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  • Is this sexual abuse of a minor?

    My wife's ex husband is 38. They seprated when there two boys were married and shows no affection to them and was not around them much as they grew up, now 11 and 16.

    His girlfriend(now wife) moved in two years ago with her two sons. A six year old and an openly gay 16yo.

    Her ex sleeps in the bed with the 6 yo and they hold hands wherever they go. Even though he never showed emotion towards his own children.

    Micheal Jackson almost went to jail twice for this.

    He comes down to get the boys and hangs out for a few minutes, I have two year old daughter I dont want him around.

    Is this normal? I do not think, should I report him to Child Service's?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Ohio right to search car?

    I was stopped by the police for a broken taillight here in Ohio. While I talked to the officer another officer searched my car.

    I did not give permission to do so, nor was I asked.

    Is this right? I thought they had to ask.

    And no drugs or alcohol was involved just taillight.

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • Where to get a student loan?

    I am a 36 yo male with a wife and four kids. I live in Ohio and my county has 11 unemployment rate, I am one of them. I applied for the stafford loan and was wondering if there are any other loans from the Gov. If not where do I get one? Full time student. Thanks

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid1 decade ago
  • How can I get to pose for Playgirl?

    Not a joke, how do I contact them to see if I can pose for them.

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  • How do I pose for Playgirl?

    I wish to pose nude for Playgirl. How do I contact them. I have seen men in there and I am much better looking and have a bigger who know what then 95% of them.

    1 AnswerMagazines1 decade ago
  • More horsepower for 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    I have a 96 Grand Cherokee 4.7 L six cylindder and I am looking for some cheap ideas to increase horsepower and speed. I am installing a flow master muffler and having the cat.converter removed (yes I know this is a no-no but congress is overturning that next year anyways).

    I heard High Performace chips are just a waste of money is that true?

    5 AnswersJeep1 decade ago
  • Need info on power car buffer.?

    I wish to buy a buffer to shine cars/trucks but I have no clue which one to buy. I want it to be affordable and easy to use.

    I do not want to fall into what I call the "shaving razor" trap where you buy the razor for cheap and then pay big bucks for replacement blades.

    So what I am trying to say is I do not want to buy a cheap one, only to find out replacement pads will break the wallet.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • How to calulate miles driven?

    How do I do the math? If I spent $6218.85 on gas last year, driving a car that gets 13.6 miles to the gallon. How many miles did I drive?

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Statue of limitions on fileing an appeal of a misdomeanor in Ohio?

    How long after a court case in the state of Ohio can you file for an appeal?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Should I divorce my wife?

    My wife and I went to school together and always stayed in touch. We starting dateing three years ago and have been married for two years.

    We got in arguement a few weeks ago and to make a long stroy short I am on misdomeanor probation and was to get of probation on the seventh. When I went in to report on the sixth my PO said my wife said I grabed her and she is trying to get a protection order agianst me which was not granted. He locked me up in jail for five days because she told him I stayed out all night, which I did after we got in to a fight and I took my son and stayed at my sisters house.

    We have a one month old baby, I love my wife with all my heart but I do not see how I can trust her after this!

    25 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • How to pitch an ad?

    Today I thought of a great ad for a candy company. I mean it is an ad that folks will be talking about for a long time.

    How do I pitch to a candy company such as Godiva or m&m/mars?

    2 AnswersSearch Engine Optimization1 decade ago
  • Do you think yahoo needs to end trolling?

    I just got a violation notice for my answer of "oe ee waddy waddy wing bang" which are lyrics to a childrens song.

    It was a dumb question that deserved a dumb answer.

    This was a troll, I checked this poster's profile and his questions he was asking about how long his other account was suspended for.

    Does yahoo even read the answers that are reported.

    Yahoo needs to end trolling I have worked hard answering and do not want to get kicked off due to a troll.

    They need to block IP's also when they suspend an account so trollers and offsenive posters do not keep comeing back.

    Your thoughts. WARNING TROLL FREE ZONE!

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • What sould do? Never faced this before!?

    My wife's nephew birthday party is Saturday and she wants us to go. The only problem is she used to date her sister in law's uncle before me and he may be there.

    Now I am not the jealous type at all. But this guy really pisses me off.

    This guy hounded her to go out until she agreed. A few months into the reltionship he showed his true colors. He was a drunk addicted to porn. He left porn mags all aroud and let his 14 year old boy view porn. She broke up with him after he asked her to pee on him.He also hid a webcam and video them haveing sex without her knowledge.

    After the break up he would call and her 50 times a day. Yes she changed the number but he would find out her number. He even texted her twice on our honeymoon! And texted her again last week!

    I do not want to go cause I am afraid I beat his head in. I do not want her to go without me cause I do not want this creep around her. I think she should get a PO agianst him it has been 3 years and he wont stop.

    What do I do?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Am I wrong or am I right?

    My wife and I are open with our cell phones since we get a lot of funny texts.

    Today I discovered a text from her ex boyfriend who bugs her about every 6 months wanting her back.

    It was a picture of her when they were together and he wrote"You look that you are so happy, Sorry I ruined it" it did peeve me off since this guy is a freak and will not let go.

    I was upset and asked my wife why she did not tell me, she said she did not want to upset me.

    I texted him back him back saying "do not text or call my wife again!"

    I did not threaten him or nothing or no foul words. But my mother in law and my wife sister in law said I was wrong for doing so. I do not think I was what do you think?

    Also if I want to lower myself I know where he lives I would have went over to his house and beaten the living heck out of him. I do not wish harm on him just do not keep texting and calling my wife.

    18 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Two versions of GTA San Andreas for ps2?

    My 6 y.o. son got got mad at me for playing GTA SA since I will not let him play (mature game) and threw it and it would not play.

    So I made him buy me a new one. The graphics are a lot better and the gang members voices are differant. And no my first copy was not a bootleg. Did they put out two verisons one with better graphics?

    2 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago
  • Ohio audio recording of goverment meetings.?

    I am trying to find out the rules of audio recordings of govermentment meetings in Ohio.

    For example if a goverment body records thier meetings who can have access these tapes? And what happens if they are denied access to such tapes.

    I have already searched Ohio Revised Code. I need access to some tapes from a meeting but I believe they have been destroyed.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Should we tell the kids this about the dog?

    My wife is due in about six weeks and we are afraid of our Jack Russel hurting the baby. The dog is very hyper and jumps all over the place so we want to get rid of her.

    Problem is the the 13 and 10 year old boys love the dog and no family members want the dog since she is not that smart.

    So we decided to give her to a local adoption place.

    She can not be outside without a chain or she will run off, so we decided to tell the boys she got loose and was killed by a car.

    I know this sounds mean but if we say she ran away they will be looking for that dog till they are thirty years old. If they think it was run over they will get over it in a couple of days.

    What do you think?

    15 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Refinance mortgage if behind on payments?

    I lost my job and was out of work for seven months. I got behind on my mortage payments and am on a pay plan at the bank.

    Will they let me refinance? I only owned the home for about two years?

    What is reconfirming your loan mean? Please help!

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Grilling pork tenderloin need help!?

    I am a charcoal grill master but I never did a whole tenderloin. Normally I slice it then grill it but tomorrow I want to do it whole.

    Since it is pork I want it done, please all other master charcoal grillers out there, I need your tips!

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Should 13 year olds watch Fullmetal Alchemist?

    My Stepson has been DVRing this show. It seemed occult like to me, is it? Looking for parnets who know more about this show.

    14 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago