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  • Will it hurt my children's chance at financial aid if they have 529 accounts in their name?

    I currently have separate 529 accounts for each child. Would it be better to consolidate it those investments into one in the name of my wife and myself alone?

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  • What part of recent history makes anyone think the GOP could write a better bill?

    Bush's Prescription drug plan added 600 BILLION to the deficit in 5 years (according to the ORIGINAL CBO PROJECTION....compared with a 140 BILLION dollar SURPLUS for the reform package now). Bush's Prescription plan provided no source of revenue to pay for itself and added ZERO concessions from the drug suppliers. It explicitly rules out Medicare negotiating prices for drugs.....costing us far more than what the CBO project stated.

    Medicare D is a Republican attempt to kill Medicare by privatizing it, which has proven wildly ineffective. We pay almost twice as much for everyone in Medicare who decides to use Medicare D.....and always for for less general coverage.

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  • Due this Thursday - which boy's name is best and why?

    Seth David

    Nathaniel Jude

    Joel Thomas

    Paxton Charles

    Samuel Jude

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  • How can Christian Republicans justify providing health care as a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT?

    This goes against everything Jesus taught while he was on earth. It goes against everything in the Bible.

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  • Are Republicans more concerned with healthcare for PETS or PEOPLE?

    Republicans oppose making our healthcare system univeral and more affordable......but are now proposing a tax cut for PET CARE....

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  • If the Republicans had their way, would they get rid of Medicare?

    The budget battle of 1996 pitted Clinton versus a Republican Congress. The Republicans wanted deep cuts in Medicare, which would have been a first step to gutting/killing the program.

    If they got their way, would we be better off?

    Why don't Republicans come out now and propose getting rid of Medicare, if they really fear any form of (what they call) 'socialized medicine'?

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  • What's the ideal age gap between children?

    Looking for experience and opinions on the issue. Wait a year or three or no time at all to start on the second kid, and what's too long a wait?


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  • Would we be in a better place if Bush got his way and Social Security was privatized?

    Bush's biggest initiative after the 2004 election was an attempt to privatize Social Security. That means your retirement would be based on the stock market......and worth almost nothing right now.

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  • Did Palin quit because she's mentally/emotionally unable to continue?

    She looked like she was going through a breakdown during the election, and it was 100 X worse last night.

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  • Palin couldn't serve one term as a governor...who still thinks she was capable of being Vice President?

    Does anyone still HONESTLY believe that she's mentally and emotionally capable to be Vice President, and step in for the President at a moment's notice?

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  • If waterboarding isn't torture - should the police use it? How about schools with unruly students?

    Or is it only OK for Arabs?

    Since it's just a means to question someone....I don't see the problem with using it as a form of discipline and getting the answer from possible criminals.

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  • Is 'Socialism' the new 'Liberal'?

    For years, Republicans have tried to say that 'liberal' is a bad word. They would use it as a brand to label all that was 'bad'. The problem is that REPUBLICAN POLICY is what destroyed our economy and created the wild roller coaster (mostly down) that our economy is riding.....and everyone with an ounce of common sense knows this.

    So, now people are rightfully seeing 'liberal' the sensible route, and Republicans pull out a new word - 'socialist'.

    What's scary is that even in economic calamity, this is the biggest policy change in the Republican party. While the Democrats are looking for answers to the economic issues of the day....Republicans just chose a new label to slander -- they are arguing semantics.

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  • What was the WORST Supreme Court decision of all time?

    Roe vs Wade, Bush vs Gore, etc, etc.....

    And the reason why.

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  • Republicans are worried about the deficit....should we drastically cut back military spending?

    We arguably spend well over 1 TRILLION a year (like 1.5 T actually) on the department of defense, but the official number (not counting wars and programs billed elsewhere) is somewhere around 700 BILLION dollars.

    Should we close all our foreign bases, and cut back spending to a what we'd need just to defend our borders?

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  • The last 5 (or so) books you read that had some effect on your political views?

