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  • Is this a good gaming PC?

    Well I am still designing a gaming PC, fiddling with several websites and checking prices, overall I want to play all past games (2012 games back) high settings at 1080p resolution, and most future games (2013-2015) at medium or even low if there isn't a big graphical difference between the settings with 30-40 FPS. I save the specs here:

    It is a good price for the PC, I like the AMD FX processors personally, and I do prefer Nvidia cards, basically all I am asking is can this PC play the games I want it to play, I see Crysis 3 doesn't really have a difference between low vs high, so i will stick with low settings and all games I do play I want to play at 1920x1080 resolution, although if necessary I can lower resolution.

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  • What is the highest Framerate ever in a game?

    When playing a video game, what is the highest ever Frames per Second ever ingame? I am guessing like 1000FPS when playing Doom 1 with a GTX 690x2

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  • What power supply would you recommend?

    I wanna get a PC running with a AMD HD 7850 2gb and an a8-5600k processor, and 8gb ram, would a 450w PSU be sufficient? I am on a budget so I don't wanna go overboard with money, a 450W would be brilliant, but if I have to I can get a 600W

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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines question?

    I want to get the game, Alien:Colonial Marines and I want to know, do I need to watch the alien trilogy (alien 1,2,3) to understand the game, because I have no knowledge about the characters or the weapons or the types of enemies in the movies. I have watched all the Alien vs Predators but not any of the alien movies.

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  • Is this a good gaming PC?

    I am on a tight budget. I wanna play games like crysis 1 maxed out, and more demanding games like The Witcher 2 medium-high. I would also like to play Crysis 3, maybe medium Settings

    Here are the specs:

    Coolermaster Elite 311 Blue Case

    Intel Core i5 Quad Processor 3470 (3.2ghz) 6mb cache

    Asus P8H61-MX

    8gb RAM

    AMD Radeon HD 7770 1gb ddr5

    500gb Hard Drive

    450w PSU

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    It all comes up to £475

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  • Which Tablet is better?

    Both the prices are alright, but tech specs wise, which one is best? I will probably use it for browsing and some gaming. Only use it about 3-4 hours a day (I can browse a lot) If you need more info tell me.

    These are the 2 laptops (If you're american then the VERSUS Touchpad 9" Tablet costs $209 and the YARVIK GoTab costs $193) Also they both say *Product name*-8GB DOES THIS MEAN THAT THEY BOTH HAVE 8GB OF MEMORY ALREADY IN THE DEVICE FOR APPS, THE OS ETC... Sorry 4 the caps. now digest all of this and HELP ME!!!

    Thnx =D

    Here are the tablets

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  • Dead Island Gameplay Hours?

    I wanna get it for PC, how long would it take to thoroughly play through all the characters and finish the campaign fully, (I wanna prepare myself for DI:riptide)

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  • Splinter Cell Question?

    I have never played any splinter cell before, I wanna start. But I wanna know, what are the games you MUST play to understand the storyline (if there is one) Can I just get conviction and understand the whole story or do I need the entire splinter cell series?

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  • Far cry 3 system requirements question?

    The Far cry 3 system requirements say you need 4gb RAM but I have only 2gb. Will anything happen performance wise?

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  • avg says "threat detected" windows.exe?

    This is the avg threat

    how can explorer.exe be a threat? shall i "move to vault" or ignore? help me...

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  • Can normal headphones work with the psp?

    I have a psp e1000 and I want to know can you use regular headphones or do you need special ones like sometimes on a phone you have a headphone that only works for that phone

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  • PSN Store help PLEASE?

    I am trying to go on the PSN store for demo's and possibly trailers, but you need an account (i think) and when I try to sign in it says to enter more info in account, but part of that info is a credit card, which I DON't HAVE!!! what do I do, I tried to skip but it says I have to enter credit card info. =(

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  • what should I get for my Birthday?

    Well, I have 3 options, all for my PC:

    1-Battlefield Bad company 2 (my pc meets the requirements)

    2-Mirrors edge PC (also meets requirements)

    3- (I have windows xp)

    The games I found, were on and mirror's edge for £7.58 and BFBC2 for £10.00.

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  • Windows 8 Metro apps not working?

    it is weird, I have the latest graphics driver and the resolution is 1280x800 and on MY user the metro apps don't work? I went on another user and that one works!!! WTF!!!

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  • What Is Relevant Knowlege?

    I did a whole computer scan in avg and it finds this harmful thing called relevant knowlege... can you give me details?

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  • Is this xbox 360 cheap?

    I am just asking. Compared to other XBOX 360's like this one, is the price cheap (the price is £190)?

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  • what settings shall I run this game?

    The game is battlefield bad company 2 and my specs are:

    Intel core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33ghz

    2gb RAM

    windows xp pro sp3 32bit

    Integrated RAMDAC (?) nvidia geforce 9500gt 512mb (if I can up the memory can youi tell me? latest driver

    plug and play monitor 1920x1080 (lg flatron w2243s)

    if you need more specs email me at

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  • shall I delete this folder?

    I got windows 8 developers preview and i want to clean my hard drive just o I have a little more space. So when I check my hard drive C: it has a WINDOWS folder... like every PC but there is also a WINDOWS old folder from windows 7 that I used to have. The WINDWOS old folder takes up 30.1 gb of space from my hard drive. Shall I delete it or is it necessary to keep it?

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  • how can I transfer big files free?

    I have a 1.1gb file and i want to store or send it for FREE. I have no money...

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  • A good game for girls?

    Hi, i just wanted to know a good game for my little sister(s) on PC. they are quite little, 3+ games that are for girls, i just wanted to treat them cuz i love them to bits!

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