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My interests are many!, I love painting, with Oils, Acryllics, and Pastels!, all kinds of subjects, Fantasy, Women, Nature!. I love playing Billiards, (pool), Love Chess!. WANTED! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. See You on 360....

  • Why is my facebook from 8 to 22 hours behind?

    The clock and date are set right, please help..

    2 AnswersFacebook7 years ago
  • How do i set my facebook page?

    The date and time are set correctly, but te entries are about 10 ours old, and tey stay on for many hours witout naqny cange. please help,Thanks.

    1 AnswerComputer Networking7 years ago
  • How do i download photos from cd to facebook?

    Please answer in detail. Thanks.

    4 AnswersFacebook1 decade ago
  • Can someone tell me how to transfer photos from Yahoo inbox, to facebook?

    Please describe in detail.want to make album, but cannot transfer them.. thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersFacebook1 decade ago
  • Different and unique ways to Say, Happy Valentine's day?

    Any language or way!, and my wishes to all, for a Happy Valentine's cay!.......

    2 AnswersValentine's Day1 decade ago
  • Are we going to allow them to beat us in pool?

    I am talking to the regulars, we had some idiots come in here, and cause some problems, are we just going to sit and not be able to answer a single Question?, if this was our billiards hall

    or bar, or pool hall, what would we have done!, let's beat them at their game, It is our duty, to beat them at their game!

    and at the same time gain some good newcomers!..

    I want some true answers, and I will go along, with the majority!

    2 AnswersSnooker & Pool1 decade ago
  • Billiards, and pool, What's a good story?...?

    I would like to hear some of those stories while playing pool, it can be funny or serious, Something good , someone you tried to hustle,but got it turned around.girl stories, or whatever, to lighten it up a bit. I'll add mine as we go along...Here goes..

    I was playing this one guy in a bar, nice 4x8 table, and he was really getting on my nerves, we were playing twenty a game, bartend holds money....He beat me a couple of games, it was kinga early, and I wasn't in the mood for his mouth.

    We were playing 8 straight in, win 8 on the break, lose out of turn, or scratch on eight. He breaks the balls, and didn't make anything, and left me nothing, but the eight was sitting next to side pocket, no way I could run, even with a couple breakouts.

    So I knew sooner or later we were going to get into it.

    I go up to him, and said, Bet you $50 you don't get another shot !.. He looks at the table looks at me, and says ,you're on!,

    gave the fifty, to bartend, as I shot 8 in the side!, I win 50.

    9 AnswersSnooker & Pool1 decade ago
  • Leon Spinks vs Muhammad Ali....?

    How come nobody talks about that fight? explain please.

    11 AnswersBoxing1 decade ago
  • Can anyone tell me why yahoo has removed from my profile...?

    ADD CONTACTS, and block user???..most of my contacts left, or they didn't have me as a contact anymore.

    I was written up about 2 months ago for answering a Question, that went like this.

    F. Qer, our refrigerator, freezer is on the blink, please help, what should we do?...

    My answer, trying to be funny, was, I'll be right over to fix it,

    I might be late, but wait, I'll be over...

    There is no way I know who this girl is, I live in Europe, and I never intended to scare her, abuse her, or harm her in any way.

    It was just a stupid answer, as I thought it was a stupid Question,

    Yahoo contacted me, and I told them the above, afterwards I tried to find out what happened with it, and they told me not to contact them again.

    I think that we have basic freedoms, even though we have signed their agreement, and I think our rights are always violated. what are your thoughts on this?

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • What is the atheists guide to life??...?

    The Christians have the Bible, what do the atheists have?.

    Do they follow their own rules? as I am sure there are many,

    please explain...

    22 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What can I do to COOOOLLLLL off?...I am so?

    hot, it is 40C, or 104 degrees F. out, so I am sweating, laying here before I get up, my air is not working right, so please what do I do to cool off!. Help me cool off!

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Can You try to descrbe in some detail,..?

    some of the people behind their avatars, no insults, or foul

    language please!, try to honestly feel what they are like!, and tell us. You can name the person if you want!, find someone

    other than me...Please!.

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • How many of You vote for your contacts...?

    For best answer, even though it may not be?. I see that its happening more and more lately.

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • I just found out, that one of my contacts passed away..?

    and even though, not too many people know each other here on YA, I felt really sad, I feel like I lost a friend!..I know it cant be a joke, or a way to change names, or hide something... it is not possible that they would just tell me something like that. I wish her Piece!! Your comments or thoughts please.???

    Your thoughts please!

    5 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • Does anyone complain about bad spellers? If You do ...?

    Please read the following.. the truth is that not too many people, can actually use "check spelling".

    I will prove to you that even though You dont try to answer a misspelled question You can actually read it and are too lazy to answer it, so you just get your 2 points, by saying, "LEARN how to spell " and move on. TEST! - If you cna raed tihs, you hvae a sgtrane mnid too.

    i cdnuot blviee taht I cluod aulacly uesatnenrd waht I was rradnieg. the phonmnneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. aoccdrnig to rscheearch at cmmaabrgde uinervtisy, it

    denssot mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny

    improtnat tnihg is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a ttoal mses, and you sitl raed

    it whotuit a pboernm.

    Tihs is bcuease the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter

    by istlef, but the wrod as a whole.

    AZAMING HUH? Yaeh!, and I awlays thughot, slpeling was so ipromantt! WELL? this is not my test!

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Twice when I was doing something on PC, I got a message that..?

    I was the 999999999th person to use a product or site,

    I was told that I won!, and to claim my winninings to follow

    a certain address, or certain lead, Was this for real?

    4 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • What is one of your favorite questions ever, on YA?

    Please include question, and short answer if you can remember...

    14 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Problem with my computer, and dont know what..?

    to do.. The problem is after I turn it on, it works fine for a while, then anytime after 8 minutes to 22 minutes, it shuts off.

    Before it shuts off, it says page is not available, and I cant do anything, until it shuts off...Afterwards I can reconnect, and its fine... please let me know whats up...Thank you ....

    7 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Problem with my computer, and dont knw what..?

    to do.. The problem is after I turn it on, it works fine for a while, then anytime after 8 minutes to 22 minutes, it shuts off.

    Before it shuts off, it says page is not available, and I cant do anything, until it shuts off...Afterwards I can reconnect, and its fine... please let me know whats up...Thank you ....

    2 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • can i copy a photo on my printer, copier...?

    then transfer it into my pc, (photo, or picture, files?)

    5 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago