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  • Is this a grammatically correct sentence?

    It is on a powerpoint slide as a sentence. One of my colleagues is telling me its not grammatically correct (we are not native English speakers). Now I am starting to have doubts about it.

    The sentence is :

    Customer needs need to be categorized.

    As in, customer needs have to be categorized, so that we can have a better outlook on how can we better satisfy our customers.

    Is it correct? If no, why it is not and how should it be corrected? If its correct then why its not needed to be categorized and jut 'need'? 

    Because I mean it in the sense that they (are) need to be categorized, I just omitted the are . Not in the sense that customer needs needED becasue this is an ongoing project.

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  • How to battle nervousness about presentation?

    I have an upcoming presentation at work in 5 days (online) where I have to explain details about my job and our department to other people working at our company

    It is a pretty long presentation, containing around 40 slides and I will have one and a half an hour. I am already nervous that that time is not going to be even enough to explain it well.

    However I am still nervous because I tend to start speaking super fast while giving a presentation and I run out of air. I also do not even know whether I will have to turn on my camera during the presentation. I also do not know whether my boss will join in on the call or not (its like a 90% that he will). Uncertainty adds extra nervousness.

    I do not know how should I introduce the whole thing (most people who will listen in will already know me, because I help this department a lot during my daily work/I am always nice to them, and I also know they are very interested in the topic.)

    They might ask some questions that I would not be able to answer (for example its a question for higher management) Or its a very complex question to which I would have to give a complex answer the problem is if I say something that is wrong (and I might not realize it in the "heat of the moment) that might have a bit serious consequences policy wise later.

    Also, I just cant "summarize" the sentences on the slides naturally I tend to more or less read out the sentences but I know I should not do that but thats an easy way out.

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  • Lufthansa carry on baggage and checked in baggage question?

    Hi all,

    Do you think that they will let me get on the plane with two laptop bags (I had no problem with that when I was travelling here, so those alone would be okay) AND a simple bag like this (it only has a dossier and a big box of chocolate). Will they let me on, does this still fit the "free baggage" rules? I do not have a big carry on so I think it should be OK.. only the two laptop bags and this :

    On another note, do you think its a problem for TSA that I use this on my checked in baggage? I do not have any other way to prevent from stealing, it aint much but more than nothing I guess, at least I would know if someone opened it. I do not want to purchase a lock :


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  • Attachment image

    Hi all, Could someone help me with this cleaning question?

    I am very stressed because I would need to get this off from the inside of the oven by next week. I dont know if i scratched the surface or is this just plain dirt (burnt oil and such?).

    I am attaching some photos, could someone at least tell me if this is reversible damage or not? And if yes, thnen what shold i do?

    Please help :(

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  • Attachment image

    Can somebody help me to solve this mistery? What happened to my jeans?

    Hi all,

    I have attached some photos, hope someone will know what causes this, cuz this is my 3rd pair of jeans that has this issue and none of them are older than a year.

    These little "wrinkles" or idk what to call them appear when the jean is not close to my thighs thightly enough, like when im walking. Of course they do not appear when im sitting down.

    These are really comfortable jeans so I am very annoyed, does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Can it be "removed" somehow? I wouldnt want to throw them out.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Should I dress formally for a feedback interview?

    I have already had two rounds and the next one is simply labeled as "feedback interview" like I guess they are going to tell me if Im going to get the job or not (this is an internal position, im already working at the company). Should I dress formally like for the interviews or is it okay to just wear jeans and a more or less elegant sweater? (Im a male) There is no dress code at the company btw., we dont have to go to work wearing suits and etc.

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  • How honest should you be in this matter during an interview?

    I consider myself an honest person so this is a tough decision for me. The job requires strong excel skills (mostly pivot table and creating riports, basic formulas I think and such) but I am only at a "normal" level in Excel at best (rarely used formulas and only the basic ones, never used pivot table but taught myself the very basics of it yesterday so I can create a simple one if they ask me to do so.) Luckily I am a relativiely quick learner but of course I am nowhere near at an expert user of Excel as of yet. I am planning to tell them that I am very motivated (and quick) to learn the requiored things that the job demands even if I am not at the desired level yet. Should I do so or would this cut my chances at getting the job? I think being honest should be considered a positive thing, but who knows. Thanks for the answers in advance!

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