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  • She says I don't love her like I used to in highschool?

    Hi everyone , me and my girlfriend have been together for 5 years , we are high school sweethearts and I love her very much.

    Lately my girlfriend and I have been in a weird relationship limbo, we had a disagreement over my windshield when I took her out for her birthday and after that she drifted away and I kind of let her. This forced us to look at our relationship because a person I talked to almost every night for the past 5 years I suddenly talked to maybe 2 days in two weeks.

    She says I don't love her like I did in high school , I don't sound as excited to see her. I don't do magnificent gestures any more. Some things I understand but i make sure to text her or message her a good morning over Facebook everyday, I call her every other, I moved 60 miles away and still drive home to see her every other weekend.

    I feel like I show her love but with my job, our distance , and our schedules Being very busy it's impossible for me to be there for her the way she wants to completely.

    I am doing my best to show her I love her but these complaints that I am not doing enough are actually changing how I feel for her. Any advice on how to fix my relationship or at least help me understand how I can make her happy?

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  • Having issues opening a .jar file on a mac!?

    Hi guys in order to accomplish a task at work I need to open and modify a specific javascript file however when I try to open it it tells me " The Java JAR file " filename" could not be launched. I heard mybe updating java was the problem yet still the same response comes up, I tried placing the file on the desktop and opening it in the console and the console says " Unable to access jarfile "filename.jar" .

    it seems like it should be an extremely simple process, it is just opening a file after all and really the real work should come from me modifying the file but I can't even get to that step yet.

    So my question is if anyone who has experience modifying Java files on macs could point me in the right direction? thanks so much !

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  • Any ideas on how i can go about making clickable text?

    Hi Guys so I have a question more about the method and maybe functions i can use to implement pressable text within a string .

    I fully understand that you guy may not be able to give me an answer i just more want a brainstorming session or recommendations on how to best do it .

    but for some background i am trying to bring app-like functionality into a game engine ( not my choice i merely work on the project lol) , the game engine of choice being unity 3D.

    So basically I want to have the string populated with user defined text and once the users text input is submitted i want to make certain strings within the text selectable. I wrote a system that instantiated a new button with a string attached that would reflect hashtags and handles input by the user already .

    however that is apparently not going to work so i need a way to either position these buttons in nearly the exact place they are located in the string which would require me to know their position in 3d space within the string . OR i ned to find a way to create a mask or overlay the handles and hashtags in such a way that they appear to overlay the text.

    though i doubt it matters I am programming all of this in C#. thanks for any and all suggestions and reccomendations

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  • help breaking up a string using delimitters in C#?

    Hi all so Im working on an app for the first time so while i think i am a decent programmer i have not done much in terms of string manipulation so this is an entirely new arena for me.

    so essentially the core of what I want to do is break up individual words in a string using delimitters , the functionality is supposed to be similar to instagram in that a string such as "#wenttoschool@yahooanswers#working@doing#stuff#lol " will be broken up into separate tags and handles . I was able to do it by splitting a string at the null / white space points but we want our product to be as close to instagram in terms of functionality as possible so being able to recognize these keys in one large string is important.

    like I said I have already started implementing functionality that splits the string but figuring out how to chop up and create the individual tag strings at '#' and '@' symbol positions has been sort of a challenge.

    thank you! any and all help , advice, and comments are appreciated!!!!

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  • Am I greedy for wanting a higher salary?

    Hello all so I am a Junior game programmer with about a years worth of industry experience and over the past year my roles have increased significantly in importance up to me now having begun achieving lead roles at small development studios .

    so my most recent contract has offered me a salary of $145 a day . I am excited on one hand but also a little upset on the other because though that is a decent amount of money I was asking for a bit more and considering I am a software engineer many other programmers make much more than i will . So my question is to any other software engineers am I being greedy ? I know a year isn't a ton of experience but I just was hoping to make a little more.

