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  • Does this Book idea sound familar? Super Group of Witches, Werewolves, Vamps, & Such.?

    Hate to bother anyone But I this idea for a bigger story Im plotting (yeah might not want to give it away but hey its for fun anyways). I just was not sure if anyone has tried a similar idea? Basically: Combing Covens of Witches, Packs of Wolves, Clans of Vampires, A few Misc Beings of various races (Ex; possibly Fae, Angels, Demons and such), & lastly Hunters of Supernatural Creatures (ironically being supernatural themselves)... into 1 Group. Each side having 1-3 in this is one group. They will all be linked together. It would be a something that has never done before. Everyone would be linked as a Coven, Pack, Clan, Hunter, and etc. They wouldn’t just consider themselves their own pack or just close friends. Being part of a group always links one to the whole (some groups more & some less connected). In this world, being one with a group can itself come with additional power (and also have setbacks/limitations). This new group would go against most side’s laws/rules/traditions. But they are this unique group now... not part of the old groups. I know people put out similar stories all the time. I was just curious if anyone has come across anything like this before? P.S. LoL Sorry for not being perfect with grammar... kinda sloppy when typing on phone.

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  • Covering grass for just a few hours kills it, Anything to help?

    I live in Northern Virginia. For 20+ years. You know you cover your grass with say a tarp for a few hours to dry it off and nothing happens. But past couple days twice so far (two different times). 2nd time i timed it and made sure it was just a few hours. covering the grass for like 6 hours kills it. 2 huge patches of dead grass now. And yeah it will grow back, I dont worry about that. And yeah the grass has died before If we leave something there for days. But Never this fast. Anyone know what could have caused this change & possibly how to possibly strengthen the grass? I know stop putting stuff over it... but something has to be wrong, I just have no idea what or how to find out. Any help is appreciated!

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  • Has Anyone tried to re-enact JFK Shooting (as faithfully as possible)?

    I am just curious on the JFK Shooting. Trying to sort it all out. I was curious if anyone has tried to re-enact JFK Shooting (as faithfully as possible)? Curious but (pretty sure its not allowed) to lock down the Dealey Plaza area.... Send a remote controlled car or something moving and use Snipers that had similar skill level that Oswald had... and hit the target right? That hasn't never been tried right?

    So have maybe people tried to recreate it somewhere else in similar situation? Of course there are those who are fully sold on the conspiracy and those who believe the story that has been told. What it comes down to im curious if people who don't care if its a conspiracy or not... just curious if the shot could be made.... AND if they have tried to test it. With actual snipers and moving target? LoL and of course I understand if this hasn't really been tested by these type of people.

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  • Mature Comics w/ Female Lead?

    Hey looking for recent comics that..

    -geared toward women and/or with women leads

    -more of a mature bent

    -good ones obliviously lol

    - And Importantly... maybe with a more Gory / Gruesome / Horror bent. With the woman/women taking them on

    Any one of some several good suggestions for a female friend of mine?

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  • Has anyone tried Dr Breechman Double Shot diet capsules?

    Hey I was seeing if anyone has information or anyone tried Dr. Breechman's Double Shot Capsules? I have seen plenty typical paid advertisement online... but haven't seen anything looking like a real review. Trying to find if someone has tried it or knows someone that has... and their experience?

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  • Best Simple Ereader that has better book library than Kindle Fire?

    Hey have the Kindle Fire and the part the power cord plugs into on the Kindle Fire isn't connecting right and I really am tired of the Kindle Fire interface... The Worst part is the listing of books. Insteads of folders or anything of such to better organize a collection of books. Does anyone have some suggestions? Don't mind spending around the price of Kindle Fire... Just not sure which one to pick lo! any help is appreciated

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  • What are some objects of power from The Bible (Christianity), The Tanakh (Jewish), and The Qur'an (Muslism)?

    Hey I am looking for objects from any or all of the three books.... Objects that appeared to have some sort of power. Such as Staff of Moses, Aaron's rod, Seal of Solomon (ring). Not really looking over debate over where the power came from or anything.... but just objects that were associated with some kind of power. Really hoping for as many as possible.... more the better please!


