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i love everyone don't be serious all the time and do be hateful and hurtful

  • Screamo song HELP!!!!?

    There's this song and I barely remember it I have been searching for like an hour and have come up with nothing...

    in the lyrics is says "the world is ours"

    the music video is in a warehouse and it's really heavy heavy screamo and there's a guy wearing a white shirt the guitarist and he sings the clear vocals and the lead singer has a black mic taped with blue tap! if this sounds familar please help me lol thanks

    Also Upon A Burning Body isn't the band

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  • Health Information Management jobs?

    This is for people who have experience in this field.

    What are the jobs like?

    What type of jobs can you get?

    Did you enjoy working in this field?

    How is the pay?

    Anything you would like to add please feel free to Thanks

    2 AnswersHealth Care9 years ago
  • How do you train your PitBuill?

    How do you train your Pitbull i don't want links i rather have your personal experience. I have a 14 week old red nose i need pointer thanks

    6 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Pit Bull Puppy Training?

    We have a 13 week old male Pit Bull he is very sweet and kind my questions are

    how do i get him to stop jumping on us when we come home and biting us.

    It's not aggressive biting because I know he's teething. We tried to do everything distract him with other toys (at times it work), he tell him no, we DO NOT hit him so i don't want to hear that as an option. We have a 3 year old son who does tell him no and Buzz does listen it's just the jumping I would really like to stop. Also what type of things do you suggest we do to tire him out when it comes to night time. I know they have a lot of energy but my husband has to work and I have school. What are some tips on how to train your puppy too i brought the clicker and it works i already thought him how to sit with the clicker.

    Thanks all advice is grateful and for the smart a$$ i will delete or report your comment

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  • is it worth it?

    i found a dress i really love and it was from their website there are a lot of mixed very good and very bad reviews i need some people who have brought it personally or can you tell me where i can get someone to make the dress

    or tell me someone who makes this that is in the US

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  • Anything else for the wedding?

    This is what i have so far

    I have my guest list

    Bridal and Groom Party

    Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

    Food List

    Songs to all the major dances


    No Videographer because we can't afford it

    My Dress

    Our colors

    The Bridesmaid dresses


    Our ceremony and reception place

    Instead of Unity candles we're going with the Unity Sand thingy lol



    Our Reverend

    Our registry places


    Fake Flowers (we're allergic to real)

    The men have their tuxes


    Cake Server set

    cake topper

    We're not having ushers and my dad is walking me down the aisle

    and we're not having centerpieces

    is there anything else i need

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  • Whose been married on a cruise ship?

    me and my fiance are thinking about getting married on a cruise ship and want it to be just us two

    can you tell me how much it cost for everything you did like cruise and the actually wedding package thing

    who was there

    if i wanted people there how would i go about doing that

    which cruise line would be the best and cheapest we we're thinking about Royal Caribbean even though i know it's expensive

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  • food list for a wedding?

    we can bring our own food to the reception and i like my dad's cooking more than anybody so here is the list (we are black if that helps lol)

    1. Juice

    2. Homemade Mac n Cheese (not the box kind lol)

    3. Grilled Hot Dogs

    4. Grilled Burgers

    5. Potato Salad

    6. Fried Chicken

    7. Potato Chips

    8. Sodas

    9. BBQ Ribs

    10. BBQ Chicken

    11. Steaks

    12. Collard Greens


    12. Cornbread

    13. That trey that has different fruits/vegetables

    14. Alcohol for the ppl. who drink lol

    we will have ketchup and other like that any thing else i need

    also if my fiancee rents a tux does that have to be altered

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  • Alterations for Dresses and Tuxedos?

    how long does it usually take for alterations for dresses and tuxedos can it be done in one day it for a wedding and i really need to know

    2 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • Breast Reduction Drain Trouble?

    i just had a breast reduction and now it seems thats the blood is suck and the drain bulb is empty i tired calling the person they told me to call but no one will answer is this bad

