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  • Espresso machine only works with ground unhooked?

    I have an espresso machine that will only work if I unhook the green ground wire that's on the inside of the appliance. As soon as I hook the ground back up, it trips the GFCI outlet. It seems completely dry on the inside and looks clean and without corrosion. Any suggestions?

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  • Decadron after wisdom teeth extraction?

    Hello... I had all four wisdom teeth pulled a couple of days ago. My mother was my chauffeur after the surgery and responsible for my medications. She didn't want me on too much medications and now I have a lot of swelling. I've taken the amoxicillin and Ibuprofen 600 regularly, but I just found a packet of Decadron .75 mg that she hid from me. Apparently, according to the package, I was supposed to take it the day of the surgery and the next day for swelling. Can I still take it to reduce my swelling or am I screwed, for lack of a better word.

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  • Average time swelling will last after wisdom teeth extraction?

    I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed two days ago. Today the swelling really hurts, despite the meds I'm on. How long does the swelling usually last?

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  • How to prop up a heavy well lid?

    The original lid for our well was falling apart and was too flimsy anyways since we live on top of a hill. The wind is very punishing. I built a new lid...shingles and all, but it's too heavy to lift by myself. It's about 5' by 5' and sits over the well. Does anyone have an ingenious idea that could be used to prop up a heavy well lid from one side for occasional maintenance?

    A prybar is not an would damage the lid and would only give me a few inches. It needs lifted 3'-4' so I can get in.

    Again...the lid is already on the well. I just need to be able to prop up one side on occasion, without breaking my back, so I can get inside for maintenance.

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  • Push mower revs too high?

    I have an older MTD push mower that revs too high. It does not have a throttle control, only a choke on the front of the engine. It revs so high that the vibration makes my hands hurt to use it. In case it helps...the mower uses straight gas, not a gas/oil mix.

    Where should I begin to find out what the problem is?

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  • KVM switch keyboard issue?

    I have a TrendNet TK-400 KVM switch which connects via PS/2 connectors and a VGA cable. I've hooked up hundreds of computers on the KVM and have had no trouble, until now. One particular computer, MSI motherboard (K9VGM-V) will not recognize the keyboard over the KVM. I can hook up a keyboard directly and it works fine. But, over the KVM, only the mouse and video work.

    Any ideas on why and if there's a way around the issue?

    Thanks for any thoughts on the matter.

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  • Prevent MAC Spoofing?

    I use a WRT54G Linksys wireless access point and offer wireless internet for our users. Usually, if I find that someone is causing problems, I can block their MAC address in the WAP settings. How do I overcome the problem of them spoofing their MAC address, using a program like SMAC, and still using our Internet, although their real MAC has been blocked.

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  • Print Management Software?

    I'm looking for some kind of print managament software that does the following:

    When the user hits 'print', the software:

    1. Pauses the printer

    2. Shows how many pages will print, maybe displays cost per page.

    3. The user either Ok's it and it prints, or cancels the print job.

    I've found software similar to this, but the fees are outrageous because they insist on adding other unnecessary features to keep the price high.

    Any ideas? Thanks...

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  • Allow internal IP to pass through the DMZ?

    Is their any way to allow individual 'internal' IP addresses (10.0.0.x) to pass from the LAN to the server on the DMZ of my firewall?

    I have a firewall (SonicWall Pro100) and a server I built which does website filtering. The server is connected to the DMZ port of the firewall. Whenever it logs websites that have been blocked from the LAN computers, it always shows the offending IP address as the firewall's IP address, rather than the individual computer's IP addresses behind the firewall on the LAN side.

    I'd like to be able to pinpoint specifically which LAN computer was attempting to bring up a bad site, but can't because it always shows the firewall's IP in the server's log file.

    Any thoughts? Thanks...

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  • SUSE 10.2 Firewall - Forward all requests to port 8080?


    I'm a Linux newbie crossing over from the Windows world. I just set up a server with SUSE Linux 10.2, SQUID 2.6? (the newest), and DansGuardian for filtering. I'm trying to setup a second NIC for use with the DHCP Server which I've installed under YaST. The second NIC connects to a wireless AP which will assign IPs to various laptops which must be filtered. The laptops are getting an IP address, and can browse the web if I turn on 'masquerading' at the SUSE firewall. However, they are not filtered. I would like all web requests to forward to port 8080 of Dansguardian, but don't know how. I figured it should be in the 'masquerading' section of the SUSE firewall, but I can't get it to work. If I put in - port 8080 under the proxy settings on the client, then browsing is filtered. So, everything is in place, but I don't want to enter the proxy settings and still have it filtered. In other words, all requests should forward to 8080.

    Thanks for any help....

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  • Well lid to heavy?

    Here's an odd question:

    The original lid for our well was falling apart and was too flimsy anyways since we live on top of a hill. The wind is very punishing. I built a new lid...shingles and all, but it's too heavy to lift (but heavy enough the wind won't lift it off). It's about 5' by 5' and sits over the well. Does anyone have an ingenious idea that could be used to lift a heavy well lid from one side?


    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Replacing plug on a portable baseboard heater?

    I have a portable baseboard style heater that needs the plug replaced. Neither wire is color-coded. So, does it matter which wire goes on either terminal of the new plug?

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  • Making Programs/Services Run Automatically in SUSE 10?

    I'm a Linux newbie coming from a strong Windows background and am trying to learn Linux (SUSE 10) and set up a web filtering server using Squid and Dansguardian.

    I've managed to learn how to compile and install both programs...which was a learning curve in itself. Now that I've installed them, how do I get them to start up automatically when the computer boots up? I have to type in the commands from a terminal window each time I turn on the computer to start both programs.

    Example: sudo /usr/local/sbin/dansguardian start

    ...and then I have to enter the root password

    How can I automate the startup...really, of any program in Linux. I'm sure it's not like Windows where you just drag a shortcut into a startup folder. :)


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  • Mortgage Interest Deduction?

    I have an odd question about Mortgage Interest deductions. Here's the situation:

    My step-father was paying on a mortgage, but abruptly had to go abroad to care for his ailing parents.

    He made no mortgage payments in 2006 at all, nor supplied any income for my mother. My mother had a couple part-time jobs, but could not pay the mortgage. Therefore, the entire year of 2006 I assumed the bill and payed all of the mortgage payments myself.

    My question is, who deducts the mortgage interest paid? Should it be on her tax return since the mortgage is in her name?

    Or, should it be on mine, since I obviously paid it. I worry that if I put it on hers, the IRS will wonder how she paid all that interest, when she didn't have even a third of that income.

    Any thoughts?


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  • Mileage reimbursement lumped in on 1099-MISC.?

    My employer contracted me out to another business to do computer training and gave me a 1099-MISC. I billed my employer $2000 which is included in box 7 (non-employee comp)on the 1099. That part seems ok. However, I also go to company sponsored meetings and am reimbursed for my mileage. My employer lumped in the mileage ($400) on the same 1099. So, box 7 reads: $2400. Since the mileage is a reimbursement, should I deduct $400 worth of mileage on the Schedule C? I don't see why I should pay tax on a reimbursement and for something I could normally deduct. Any thoughts on how to go about this? Thanks!

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