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  • East Center position for 2013 NBA Allstar game?

    now that Dwight howards has been removed from his permanent position as the Eastern allstar game starting Center who do you predict will be the bigman representing the east this year? I guess Tyson chandler is my pick

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  • Games with a game within the game?

    probably not the most sensible title but basically I am asking are there any games that have games within games that are a key component? my favorite example is .dothack where much of the game takes place in a virtual MMO called " the world". it's not an MMO but your time is split in between "offline interaction " and playing online

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  • am i overreacting? ( confessions of a jealous boyfriend)?

    hi guys i have been in a relationship with one wonderful woman for 4 years. the last year of our relationship was one of the most difficult times of my life emotionally. She grew close to a friend, we broke up but because of how close we are the break up was only partial, so to speak, and it was one of the most confusing periods of my life time. So we have been ok for the past 3 months or so , we are slowly becoming a couple again but I have to be honest I get upset when she mentions this other guy. he is still a close family friend and like her and while I trust her I can't help but reminded of how a year ago I was bawling my yes out that this woman was going to leave me for this guy. is somehting wrong with me for not trusting her?

    she really is a good woman I don't believe for a second she is playing me but it is so difficult not being uncomfortable after everything we have been through together.

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  • Not sure if we should try to be friends or stay together ? ( long )?

    Hey guys . well me and my girlfriend of 3 and a half years have had a very ver rough year. infact halloween is the anniversary of all of our trouble .

    It's funny because our relationship started off fairly simple and we were the typical " highschool sweehearts" . we were friends , I asked her ot be my prom date leading up to prom we really got to know each other and after prom I bought her a huge bouquet of flowers and asked her out in front of the school.

    for most of our early relationship her friends, my friends, my family, and her family basically declared we were made to be married to each other and one thing i can say is that for the past 3 years we have supported each other through college , her brother going to jail, her parents getting sick, my younger sister getting sick and several other occasions.

    last year in january she admitted to me that she had grown attracted to her best friend, this was two weeks after I bought her a $300 promise ring ( one of my entire checks at my old job) . it caught me off guard to say the least this was the woman I believed with all my heart I wanted to marry she was my primary motivation to graduate college and i really wanted the typical " white picket fence marriage " scenario and she made it seem like she wanted the same. well 10 months later we are in october, she had a temporary relationship with her best friend...yet wouldn't let me go. during that time period she gave me several reasons for her attraction including maybe I was too nerdy, God told her to date him , we can't get married now anyway so she might as well, and she realized she forgot why she was in love with me.

    After 6 months of hurt and confusion my family decided ( for separate reasons of course) to move 30 miles away. My heart was fed up at this point and basically I felt that maybe moving was a good idea so she could be with her best friend , I could leave them alone , and we could live our lives. apparently that was the straw that broke the camels back and she broke things off with her friend to the disapproval of her family and church .

    now we're in an interesting place we sleep with each other at most once a month, talk on the phone nightly, and try to see each other several times a week she is m best friend but I still call her baby and she calls me honey and it's not uncommon for us to kiss when we're together.

    however i am in an interesting place I love her , I can't deny that, but my heart is still hurt by everything that happened during those 6 months. I cried more in that time than I have in my whole life and sometimes when people mention her best friend i still wince and get upset because I never appreciated how close they were even when we were together. I have a hard time trusting her because I feel like she completely forgot about us and ditched me.

    i guess my question is what do I do if I love somebody, want to be with her, but my heart still stings form the pain and hurt she caused me ? should we just be friends until my heart mends ? I would be lying if I said it doesn't scare me sometimes she might just find someone else and forge a relationship with them but then i figure if that's the case maybe I didn't matter to her as much as I thought anyway ? she has been pressing for us to be friends ....friends with benefits...what have you but i don't function like that you are either my girlfriend or my friend ..there is no midpoint and i'm havin a hard time figuring out where to put he in my life.

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  • Am I overreacting about this?