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  • Are geeks, nerds, dorks the cool kids & adults in japan?

    *starting off I am a geek and just curious about this for a story I am writing::

    Are the comic reading, anime loving, math geniuses, D&D experts, science geniuses,,, yeah you get the type.... in middle school... high school (japan's equivalents) are they the cool kids in school? And later in Life are those who still stay strong in their geekness, nerdness, and such... how is looked upon in Japan? Is it just considered normal? are these people the Cool ones?

    Really please remember I am a big geek in my late 20s so Im not trying to make a joke or anything.

    Really hoping answers from people with sources they could cite OR personally saw it themselves

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  • Should I write a romeo and Juliet story with left wingers / right ringers being the fued?

    Does anyone know if anyone else has done this, if so an example please?

    My thoughts that it would ONLY take the very basic plot that the two sides hate each other.... and these two people one on each side, loves the other. That's it and nothing else taken.

    I was considering bringing up past (that Dems did in past & GOP did in the past) to showcase the similarities and such showing the two parties are not so differences.

    It would be nowadays.... it would involve the side liners, the moderates, the bases, idealists, the radicals... all on both sides.


    ............ So Long And Thanks for All the Fish

    \\\\\\\\======........o wait what about a bone-in rib-eye medium rare ? It was the best steak on Earth, So it must be the best everywhere else in the universe!

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  • Auidobooks Online Subscriptions? (not including Audibles service)?

    Hey! ill try to explain my question a good bit just to make sure it sounds like it makes sense lol

    I'm looking for an website that offers subscriptions for audiobooks (to download), unlimited subscriptions, and has a large collection to chose from?

    I was considering's subscription but because you get credits with the monthly subscription plan and can't get anymore after until you get more credits. Basically what I was hoping for is similar to how Napster & Rhapsody work. You download as much music as you like, with huge selections, with no late fees (lol yea I know many of these things have DRM but lol of course things around that.

    Basic Questions :: So anyone know of anything that offers a a service similar to Napster with music however that is for audiobooks (but that isn't Plus one that you would recommend? I appreciate any help!

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  • PC Game that had lawn mower & flying toaster?

    Hey trying to remember the name of a PC game I used to have. It was basically just a collection of some fun games... one where you are mowing the lawn and trying to avoid things and get it all mowed, another one where you are a flying toaster inside the house. Does anyone remember the name? LoL I hope I was able to give enough info!

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  • How much does it cost for Colbert to speak to Congress?

    Being serious (not asking a rhetorical question)... Does anyone know about how much its costing the tax payers for Colbert testifying in front of congress?

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  • What happened to Moses's stick?

    Aaron's Rod which performed miracles is said to be in the Ark of the Covenant. However I can't find any information on what happened to Moses's Rod. Only thing I know is he used it to part the Red Sea Exodus & afterward uses it to cause water to come out of a stone. The Connection of the Rods to the miracles + Aaron's Rod being important enough to be put into the Ark of the Covenant seems to show the great importance of these Rods. Does anyone know if there's anything on what happened to Moses's Rod / Walking Stick?

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  • How To Update AOL's (the program) Screen Name List?

    Hey! Whenever I create a AOL screen name (or delete one and restore it) on one computer... and than if I go onto my other computer and start up AOL (same account on both) than the new screen name doesn't ever show on the screen name list on start up. Only way I know how to fix this is uninstalling AOL and reinstalling AOL. However I was wondering if anyone knows a easyer way to do this so that I don't have to reinstall AOL every time? Basically does anyone know of a way to update the screen name list on AOL on another computer?

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  • Best Translated Bible?

    Hey, I am trying to find what people consider the best translated Bible (most accurate based on our current knowledge of ancient texts), does anyone know which one it is? I am trying to find a bible that for example one that translates the word Tekton not as carpenter. Just one that focuses mostly on translation from ancient texts. Thanks for any help!

    Edit: O Yeah lol translated into english*

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  • Keep Or Dump Ford Stock?

    Whats the best course of action right now.... Sell or keep Ford stock?

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