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  • Can't remember name of the game?

    Very vague question I know, but bear with me. It is a recent game, not that old I believe, perhaps 2 year old? Not sure, but I remember it catching my eye and I wouldn't mind playing it now I remembered it's gameplay. It's set in the 50's or 60's USA, and you are kind of the men in black of the time, you hunt out hostile alien life forms.

    I remember the gameplay reveal showing you walking into a typical 50's 60's American suburban house, finding a woman dead (I believe?), and a Dark life form attacking you (Alien), before rushing outside and actually causing a full on incident with you and your partner. It play's on that era with the Roswell incident I believe.

    It looked pretty interesting, was this game released or scrapped if anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about? It had a third person angle to it. Thanks.

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  • State of decay problem?

    Now here is my dilemma. I downloaded State of Decay trial for Xbox Live, yesterday I lost my internet, I thought no problem, I will just internet share my phone to my Xbox just to unlock the full game (considering the trial is the full game with just a time limit added for playtime). Now it is too my belief unlocking the trial means a snappy little download after (a kb's), to let the Xbox know it is unlocked and therefore play it with trial removed.

    Not in my case it seems.

    The game just keeps trying to re-download, and seeing I am using my phone as an internet source, a 1.9 GB download is not an option, for one the charges, and the fact it would take weeks. So how the hell do I resolve this? Anyone else had this problem then resolved it? The game game does not register as unlocked and remains a trial! Very frustrating.

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  • Movie involving Time Travel and soldiers?

    I vaguely remember a film I watched before and would love to see it again, but for the life of me, I can't remember nor find the name through good old google. So therefore I find myself here asking you fine people. The plot went as follows:

    A group of modern day soldiers (also involving an apache helicopter), get sent back in time by some bizzare natural event, now i can not remember if it was A) Medieval times europe, or B) Samurai time (think it may have been the latter, it has literally been years since I watched it), but they find themselves back in this time period, with superior fire power but limited ammunition and fuel, against hordes of spears, bows and swords. Ring any bells for anyone?

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  • Cheap cigarettes online?

    Been looking at a few sites online who offer good cheap prices for cigarettes, however they are not based in the UK but rather abroad from my country. So my question is has anyone here ever tried these sort of companies out? Im thinking the prices are cheap but the one thing running thorugh my mind is that if I buy them, am I going to get landed with a tax bill for the imported cigerattes? Which would cost roughly £4 per pack and if I buy 40 packs the tax price will kinda add up.

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  • The worlds current crisis.?

    Nearly the whole world is in serious debt, countries are struggling day to day to pay these debts, average people are suffering at the hands of greedy/careless Governments. Considering we are all (not trying to sound like a hippy here) human, why can't the worlds Governments just wipe these debt slates clean? Then the money problems that are ruining countries would be solved? And the world can start thinking about the future in a positive way again? What would be the problems incurred by this? Or would there be any? As everyone would be better of in my opinion without these crushing debts being imposed upon one another. Just start fresh.

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  • help with a computer tower (question 2)?

    I previously posted a question asking if this was a good bye

    People discouraged me from buying it as i stated I wanted a gaming machine. Now, I may have said that wrong, I wish for a gaming computer as in the sense of running RTS games, as lets face it, RTS on a console sucks, and their my favourite genre of games, apart from RPG. But the RPG games i can get on my 360 (skyrim woohoo). So i ask again, is the computer tower in the link, a decent machine for running RTS games on high-medium settings? Such as Starcraft 2 for example.

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  • help with a computer tower.?

    Hi, need a little advice here, Im currently looking at purchasing a computer for gaming, xbox 360 is a little boring for me now. I found a tower on amazon (a tower is all I need), but i need to know if its worth the buy, and if it is, what else can I fit with it to upgrade it a bit more? As im not liking the look of the graphics card coming with it after looking at a few reviews, and computers arent my strong point. But i reckon its a decent price. So please help guys/gals.


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  • Motherboard knackered?

    Hi, just recently thought ill open up my computer and clear it of dust to try and solve an ati2dvag problem, now i have an even bigger problem. I kinda got carried away and took the motherboard out then took the fan off the motherboard and got rid of some serious dust build-ups. Then when i connected everything back together (i have took it back apart just to check everything was in the right places and securely connected). Now when i start my computer up it gets to a maximum of 10 seconds into boot up when it just turns itself off. I am thinking that i may have knackered something on the motherboard and the power kicks off to protect other parts, what do you people think? Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.

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  • XP Activation problem, big problem.?

    Ok, so here how it is, i recently bought a computer (second hand) and have kitted it up with a new graphics and sound card with some extra RAM thrown in, now i bought the computer second hand quite cheap, £90 to be precise, with monitor, keyboard and mouse (the full deal), but when i turned my computer on about 10 mins ago i got a message saying XP needs to be activated to test for piracy of XP, only problem is i don't know if it is pirated seeing its second hand, an being human (and me) i have jumped to the worst conclusion that it may be pirated, seeing it usually gives a 30 day period to activate XP registration, but it says i have 3 days left so im wondering did they sell me it cheap because of that? So they didn't have to face the consequences of what will happen if it comes back as pirated? But i have 3 days to activate or my XP will be stopped on this machine, so how can i test to see if my copy is pirated? Any help will be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance.

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  • Whats the name of this Game?

    Hi this is a PC game, may be quite old not sure :\ , i seen it a while back in a game shop but unfortuantely cruel fate differed against me as i was quite frankly skint (no money), the next day it was gone (GUTTERED). Its a space game where you control you spaceships and stuff in a RTS style, but when you invade a planet it switches to an FPS where you control your troops when attacking the main base i presume. Anyone know whats its called? i will love you forever more if you know! As i dont think there is many games that offer this unique kind of Hybrid that puts FPS and RTS into one :)

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