    Hello well today I did a presentation for the senior project of my college curriculum. it took 4 hours and literally hundreds of hours devoted to it to complete. My girlfriend and I have had very busy schedules lately with me working to graduate and her having started a new job.

    so about two weeks ago I find myself in a situation where I KNOW my girlfriend has been very busy lately and that's fine so while I 'm excited for my project and would love for her to come I accept she probably won't make it and I let her know that friends family open to observe our presentations and mention how it's too early and she's been busy so maybe I'll just give her a personal presentation at home

    .....apparently this upsets her and she gets mad that I didn't allow her to decide if she wanted to come or not I ask if she wants to come she says yes she'll be there.

    this morning I still doubt she is coming because I know her schedule can change at the drop of a hat, I get up at 5 to prepare for my presentation and she texts me ( knowing I will be up around then) asking for the specific room number.

    Now I am excited and believe she may actually be coming.... I text her the schedule and everything with no responses.

    My group presents first so I am hoping she will be early...the second group presents...... the third group presents......I don't receive a text that she won't make it to my school after the ENTIRE presentation is over and we are eating the refreshments offered to the guests.

    I am mad... no I am upset..not because she couldn't make it...her schedule is like that things come out of nowhere..I'm not even really mad that once again something menial is keeping her form coming to see me during one of my proudest moments.. ..NO

    what upsets me is the fact I totally made an excuse for her not to show up before any of this occurred..... the fact she got my hopes up and then didn't have the decency to converse with me and let me know sooner she wouldn't make it. No I get a unintelligible text about her location long after every hope of her coming is gone.....

    please tell me I'm not overreacting because I have put up with this on several occasions and the one day I should be able to KNOW she'll be there due to its importance to me I don't expect anything form her more than a quick I love you text and good luck prior....BS

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  • Best android tablet for video skype and internet browsing ?

    To all my fellow Techies my sister is looking into getting an android tablet and she needs it primarily for internet access and video skype. Does anyone have suggestions for a good model ?

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  • how do I trust her again?

    My highschool sweetheart and i had a very strong relationship, we were acquaintances and I asked her to our senior prom and she accepted. on the way to prom we go to know each other very well and began talking after 2 months of flirting and getting to know each other ( and after our prom passed) I asked her out. she is my very first relationship and for the first 2 years our relationship was nothing short of beautiful we wrote love letters to each other, I brought her flowers monthly and sometimes weekly, e went out and enjoyed each others company. and she reached me and warmed me up like no other person on this earth could.

    well in our 3rd year of our relationship we ran into a wall, numerous life problems began to occur around her. her brother got sent to jail potentially for life due to her which essentially forced her to have a mental breakdown. in this time period she became bitter, mean , and numb. she left me for her best friend.

    still i didn't take the hint i guess you could say even though she was trying to entertain this relationship with someone else i stuck by her and we continued to have sex , kiss, and even go on date but emotionally she was a wreck and I was a wreck.

    well after 6 months of suffering this situation i finally broke, i felt like I had voiced how much things hurt me several times and I finally reached the point where didn't care if we had a relaitonship as long as this other guy was in the picture A ALL.

    so she finally broke up with him but now I' having a hard time accepting she really loves me. I am a hopeless romantic and I always believed love would save you from hurting someone who mattered or if you really loved someone that would be an anchor to keep you both together.

    I want so badly to forgive her for hurting me she told me several times that I wasn't her future, but every time we tried to break up she cried her eyes out because she says she needed me. at the end i guess you could say she chose me but damn it felt like she waited until my heart didn't care WHO she chose.

    I love her and I want to forgive her but i don't know how, does anyone have advice for giving and rebuilding trust in someone you love ?

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  • it smells like heat is coming form under my cars hood?

    Hello I have a 2006 kia rio and got an oil change for it about two weeks ago. since then I have driven it only for my daily errands and everything has been okay but for the last 2 days every so often when I drive my car it gives off a smell of heat coming from under the hood.

    The only way I can really describe the " Heat" smell is like what happens with air conditioners when their filters must be changed. with that said a friend of mine ,who knows cars much better than I do ,said it may simply be my cars air filter which coincidentally I got changed during the oil change and he didn't know about it when he said it.

    regardless I am taking my car in to get checked today but does anyone else want to offer a potential diagnosis on what the scent is ? My car operates perfectly fine aside from the scent but I would prefer to find out what's wrong before my car breaks down .

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  • what's wrong with him? ( PLEASE ANSWER!)?

    Hi everyone ( I am a girl , I am just using my brothers account thingy ) I broke up from a 3 year relationship a few months back because I slowly began growing close to a family friend. he was really sweet and we were into a lot of the same things . my boyfriend was a home body so me and my " friend" went out a lot and it really connected us. we got together and everything was great for the first week or so. he said " Let's change our facebook status!" and I agreed but he never went through with it. when we go to church together he stays far away from me. I call and text him numerous times throughout the day and he never responds. he always gets mad at me for talking to male friends. at tis point the only reason we are still together is because he is so close to my family and he attends the same church.

    what happened? he was such a sweet guy and so charming when we were friends and then all of a sudden he never wants to come around or even be seen with me . he hasn't even told his parents about our relationship and we've been together for over a month! ( we're both in our 20's too) . I am just so fed up and I don't understand why after seeming so interested when I had a boyfriend he's no longer interested now that I'm his.

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  • How do I make my girlfriend stop talking to her ex ?

    Hi guys I have a problem. a friend and I decided to start going out with each other a little over a month ago. we started talking when her ex and her were on a short break and I decided I wanted to take our relationship further. after several break up attempts with her ex ( they were together for 3 years) I asked her to go out with me on valentines day and we had a nice date .

    Ever since then things have gone down hill though and she's been really mean on top of all that she talks to her ex almost every night and I get the feeling they still see each other on occasion .

    I have told her this bugs me however her reasoning is she only talks to him because they are close and he acts as her comforter when no one else is around. I only text her about once a day and even though she calls me I am slow and sometimes don't even decide to return her calls because I am hanging out with someone else or at home relaxing . she keeps telling me she only talks to him because he is so available to talk to her but I think it's unfair she expects me to drop everything and try to be for her whenever she is upset.

    I don't get it. Is there any way I can pull her away from her ex ? by the way this is my first relationship and while she's a great girl and I really love her family it just seems like since we have become boyfriend and girlfriend there has been nothing but trouble .

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  • what is sex like when not with someone you have feelings for?

    I know this is a strange question but I have only had sex with one owman and tha has been the love of my life, the girl of my dreams , etc.

    I was wondering though what is sex like when it's not with someone you love or are romantically attracted to ? what is sex like when it's all based on physical attraction and nothing else.

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  • good poetry / open mic spots around california ( specifically the inland empire)?

    Hello guys I have wanted to take a good friend of mine out to a poetry spot and read her a poem I wrote for her for a long time. I was wondering if there are any good poetry/ open mic spots around southern california to which I could take her ?

    any and all recommendations are appreciated.

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  • good places to meet other singles for a good time ?

    hey I just broke up with my long time girlfriend, I love her but we both decided that we are just going to be friends. in order to keep me from going sane and thinking about us all the time I would like to begin dating other people or just hanging out with other singles. so are there any places you would recommend that I can find other singles to have fun with ?

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  • she keeps saying we are " friends" and then tries to sleep with me ?

    me and my ex girlfriend were together for 2 years 8 months . We both still love each other quite a bit but she is currently very committed to her Job so we decided to break it off but still be " friends"

    now granted we have strong feelings for each other so sometimes our friendship looks a little like we are still together . Two days ago it came to a head when we slept together and had mindblowingly good sex.

    It was great while we did it but I could tell she felt a little guilty after even though she rant and raved about how great it was. and the next night she re-affirmed how we should just be " friends"

    however Today we went shopping and ran all over town together and when we get back to her place she starts kissing me , squeezes my ....." Johnson" and starts trying to take off my boxers. as bad as I wanted to take her right there I also couldn't stand making her feel terrible again . so I stopped her , gave her a tight hug and went home.

    I am just confused...why would she keep calling what we have a friendship , reaffirming its a friendship, and then try to sleep with me ? is there something I am missing ?

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  • finish this sentence "you know the sex is good when....."?

    you now the sex is good when..... ?

    my answer : when you bow down every time your girlfriend opens up her legs

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