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  • Does anyone have a "substantive" reason I should not vote for John McCain?

    I see many substantive reasons to vote for John McCain over Obama and Clinton, and no substantive reasons not too. The only things I hear are he is too old or gets angry (at reporters and other fools) or wants to win the war in Iraq. Age equals more wisdom. We should get angry once in a while, otherwise we are just a politician. We should win the war in Iraq, and also make sure Iran's nuclear program is stopped.

    Obama and Clinton are indeed the opposite in these areas, for all intents and purposes, but all that means to me is that I should vote for McCain. You won't be able to change my mind, but I will try hard to give credit to anyone who can come up with at least one substantive reason, one that makes sense, but so far all I hear are reasons to vote for McCain, like at:

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  • Which candidate for president is closest to the Technidigm-2000 common sense paradigm?

    Assuming it is possible to have political "change" that emphasizes integrity, as described in my book On-the-Level, Common Sense, Technically Speaking, which candidate for president it more likely to campaign and preside as president under such a paradigm? See if you do not know what I am talking about.

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