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I really love reading and writing. Your only supposed to take on one book at a time to minimize confusion of characters and plot development, so naturally I read multiple books at a time. I've read at least sixty book in 2009 alone so far and I really like Twilight, although The Host is better. I also like Vampire Academy series, the House of Night series, and the Tithe series. I have many more great reads but it would take me forever to get them all onto the page, so I'm not going to. I am in band too and Jazz Band, so you probably think I'm a geek. I am, I am a complete and total band geek and proud of it. After reading this would you believe I was only thirteen??? I am. It is so hard to deal with juggling a book a day, straight A's, and practicing every day!!!! Do not judge how hard/easy that is until you've tried it. Plus on top of all of that I'm writing two books as well!!!

  • Anyone heard this song?

    I play the Clarinet in band, and the Tenor in Jazz.

    It's song that we're playing for Jazz band, and I've pretty much got it down, but I'd like to actually hear it, to be sure I've got it right. It's called 'Everything You Wanted To Know About Sax' (Which I find very clever) :)

    It's by Carl Strommen. I've searched all over and can not find audio of it! Thanks for your help (:

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  • The next Stephen King?

    So, on this writer's site, I posted my work. I got tons of praise and good thoughts stating that it was good, and that even Vamp haters loved it. Than, there was this one girl....she went on and on, and said that if it were in stores she would buy it. She said that I am going to be the next Stephen King

    Tell me, is that likely, that my writing is good enough to even compare to that of Stephen King? I AM only thirteen. I don't think so, but here's a link and give me your opinion....


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  • I need recommended books. Can I get a good description and rating too?

    I need books suitable for a 13 year old girl at a high school reading level. I prefer fantasy fiction love stories, but as long as it is a good love story I'll live :) I really want a lot because I usually read about a book a day so they're gonna be read through fast.

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  • I can not find my Frostbite book and my mom won't buy me another!!! I'm broke! HELP?

    I know it's going to sound like I am just too lazy to read the book, but I SWEAR that I started to, I just...lost it. I got to where they were at the house and about to leave!! If you can, please give me the most detailed summary possible!!! I would buy another, but I am broke and my mom won't tell me what happens! I promise I'm not lazy, I love to read, but I CAN'T FIND MY BOOK AND IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS SOON I MAY GO INSANE!!!!!! I even bought Shadow Kiss for when I was finished, but I just had to go and lose my freaking book!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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  • Sending my work to an author...?

    I wrote something and want to get an author to read it. Does anyone know how I might go about that?

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  • Battle between guy and girl...who do you think is right?

    OK, my guy friend thinks that if you read and write every open chance you get, that you are a loser and you have no life. (I know he sounds like a jerk, but e's awesome) I say, it just means that you are a deep and intellectual person. We are both 13, and I know I'm right. Do you think he's right???

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  • Are these good character names?

    On guy was born in the 1700's; his name is Kadar (Kade) which means powerful (thats what im goin for).


    There's a girl born in present time; her name is Ambrosia (Rose) which means pleasant.

    FYI: The guy isn't human (vampire) and this isnt fanfiction! I dont write fanfiction!

    Are they okay?

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  • Is this start to my book any good?

    I have managed to make it through the past centuries of my life unscathed. That must sound much harder than it is. Maybe to a human. The rarest of all creatures, as well as the most easily predictable. Delicious. Now my kind must feed off of animal blood, not to say it is repulsive, but it isn't the first choice of our kind. The Vampires.

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  • I'm writing a book and I need help. Does anyone have good character names?

    I'm writing a book for recreational purposes only (as far as I know) and I have an okay start (my friends Think its amazing) but I cant think of any names. I need two (boy) vampire names from about the 1700's and a name for another vamp name for a girl form the late 1800's. I want the first one to be unique and mysterious but to have a good meaning. The other ones can have less depth but I still want a meaning behind them. Please, I can use all the ideas I can get.

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