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  • In Gilmore Girls, how do Rory and Lorelai afford to eat out for every meal?

    They're always having takeout, like pizza or Chinese, or eating at Luke's restaurant. How do they afford to pay for so many meals out??

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  • Constant burping - does this sound like lactose intolerance?

    If you have lactose intolerance, please read and tell me if this sounds like your symptoms:

    In late June of this year, I randomly developed a condition where I cannot seem to stop burping. It happened in the middle of the day, without warning. Since then it hasn't quit. Sometimes I burp more than 60 times a minute - yes, more than once per second! Other times, it is a bit better, and I only burp once every 30 seconds.

    I first went to doctor, who prescribed a simple gas suppressant. It did not do anything, so we tried something a little bit stronger, an over-the-counter drug. That did nothing either.

    I have had acid reflux from the age of 14 to 18, which tapered off and disappeared. My symptoms during that time were:

    -stomachaches, from moderate to severe, and often required a hot pad

    -bad taste in mouth after meals


    During that four-year span I took Nexium. I stopped taking it when I entered college. I have not had these symptoms again, aside from slight heartburn if the burping happens to get very bad.

    Still I decided to go back to my gastroenterologist, who put me on Prilosec 40 mg. She told me the symptoms would likely diminish after a few days.

    They did not, and a week later she put me back on Nexium 40 mg for the first time in 3 years (I am now 21). After a week and a half, that STILL did nothing, and now I am taking 2 pills a day, one in the morning when I wake up, one in the evening before dinner.

    It's been 10 days, and the burping is no better. I am really at a loss. My mother suggested I try to cut dairy out of my diet for two weeks. I really love milk and cheese though, and would rather not stop eating them. It seems like the only choice I have left though.

    My question is, does this sound like lactose intolerance to anyone who has it? I burp almost all the time, but my stomach never hurts. I mostly feel pressure in my throat from the build-up of gas. Another thing I have noticed is that it is easier for me to burp with my mouth closed. If my mouth is open, I am practically incapable of burping. I have no idea why this is.

    I will probably try to cut out dairy within the next few days. But I really hope that is not the solution! Any insight is valuable, thank you.

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  • Why does my water bottle smell so bad?

    I have a 1000 ml clear plastic Nalgene water bottle with a short neck and unscrewable cap (if any of that matters). I wash it about once a week using dishwasher soap. I add several drops with a little bit of hot water and shake it up so that the foam fills the bottle. Then I rinse it out thoroughly. I use my fingers or a sponge to wash the neck and inside of the cap. For the first few days the bottle smells fine but after a week or so it starts to smell like puke. The only liquid I put into it is water from my school's Hydration Stations, so the water is filtered. My friend has a Nalgene too and she only gives hers a rinse every now and then to clean it. Am I doing something wrong?

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  • Sharp jolts of pain in lower right side?

    For the past few weeks, I've been having these sharp pains on the left side of my body. They sort of start at the ribcage area and reach around the back beneath my shoulder blade. The pain typically lasts for a few seconds and then sort of dulls before going away about a minute later. The pain is often stagnating and I can't move while it is occurring or else it will worsen. It doesn't feel like an organ; if I had to guess, I'd say it was muscular. These pains occasionally happen on the left side in the same area but the right has been more prevalent. Sometimes they won't happen for days, and they usually happen in the morning. Today they happened throughout the evening though. Do I need to stretch? Have I pulled a muscle or got a knot somehow? Let me know if you need any other information.

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  • A riddle I came up with myself.. any good?

    There are five gentlemen and very fine gentlemen are they. Their last names are Fing, Min, Prize, Upp, and Viss. They each have a favorite thing that they enjoy. These things are: going to the ocean, helping people, pancakes, playing pranks, and Sunday mornings. Can you match each of the gentleman to their favorite thing?

    Hint: The gentlemen are willing to help anyone who will address them properly.

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  • Should my sister date this guy she met online?

    My sister met someone online less than a year ago. They met through another one of her Internet friends. He seems pretty cool, not fake; they've chatted face to face, and he's not a creepy old pervert, his family seems normal. His intent wasn't to win her over from the beginning. Now she wants to fly out to meet him though, by herself. What do I say to her? Does this seem okay?

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  • I just found a hair in my milk of magnesia?

    Very small hair, about as long as an eyelash, but definitely not shaped like one. Is it safe to take or should I throw it away and buy a new bottle?

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  • Does it sound like I have multiple sclerosis?

    Lately I've been wondering if I have MS. I don't have a lot of the symptoms, but I do have a few and I'm really not sure what else to think. They mostly occur at night or early in the morning. Lately I've been waking up with one arm tingling like it fell asleep, but it's so strong that I can't move my hand or wiggle my fingers for a minute or two. Sometimes the tips of my fingers will become very sensitive to touch, to the point where if they even brush something it hurts, but it's usually only one finger at a time and not all of them, which can last the whole day. Also at night, mostly when I'm really tired, I'll feel my leg suddenly kick without my causing it to.

    During the day, I'll be walking and just randomly drop whatever I'm holding for seemingly no reason; I thought my fingers were just slipping but it happens so frequently. Recently I've been having dizzy spells that usually require me to sit down until they go away (anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and occasionally they reaccure throughout the day if they happen), but my doctor told me that those were caused by getting my period and not getting enough salts. Still, I've had them during times when I was not on my period. I also have depression.

    I have no problems with talking and I have excellent vision. I have no trouble walking; it's my arms that seem to be feeling most of this. Also, for a few years now, I've had the never-ending feeling that my finger and thumb joints need to be slid back into place, which causes me to have click them back in to position constantly and is very annoying. I'm also an eighteen-year-old female, if that helps. Thanks in advance!

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  • They weren't tight enough.?

    Did that sound controversial? It's the opening line for a story I'm writing for my creative writing class. It's about a boy who almost drowns when he jumps off a diving board and his water wings come off. My sister said it sounded awkward, so I want to know if it's just her or if I shouldn't use it.

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  • What's a good bikeride for a 17-year-old girl?

    I generally go for eleven miles, which takes me around an hour. My bike is not one built for speed. What is a healthy distance/time that I should ride my bike?

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  • What do you do if your friend is a huge player?

    I met a boy at camp who is a couple years younger than me, but very sweet and fun to pal around with. We found out that we live close to each other when exchanging addresses and got excited to hang out. After a while I began to get signals that he had a crush on me (asking me to sit next to him, asking me to sit CLOSER to him, etc.). I thought it was cute and tried to blow it off.

    We visited at a local park when camp ended. I brought my twin sister along for company and she at first didn't believe that he liked me. We drew pictures at a library (we all like art) and he told me about his girlfriend. I immediately feel more comfortable about the situation, but it was too soon still.

    We ate lunch and hung out at the park. After a while, I noticed he was getting very close with my sister. It was kind of awkwardly closer, like pulling her into his lap and stroking her hair... and he had just met her. She's very innocent and shy and kind of accepted it without saying anything. Later she went back to the restaurant we'd eaten at to go to the bathroom. Me and the boy were alone.

    Immediately I turn to him and ask if he has a crush on my sister. He slaps me with his hat, blushing with embarrassment that I guessed it and I'm already disbelieving this. But that's not all, turns out that he still does have a crush on me too. And he has a crush on another girl in the grade below his, one of his friends and another on his old girlfriend that dumped him. He loves his current girlfriend and still loves five other girls!

    I told him that he was not allowed to love me and that it wouldn't work out because he's four years younger (yes, four!). I said it was up to my sister to blow him off and she gave him the coldest shoulder, but he still hits on her over the phone! What should do about this guy? How should I give him the message that my sister is off-limits and that he should stay true to his girlfriend? (BTW, his girlfriend is two years younger than him and none of his crushes are the same age he is.) I want to be friends with him, because he actually is very nice, but I should like to hit him if he thinks my sister is enjoying this!

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