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i'm sammy and i'm an eighteen-year-old girl from utah. i am a proud member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. i learn new and exciting things about the church every day. forgive me if my answers, regarding my beliefs, aren't completely accurate, but unless you are lds yourself you don't have a right to tell me what i do and do not believe in. i don't tell people of other faiths what they believe in because i'm not them. i think it is important to respect people's beliefs, even if i disagree, and i would love it if people respected what i believe in too. i know lds people have all sorts of haters, but i really don't care what other people think of me. i do what i think is best for me, not what others think is best for me.

  • Is it a bad idea to drop out of college?

    Everyone tells me that if I don't continue going to college that I'll end up working somewhere like McDonald's for the rest of my life. However, I do not think this is always true. I'm not saying I want to be filthy rich, I am just wondering if there is a good way for me to make a decent living without a college degree. My problem with college isn't money, or grades, it's just that I hate hate HATE school in general. It's dehumanizing in my opinion. The sooner I can get out the better. It will take me another three years to get my degree if I stay, and three years sounds like a lot when my hatred for school is so great. I know that the obvious decision is to stay in school, but is it really so bad for me to take a risk?

  • what is the fastest official rubik's cube solve by a female?

    my fastest time is 35 seconds. i realize that that probably isn't world record worthy, especially since the world record is 6 seconds (or something like that), but does anyone know what the fastest solve by a female is? just curious.

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  • Can you think without using language in your thoughts?

    I realized that I don't really think in any given language, which might sound weird to some people but I think it's true. I feel like when I speak, or write, I have to put words to ideas in my head that previously had not words to them. It's like I have to translate my thoughts into a language. Some ideas and thoughts I couldn't translate into a language at all. Most of my thinking doesn't involve language, mostly images and patterns (or at least that's the best way I can describe it). Even then that's probably not accurate, images and patterns I mean. I really don't know...maybe feelings is a better way to describe it. It's really of those thoughts I can't put words to. Anyone else feel this way? Is there evidence that shows it's possible to think without using language in your thoughts?

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  • tips for looking and acting like a boy?

    i'm a nineteen-year-old girl and i want to conduct an experiment where i dress and act like a boy and see if i can fool people. i bet i could pass for a fourteen-year-old boy. i also want to know if i'm treated differently as a boy than as a girl, and see if every day conversations are different when i'm a boy. i would do this around people i don't know...because people i do know would recognize me :P. my hair is already short (pixie, so i might have to still wear a hat, because it's a girl cut) and my chest is not very large (maybe have to bind it a little), but i want to know if you guys have any helpful tips for making it seem real, both behavior wise and style wise (makeup tips possibly?). also, if you have ideas for how to go about doing the experiment (where to go, who to talk to, etc.) that would be great too. thanks.

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  • how do I make a successful youtube channel?

    so I've always wanted to make a youtube channel, but i'm not really sure how to go about doing so successfully. I was thinking I could either a) make a video blog about my college adventures b) review movies because i'm working on a film major c) talk about controversial topics or d) just a little bit of all of those. not sure if any of those ideas are interesting to people...if they are, how do I get those people who may be interested to find the videos? also, how do I make videos people will enjoy?

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  • How to get over saying stupid things on the internet?

    about a week ago i wasn't the nicest to one of my facebook friends. i didn't mean to sound rude in my comment i made on her status, but i guess it was read differently than i meant it and it turned into a huge argument. i was made out to be a cyber bully, which isn't how i normally behave online. i'm afraid that people look at me different now, not just that one facebook friend, but all my facebook friends who probably saw it (you know, our mutual friends, which were quite a few). i feel terrible, but at the same time i don't feel like i did anything wrong. i was just misinterpreted. i also posted something on facebook today that may have just sounded stupid so i took it off twenty minutes later. i'm still afraid that people saw it and thought "wow, really?" i don't know...does anyone else have this problem? do you say things that you can't stop thinking about, even though other people probably brush it off and not give it as much thought as you? i hope i'm making sense. these kind of things happen in person too. i just don't know what's socially acceptable i do i move past this? how do i stop thinking about the stupid little things?

