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  • Does anybody else hate Florida as much as I do?

    The constant heat, the screaming kids, the Spanish gibberish. On the highways: The screaming, irritating motorcycles at all hours of the day and night. In the panhandle: the leftover rednecks from the Confederacy who belong in Alabama or Mississippi. Too mNh 16-year-olds who can’t find a brake; and too many 65-year-olds who can’t find an accelerator. Lots of biting flies and long lines. To hell with Florida. You can have it.

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  • Isn’t it about time for a Gilligan’s Island movie?

    How about Kelsey Grammer as the millionaire, and John Goodman as the skipper? Who should the sexy redhead be, who plays Ginger? And who should be cast as the dumbass who plays Gilligan?

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  • Why can’t architects nowadays design buildings with lots of plugs?

    They should know we have a lot of devices to plug in. In my hometown, a Taco Bell opened just three years ago. It has 75 comfy plastic chairs but, like, only two outlets. And yet Taco Bell has WiFi! WTF?

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  • Who will President Pence choose as his VP?

    Given how belligerent Trump is, it might be best to avoid someone like Chris Christie. I guess Mitt Romney could be considered, but conservatives apparently can’t stand him. Marco Rubio — ? — a good choice. Ted Cruz — ?

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