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  • she said she would like to kill her?

    one of my friends really hates one of my other friends and frequently says things like "i really want to kill her, it's too bad that it's illegal to do so" and says really mean things about this girl whenever she isn't listening, at a party she was given her purse to hold and just put it on the table and left. i don't know if i should be worried about her (the friend who hates the other friend, let's call her A), she's usually very stoic and sort of arrogant but deep down she's a nice person i think, she's really, really smart and funny, but she also has weird hobbies like be worried. we're all 21 year old women.

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  • I can't feel love?

    Most of the time i spend feeling nothing at all, i'm not sad and i'm not happy. Things that usually make people feel things rarely have an effect on me.

    Outwards i function socially, i'm good at understanding what people want and thus able to 'be the right character/ react the proper way' even though its just an act. I very rarely feel any compassion towards other people, but if theyre not there i get bored. Since i was young i've attended special classes for highly intelligent people (im 21 now). Without stimulation i get frustrated.

    Sometimes though it happens that i feel something and when i finally do its extreme, i feel extreme anger - ive never been violent, but the thought doesnt phase me, ive had thoughts about hurting people before, but i understand that that would be a really impractical thing to do.

    I dont really have any friends, i used to think i didnt need them (that casual friends would be all i needed forever), but as ive gotten older ive started to feel like i was missing out on something. Ive never in my life spoken the words 'i love you' but i want to try. I get frustrated with stupid people quickly but now im actually starting to... Want to be like them. Love and emotions are fascinating, i want to feel them and i want to know why i cant.

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  • What's the difference between a Roland HP-237e and a Roland HP-237re?

    As the title states, what is the difference, and is this a reasonable piano for a beginner?

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  • what would you call this sexuality and gender?

    I dress like a woman and i call myself a woman to make things easier but really i don't care much about gender at all, it's not important to me, i don't feel like "being a woman" is something that defines me.

    I would say that i'm mostly attracted to people who have a penis, but i wouldn't limit myself and it's not that important to me either. I wouldn't say i'm bisexual since i really just don't care about people being a woman or a man.

  • Help finding image search tool?

    Does anyone know some kind of software that can help you search through your saved images? (maybe a bit like google image search, where you can put in a saved picture and it searches for pictures that look alike it)

    I would like to delete the ones i have two of, but since we're talking many thousands of images, it would take too long to go through them one by one and find the duplicates manually. I can't just search for the names of the files since they're called different things.

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  • How to re-seed an old file?

    I'm using bittorrent and i would like to reseed an older file.

    My problem is that when i open the torrent in bittorrent it treats it as a whole new torrent and starts downloading it instead, i obviously don't want that since i want to keep my ratio. I've been told to right click the torrent and click advanced, but it doesn't say "locate exciting files" or anything anywhere, so what am i supposed to do?

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  • My hair is unable to straighten with relaxer?

    Hey i have curly hair, i'm biracial between white and black, but my hair is not thaat curly. I've tried getting it relaxed 3 times, the first time at home, which didn't do anything at all! the second time at an african hair dresser, she actually didn't want to do it, she said that the chemicals that she used would be too strong for my hair type, but it didn't do **** to my hair!! as curly as ever. The third time was at a japanese hair dresser, it actually did help a little bit and was a LITTLE bit less curly..

    I have no problems using an iron though.. but i don't have time to do it. I want something a little more permanent.

    Does anyone know why my hair simply wont straighten, or have any ideas for me?

    These are pictures of my hair:

    1 AnswerHair8 years ago