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  • help me fix my laptop is blurry (10 POINTS IF IT GETS FIXED)?

    so I have a dell inspiron 15r laptop and a few months ago the camera just went blurry. it used to be really clear but then one day it just...yeah. i tried wiping the camera lens with my sleeve to see if there was something on the camera that was making it blurry, but that doesn't seem to be it. did i accidentally press something that made it go out of focus? i really don't know. please help me figure out how to fix it :/

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  • How can I be happy single?

    i'm a nineteen-year-old girl and i've never had luck with guys (never had a boyfriend, never been asked out). sometimes i realize it's a confidence issue, but even when i have high self esteem i don't get attention. i am NOT fat and i am NOT ugly (though sometimes i feel like i'm ugly due to lack of even the slightest bit of male attention...). recently i thought i was finally going to at least get asked out by a certain guy that i liked, but because the semester ended we now have very minimal communication...and in all honesty i don't think he's going to contact me at all and it's tearing me apart. i want to go back to being a happy single lady and i don't really know how to do that because all i can do is wonder what i did wrong and why it didn't work out. i've tried listening to happy music, i got a hair cut and hair dye, i've tried to cry it all out and move on, vent to friends in hopes that getting it off my chest will get me back to normal, i've watched my usual feel-good shows, and i'm still being eaten alive by my emotions. how can i be single and happy with it like i used to be?

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  • Help me find music for a string trio?

    so i'm looking for a good song to play with my friends just for fun (we are two violins and a cello), but i'm having a hard time finding something. the last song we played together was a classical piece, which we later performed, but this time we probably won't be performing, just having fun. anyway, we are looking for something at about grade three (intermediate level) and thought it would be fun to either do something slow and pretty OR something folk. i actually haven't touched my violin in months because i, more or less, quit after my graduation, so nothing too tricky (though maybe a challenge would be good...idk). i miss violin SO BAD, which is why we are doing this. please help, thank you.

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  • What do guys even want in a girl?

    so i'm nineteen and have only been on three dates (all of which involved ME asking the GUY, not the other way around). it has come to the point where i'm pretty much the only one out of my group of friends who hasn't had a boyfriend, or a first kiss, or has even been asked out. i don't think i'm unattractive, and i don't think my personality is bad, so what is the deal? what are guys really looking for? i just feel terrible some days. i usually think that i look pretty good, but i've never been hit on. my personality might not be the typical girly girl (long hair, giggly, disgustingly nice...), but really i've seen girls who are full blown tomboy have more luck with guys than me. what do guys really like???

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  • Can someone help me find good sources for my essay on robot intelligence?

    I'm writing an essay about human intelligence versus robot intelligence. I want to be able to express that it is possible for robot intelligence to surpass human intelligence, but I also want to have sources supporting the other side of the argument (that robots are incapable of thought and could never compare). I have three sources so far and need to have at least two more, if not more than that, and I'm having a hard time finding good sources, especially ones that talk about the problems behind creating artificial intelligence that can match our intellect. Please help me out. Thanks.

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  • i cut my hair short and now people think i'm lesbian...?

    i don't have a problem with lesbians, i just don't want to be mistaken for something i'm not. i don't want long hair again because it's annoying and i hate having long hair. short is easier and it looks good on me. i'm scared that people think i'm lesbian not only because of my hair, but also because i have stag prom pictures on facebook (me and two of my friends). my personality might suggest i'm lesbian too, because i'm not terribly girly at times, but I'M NOT LESBIAN! how can i convince people that i'm not? a girl had a massive crush on me and i had to tell her i'm not lesbian so...yeah, i just don't want any more awkward situations.


    've been going to college for a few weeks now and i haven't talked to anybody! i don't have friends and i especially haven't met any guys. i didn't really date in high school and i was kinda hoping college would be different. i don't think i'm unattractive so...what should i do? i don't want to be forever alone :/

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  • how do i meet guys in college (10 POINTS)?

    i've been going to college for a few weeks now and i haven't talked to anybody! i don't have friends and i especially haven't met any guys. i didn't really date in high school and i was kinda hoping college would be different. i don't think i'm unattractive so...what should i do? i don't want to be forever alone :/

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  • Can I do anything with a bachelors in Psychology (10 POINTS)?