    Also note where you fall politically.....if you align with a party or ideology.

    Just to be fair:

    Civil Libertarian / Democratic Socialist (that's Democratic not Democrat)

    Nudge: Improving Decisions

    Rise and Decline of Nations - Mancur Olson

    Supercapitalism - Robert Reich

    Conscience of a Liberal - Paul Krugman

    Hegemony or Survival - Chomsky

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  • The last 5 (or so) books you read that had some effect on your political views?

    Also note where you fall politically.....if you align with a party or ideology.

    Just to be fair:

    Civil Libertarian / Democratic Socialist (not really a Democrat)

    Nudge: Improving Decisions

    Rise and Decline of Nations - Mancur Olson

    Supercapitalism - Robert Reich

    Conscience of a Liberal - Paul Krugman

    Hegemony or Survival - Chomsky

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  • Are Republicans responsible if the economy fails, because of their doom and gloom?

    All they talk about is how all of Obama's plans will fail, even though they have offered nothing new or any real alternatives. All they have done is oppose, for the sake of opposing....without offering any real solutions or positive support for the long term health of our economy.

    Lets not even get started with their inability to admit that it was their policies which trashed the economy in the first place....

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  • Do you know the difference between Socialized Medicine and Health Insurer Reform?

    Socialized what Britain has with the NHS. It means government controls everything in the medical system - every hospital, etc.

    Nobody is fighting for Socialized medicine in the USA. Nobody wants it.

    Health Insurer what the Clinton's wanted in the 1990's and what most plans are based on now.

    Health Insurer reform would allow EVERYONE to pick ANY health insurance plan. Along with all the private plans - BCBS, etc - you could also choose Medicare or Medicaid. This means MORE competition in the industry and cheaper rates overall.

    The only reason Big Insurance is fighting this is because they know that their current 'administrative costs' (mostly due to profits) would shrink. Right now that 'administrative cost' is around 20 to 25 cents per dollar, compared to Medicare's administrative cost of 2 cents per dollar.

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  • Is reform of the Health Insurance industry the answer to all our problems?

    18 cents of every dollar spent in the USA is spent on health care, and this is rising fast - it will be 20 cents/dollar by 2015, based on current projections.

    Canadians, on the other hand, spend about 9 to 10 cents of every dollar.

    If we were to adopt the Canadian system today, we'd effectively get an across the board tax cut of 7 to 8 percent. More money that would go back to the people, and could be spent to stimulate the economy or hire new employees.

    That's a huge cut by any measure. Apply that to the holy grail of Republican economics (the Laffer Curve) and it's clear to see that this would solve all our economic troubles.

    Not to mention - everyone would be insured.

    Health Insurer reform - Is this the answer to all our problems?

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  • Do people know the difference between NATIONALIZED healthcare and SOCIALIZED medicine?

    Socialized medicine is what Britain has with the NHS. This is where government runs every health care entity, pretty much from the ground up.

    No one in the USA is recommending this. No one wants it.

    Nationalized health care is what most industrialized countries around the world have, what the Clintons wanted in the 1990's and what most plans are based on now. This system would allow you to keep your current health care provider, or pick any available. The only change is that you could also choose to use a government plan based on Medicare/Medicaid. It would give you the OPTION to choose the plan best suited for you.

    The reason insurance companies do NOT want this system is because they currently take 25 cents of every dollar spent on health care as profits or for administration costs. Billions upon billions of dollars.

    If these companies were forced to compete with Medicare/aid plans (which would also be an option to every American under nationalized healthcare), it would be tough on them, since Medicare operates on administration costs of 2 cents per dollar.....and they take no profit.

    Drug companies and doctors oppose this system too, because they know if there is belt tightening....they are going to be asked to give up some money, in order to make the process cheaper.

    It would force every part of the industry to either become very efficient (far cheaper) or die off.

    How is this a bad system, unless you think profits for big insurance companies is the primary goal of our health care system?

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