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  • Can I keep a bone removed during surgery?

    I'm going to have surgery on my foot in a few weeks, they have to remove a small fragment of bone that broke off the end of one of my metatarsals. I forgot to ask my doctor when I had my last appointment with him if I could keep the fragment of bone they're going to remove. Is that something that's possible?

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  • Is it possible to remove strangers mentions on twitter?

    There's a few people that I follow on twitter who are very well known, they have thousands of followers. My feed is often covered with re-tweets and mentions from people I don't know or follow because they mention someone I do follow. Is is possible to remove these kinds of posts from my feed? I only want to see what the people I am following have to say, I don't need to know every time they're mentioned or tweeted to.

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  • How can you send a fax from a fax machine to an email address?

    My office has a traditional fax machine hooked up to the phone line. I want to know if it's possible to send a fax from that machine and receive it via email. I'd prefer it if this could be done without buying a new fax machine. Ideally I'd like some service that would give me a phone number then forward all faxes sent to that number to an email address .

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  • Looking for the name of a mid to late 80's shipwreck movie.?

    I'm trying to find the title of a movie for my mother. I remember watching it with her when I was young, so the movie was made sometime in the mid to late 80's. We had a copy of it that my father taped off TV and the tape was labeled "Shipwrecked". My mother loved that movie and I'd like to find a copy of it on DVD if possible. The problem is searching for "Shipwrecked" just turns up some other movie set in the 1850's and I know that's not it. Here's what I remember:

    Close to modern day setting. (Well, modern in the 80's anyway)

    It was a family of 4 that was marooned. Mother, Father, Son and I believe a daughter.

    In one scene the father is on a rocky beach, wearing a knit cap and a heavy dark coat (navy peacoat maybe?) and he's attacked by a bear.

    The island wasn't tropical. It was wet (rainy) grey and cold looking.

    I seem to remember a white boat with a small cabin that actually washed up on shore.

    The beach wasn't sandy, there were a lot of rocks and driftwood on it.

    If anyone can tell me the name of this movie I would be forever grateful. It's driving me nuts not being able to find it. I know how much my mother loved this movie and I'd like to surprise her with it for Christmas if I could. Unfortunately the copy we had is no help because our last VCR died about a month ago and we donated all of the VHS tapes we had left to a thrift store shortly afterward.

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  • How can I separate my real friends from game friends on facebook?

    Is there a way to separate my game friends from my real friends/family on Facebook? Currently my news feed is full of game related posts which bury any post my friends & family make. I can completely remove my game friends from my news feed, but then (obviously) I don't see their game requests. Is there any way to filter the game requests out of my regular news feed an into it's own place? If I completely remove my game friends from my news feed the only way I can see what they post is by going to each of their profiles individually, It's really a pain to do it that way. Is there a better solution that I'm not aware of?

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  • Is is possible to change my friends name on facebook?

    I have several friends who I know from playing online games with. I have them all sorted into a list separate from my RL friends. I want to know if there's a way to change the name that shows up to me on my list. I'm more familiar with the screen names they use in game and have a hard time keeping track of what real name goes with what screen name. Is there a way to give them a nickname or something so it will display their screen name along with (or even instead of) their real name when I see them in my list?

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  • Does redbox pay you to place a kiosk?

    I run a small business in a fairly busy shopping district. I own the building and the land it sits on, so I was thinking of contacting redbox about placing one of their kiosks outside my store. I was wondering how the kisoks work. Does redbox pay me rent for the space their machine takes up or do I have to pay for the 'privledge' of having their kiosk located outside my business?

    I visited redbox's website for info, but before they would give me any details they wanted to do a survey of the area. Before I have them do this survey I wanted to see if anyone could provide me with the answer. I'm sure someone out there must have a kiosk located at their business who could tell me how it works.

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  • What movie/TV show is this an ad for?

    This is a sidebar ad from Pandora that was displaying today. I don't know what movie or show it's advertising, or who the woman is.

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  • Name this movie. 10 points to correct answer.?

    (I know the answer, just wanna see who else does. Consider it a Yahoo! quiz if you will.)

    Set in a post apocalyptic future, post WW3

    War is outlawed

    Disputes over land/territory are settled by 1 on 1 combat

    Government trains 'jocks' to fight

    'Jocks' are being replaced genetic superiors

    Opening battle takes place for control of Alaska.

    The 'good' guys wear white and red, the 'bad' wear black and yellow

    The hero's name is Achilles

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  • How do I change the login name for windows XP?

    I bought a used computer and every time I reboot, the log in screen shows the previous owners name. I went into the user account settings via the control panel, and changed the name there, but my windows log in is still the name of the old owner. How do I remove this?

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  • Is gorilla glue toxic if used in a turtle tank?

    I'm building a new tank for my pet turtles, I would like to make a basking platform out of slate for them, but I'm having trouble finding an adhesive that will hold the rocks together underwater, but not leave any toxic or dangerous residue in the water. I read online to use silicone based aquarium sealant, but the guy at the hardware store didn't seem to think it would bond rock together. Another suggestion was Gorilla Glue. According to their website it's non-toxic and waterproof, but what about it being left underwater 24/7? Will the bond hold, and will it not polute the water?

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  • WMP playing all files at double speed?

    Recently after updating my video and sound card drivers windows media player has started playing all associated files at double speed with no sound. I've tried rolling back the drivers for both cards, and even went back to an older version of WMP. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I'd rather not switch to another media player because I prefer WMP to others I've tried. I'm wondering if theres something else I could have missed?

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  • Can't remember the name or lyrics of a song from the late 80s/early 90s?

    The only thing I can remember is the beginning to the song. It's a woman singer, the intro reminds me of I dream of jeanie. It goes Doot do do do, do do do do, doot do do do do.

    I can't remember any of the actual lyrics, its a pretty laid back song, it seems like one part of the lyric mentions something like "I light myself a cigarette before I fall asleep". That could be 100% wrong, but I couldnt find anything by doing a lyric search. This is driving me crazy, I hope someone can help.

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