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  • People who had breast reduction?

    how do you feel about it any regrets

    how long before your breast took its shape

    how bad was the pain

    what size were you and what size are you now

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  • Which one was worst the slavery of black people or the Holocaust?

    this is has been on my mind forever also i want to write a paper on it for English class if you are black please don't say slavery due to the fact that it was all about the black people same with jews...please give reasonable cause and don't get to racists and if you are going to say something ignorant don't say anything at all

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  • Need help with my hair?

    this is for my wedding...i have very very short hair in the back u can grip it but it takes a lot of work and sometimes it messes up...i need a beautiful hair style for my wedding and i'm trying to avoid weave, but if i must i will i've had weave before, also i will be in a hot tub and pool so i also need a hairstyle that is going to help me if i get it wet...i really don't know how to take care of my hair...if you do suggest weaves then i need to know what kind...tree braids micros. etc, even sew-in...also i'm looking for someone with experience who have gone through this themselves...and someone who can give me a list as to how to take care of my hair and make it grow i don't want links i want personal input thank you...also i never had anyone teach me this so i seek a woman who knows what she is talking about

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  • does anyone know where i can buy The Bad Girls Club Season 2?

    i have been looking and i cant find also its the best season that they had.

    4 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • What would you do if i gave you this poem??

    Love is pain and pain is love

    To tell yall the truth I don't want none of the above

    No affection no passion no I love you

    Is something I can't live without so what do I do

    My heart aches for attention my heart races for a man

    But the one i got now doesn't please me the best way he can

    We don't make love

    we bearly kiss and hug

    So why should i do what he say

    When he all he does is pushes me away

    I tried my best I do it all

    He wouldn't catch my heart when it started to fall

    No sense of adventure always has to play it safe

    When he touches me my heart no longer race

    Pain from tears, tears from fears

    Don't know if he can ever be romantic and we've been together for 2 years

    He proposed if you can call it that

    No will you marry me or something like that

    Just gave me the ring nothing sweet nothing nice

    If i didn't have my son i would have stabbed him witht the knife

    But i guess i don't deserve love that's why i got him

    Just to relive pain over and over again

    1 AnswerPoetry1 decade ago
  • i tried everything and it still doesnt work?

    i tried everything but it doesnt work. I tried being romantic sweet leaving him alone when he wants it but i cant get no romance outta him it feels like im alone in this relationship i know how to love myself and be alone but it gets tiring after a while i want to be held and all the other lovely googy stuff i know men who has relationship issues who shows more love than he does we have one kid and live together but i still feel lonely wat do i do he barely tells me me loves me and last night i had a break down and cried and he was sweet for about 3 mins. and that was it so wat do i do i cant take this much longer there are a lot of guys and girls whos willing to take his place but i keep passing them up for him he gave me an engagment ring and didnt even propose he wasnt romantic at all should i make him do it over

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  • Wedding dress pickout?

    would any one like to help me pick out my wedding dress from david bridal you could im or email me at

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  • wtf just happened to my belly button?

    ok i got my belly button pierced like Oct. 30 08 then i took it out for like one night and now i cant get it back in its like its closed up and it hurt everytime i try what the hell happened

    6 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 decade ago
  • has anyone been on a diet that made them lose alot of weight in a healthy way?

    i need someone with a 100% diet plan that can make me lose weight b/c i dont know how to and what better way than a person who has done it themselevs also if its not to much of a problem you can tell STEP by STEP with every DETAIL how you did it the workout plans what you ate EVERYTHING dont leave out any details. plz this is for serious ppl dont make fun of me :)

    34 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • should i get a breast reduction?

    my fiance said no but im gonna do it anyway i wear like a 40dd bra and its driving me crazy trying to find a bra that really fits and i cant buy a 2 piece and it pisses me off...also if i started eating right and exercing more would that help b/c i know its gonna cost for that reduction

    10 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago