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  • What is a the proper credit card to apply for a first time card and no credit?

    I am looking to apply for a credit card. This will be my first credit card, I have no credit score and I'm really only wanting it for a gas card at first, to build up a credit score. What would be the best for my application?

    6 AnswersCredit7 years ago
  • How can you get out of a lease?

    I moved in with a couple of friends, 3 months ago, and we all signed a year lease. Now my friends are having a baby and my boyfriend and I don't want to be here. Do we have to stay for the remainder of the year or is there a way to leave? This is in Florida, if that matters.

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • What song was on tonight's episode of The Real World?

    On tonight's episode of The Real World (Season 23 - Episode 9: Cheaters, Beaters and Pavement Eaters) there was a song playing after Andrew goes on a date and the lyrics were something like, "Please except my honesty, you are not my cup of tea...". What song is this?

    3 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Do you know these brothers?

    In the late 90s or early 2000's, there was a pop song by two brothers that their names most likely both started with Js. I can't remember the song or their names. Out of this very vague description, does anyone know who I'm talking about?

    1 AnswerRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • In Psychology terms, what is this called?

    I sucked my thumb until I was 12 and I also still have a "security" blanket that I've had for 20 years. I know that the reason I keep it close is because I put my sadness and other major emotions into it. There's a psychological term for it... something about objects... Does anyone know what it is?

    3 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Can you help me think of these songs?

    I need a few songs, the best would be in the indie, alternative rock genre, about a boy saying that he'll be with you and then going off with another girl.

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Is there any way that I can find my administrative password from my computer?

    I have two accounts of my computer; Administrator and Guest. The problem is, that I've forgotten the password to my admin. account. I can't download anything without that password and I've tried everything that it could possibly be. Is there a way that I can find the password from inside of my computer? I don't have a recovery disc or a backup password disc. And my system is Vista, if that helps.

    7 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • What is the problem with my computer?

    My computer only goes to the "reboot in safe mode, etc.." screen. When I press "Start Windows Normally" it freezes, changes screens after a minute and then goes back to the same "reboot in safe mode, etc..." screen. When I press "Safe Mode" it freezes and does the same thing. When I press "Last Good Configuration" it does the same thing. Whenever I let it countdown, it gets to 0 and freezes, continueing with the same screen. It worked perfectly yesterday. And I don't have any recovery discs.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • What kind of spider did I just kill?

    I'm in the panhandle of Florida and just killed a spider a little over 1/2 of an inch in diameter. It is tan with a single dark brown stripe down it's back. What spider is this?

    3 AnswersZoology1 decade ago
  • Why does my camera use up so many batteries?

    I have a Kodak Easyshare Z1012 IS digital camera that I bought in December. It's a great camera, but it uses so many batteries. Two batteries only last about 50 shots on this camera. Does anyone know why this happens? It came with rechargeable batteries, but the charger wasn't included (I'm pretty sure the guy that showed me the camera took it out of the box.).

    3 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • What is the name of this song?

    I was watching 'So You Think You Can Dance', today, and the last two dancers were on. There was a song being danced to by the last girl. She was red headed and danced with Katie last year. I only caught these lyrics: "Can't write no words when I don't have you". Does anyone know the song?

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago
  • Is there an online store where I can upload my own pictures and they will send it to me blown up and framed?

    I want to have some of my photography blown up and framed, but I only have the pictures on my computer. Is there a store that would do this for me, online?

    3 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • What cover song is this?

    I was in Publix, today, and I heard a cover of "Take On Me" by A-HA. But, it wasn't the Reel Big Fish version. This version was a very slow, acoustic song. Does anyone know it?

    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • How should I prepare myself to drink alcohol?

    I turn 21, tomorrow and I'm going to a party. I've never had alcohol before and I was wondering if there was anything that I should do before I drink, to make sure that I don't get sick.

    11 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • How do you think Obama is doing?

    Do you think he is exceeding your previous expectations, meeting your expectations or completely failing your expectations?

    29 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • What are the measurements of a queen sized comforter?

    I am planning on making my own comforter, so I was wondering what the measurements are for a queen sized one.

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • What, in your opinion, is the best online clothing and accessory store?

    Excluding,,,, I want to shop for reasonable prices and nice clothes in an online store that not many people know about. Any ideas?

    6 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • Is it going to affect my health if I get my tonsils removed?

    I've been in pure agony for a week. My tonsils are so swollen and I can barely swallow anything. I just want to skip the medicine and just get them out. Is it going to affect my health? And for those of you that have had them removed, how long did the surgery take... how badly is it going to hurt afterward?

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • What are these two songs?

    There is a cover of Don't Stop Believing by Journey and it's kind of techno. Do you know the band? I feel like it has the word 'plan' or 'planes' in it. The other song is a cover of Your Love by the Outfield. It's another kind of techno song. Does anyone know either of these?

    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Why are my symptoms so confusing?

    I've been sick since Saturday.

    And my symptoms are fever, hot flashes, cold sweats, shaking from being cold, tenderness of my neck and body aches. But, here's the weird thing. I wake up every morning with a huge headache around my head that makes it feel like something is pressing down on my skull. Even weirder... as I go through the day, I get better. In fact, all of my symptoms disappear. So, I go to sleep at my normal time and wake up at my normal time. Weirdest of all, everything starts over again whenever I wake up. I'm in complete pain until about mid-day. This has been going on for 4 days, now.

    I'm terrified to sleep, because I know I'll wake up to the pain.

    Does anyone know what could be wrong?

    8 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago