my first month, I had bad cramps and spotting a few days before my period, and this time I've had nothing? It's still early, but I am worrying! Is this quite normal?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • Are you protected on the combined pill a couple of days after the bleed?

    On my Microgynon pill, it says you are protected from pregnancy during the 7 day bleed. When you take the first pill after the bleed, will you still be protected?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • Does it matter if you take your birth control pill a few hours late?

    I'm on the combined pill, which is a contraceptive. My original time of taking it is at 8:30 am, but sometimes I take it between 10 am- 12am, depending on what time I wake up.Is this a really bad thing, and does it render it ineffective?

    4 AnswersWomen's Health7 years ago
  • I had my tragus pierced yesterday and it bled overnight?

    I've had it pierced before, and I took it out once because it became infected, but it healed up normally. I waited a few months before having it pierced again! And I had it repierced yesterday, and overnight it bled? Is that natural? I don't remember that happening the first time.

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body8 years ago
  • Why is iMessage not sending in my iPad?

    It just won't deliver my messages. I'm pretty sure it is nothing to do with my send and receive addresses, but whenever I go to my Nan's house, it just won't send.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • What card game is this?

    It's played with a regular deck of cards; each player has 7 cards, and the aim of the game is to have no cards left in your hand. A 2 card means pick up 2 cards, 7 means miss a go, and if a black jack is put down, 7 cards are picked up? A card of the same suit can only be put down, unless it is the same number of a different suit!

    2 AnswersCard Games8 years ago
  • Does this boy like me do you think?

    Well, I've been close to this guy for ages, and we're really intimate. Last week my friend showed me a text saying that he was considering asking me out, and planning to do it this week sometime! Well, he didn't really speak to either of us during the weekend, and earlier he messaged my friend saying hey but not me. I'm really confused? And yeahh, you could say I'm jealous!

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • How do the lyrics of the song 'Skyfall' by Adele relate to the James Bond film Skyfall?

    When I listen to the song, the chorus makes me think of the partnership between James and M! And that's what I think the song is about, other than love. What about you?

    4 AnswersLyrics8 years ago
  • My iPhone and iPod randomly stopped sending iMessages?!?

    It was working, then all of a sudden, the messages stopped sending! I turned iMessages off in settings, then re-turned it back on, and came up with some stuff about re-entering my Apple ID password, which it never has done before. And now, when I text people who have iPhones, it sends normal texts. I'm in the UK, anyone else with this problem?!

    4 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans8 years ago