    I'm starting my first year of college in the fall and I have no idea what to major in. I signed up for classes and thought I was pretty set on being a Psychology major, but then my friend told me that I can only get a good job with that if I get my masters or doctorate. I was sort of hoping to just get my bachelors because I really don't want to be in school for ages. Right now I have some generals and one Psychology class, but I might just take all generals while I think about this for a few more months. I guess my question is, do I really have to get my masters and possibly doctorate to get anywhere with that major? Please don't tell me that "You don't have to worry about your major yet" or "People change majors part way through college all the time". I've been hearing that for the past several years and I really am sick of it. I know people change majors a lot, but I don't want to be one of those people. I don't want to take more than four years of college so the best way to not be in college for longer than that is if I decide what I want to do now, or next semester. Please help me out, and be honest. If I should consider something else, just say so and I'll just take generals for now.

  • What can we do at the family reunion? (10 POINTS!)?

    ok, i'm heading to my family reunion today and i don't know what we're going to do! last year we got really bored so i have to come up with some way to fill the next five days with fun activities. it's going to be really hot outside (over a hundred and ten degrees) so please don't say any outdoor activities. if it helps, there is a lot of space in the cabin we are staying at. the more suggestions the better. we are teenagers, maybe four to ten of us.

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  • What can we do at the family reunion?

    my family reunion is next week and we got really bored last year. i looked through my games today and there weren't any good ones. what can we do for fun? something for four to ten teenagers to do, but nothing messy or that involves a lot of planning. the less stuff we need, and the easier to organize, the better. thanks.

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  • my mom is racist and i don't know what to say to her anymore...?

    alright, so my mom is racist towards anyone and everyone who isn't white. she especially hates mexicans, but she also doesn't like polynesians, asians, blacks etc. this has bothered me for years, but yet no matter what i say she's totally unconvinced. one time i pointed out an asian guy that i found particularly attractive and she told me that she wanted white grandkids. whenever gang activity happens in the neighborhood she automatically blames the mexicans, even though there are white gangs too. at my high school graduation there were some polynesian families making a lot of noise (banging pans, blow horns, shouting...) when their family members walked out to get their diplomas. i had to later hear her complain about them. i tried to tell her that polynesians are very loving, family oriented people and that even though they are loud, they are loud in a good way. she's always saying stuff like "why can't they just go back to their own country?" and i'm just like...really mom? just so long as they are here legally, does it really matter? especially since this is america??? i don't know if there's any way i can make her not racist, but do you guys have any ideas on how i can tolerate this? it doesn't help to say anything, but it also doesn't help to stay quiet.

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  • aren't we all human in the end?

    i've found that the internet is riddled with false statements about the mormons, and the lds faith. this makes me realize that the only way to truly find out anything about any faith is to attend their church meetings and ask people, of that church, what they believe in. in other words, i cannot make claims about another church if i've never even gone to their church before, or have never asked their members questions, face to face. i do not wish to join any other church, because i believe the lds church to be the only true church, but at the same time i do not go around saying what i read about the catholics on the internet or what i heard about jews from someone who isn't a jew. if people make up stuff about my church, doesn't it only make sense that people make up stuff about other churches as well? shouldn't we educate ourselves about religions, from the religions themselves, before we go around talking about them, whether it be talking about them for the good or bad? i just try not to judge anyone, of any belief, even atheists, because i don't like it when people judge me. why judge others if i don't like to be judged? i also don't feel it is my job to judge, so i try and accept people as they are. have i invited people to attend my church meetings? sure, but if they decline i don't automatically hate them for that, and i don't judge them for that either. my friends come from many different religious backgrounds and i find that to be ok! is it really so irrational to accept that people of different cultural backgrounds have different beliefs? i know this might sound cliche, but can't we all just get along? aren't we all human in the end, and shouldn't we care about each other whether we believe there is a god or not?

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