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  • Someone who knows about dental work.. cavity between teeth?

    I went into the dentist today for a cleaning. I have braces, so flossing is usually a struggle. They told me that I have two cavities- between teeth # 13 and #14. Will these fillings require Novocaine on the roof of my mouth? I've had it in the back of my gums before, but I've heard the roof is intolerable. Also, one of the fillings is "DO" and the other is "MO". What does this mean? Thank you !!

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  • Water damaged iPhone 5s?

    Yesterday a friend of mine was using my phone and got pushed into the pool with it in hand. It had a lifeproof case on it but still, it went black. I know that lifeproof's warranty doesn't cover the phone. We got it out of the water and I took the case off and put it in a towel right away and tried to shake out some of the water. I went home two hours later and plugged it in, hoping it was dead. I realize now that everyone tells you NOT to try to plug it in.

    So when I plugged it in, it showed the battery with the very small amount of red, indicating that it needed to be charged, but it also had a bar of whitish stripes at the top. It would cycle from this to a screen that looked like the initial start up screen with the apple, but the screen was almost divided in half by a slight color difference. At this point I decided to unplug it and it has been sitting in a bag of rice for about 13 hours. So I'm wondering, is my phone toast?

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  • How do you transfer iTunes songs from one user account to another on the same computer?

    My brother and I have been sharing the same iTunes account since we were in elementary school. Now, I'm (hopefully) getting a new phone for my birthday. My understanding is that if I use iCloud, everyone on the account will be able to see my texts, pictures, etc. So, I was planning to make a new iTunes account for my iPhone specifically. How can I transfer all of my purchased and downloaded songs to my new account without having to use the cloud or burning CD's? And would I be able to keep my playlists?

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  • Geometry/algebra 2 help?

    Given that y=f(x) is a function whose domain is (-4,7) and range is (-1,9), what is the domain and range of each of the following functions?

    a. M(x)= - f (3x)

    b. N(x)= l f (x) l + 7

    Thanks to everybody soo much and please show how you did it!

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  • Why does my chest hurt so much?

    For about a week now, my chest has been hurting really bad.... It will stop for a while but then whenever I exercise, go outside, or lie down, it hurts again! Then for hours after, whenever I take a breath it feels like something's pushing from the inside trying to break out. I've been really active in the past 9 months, but never experienced anything like this. I'm only 13, it can't be like heart burn or anything. Besides, it doesn't feel like a "burning". I have an irregular heartbeat, could that be a factor...? The pain is about 3 inches down from my neck right in the middle, and is almost unbearable and spreads almost all the way accross my chest. What could be going on?

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  • Best overall smartphones? with good battery life?

    I'm finally aloud to get a new phone after years. Right now, I have Verizon Wireless but my parents said that they were switching companies on my brother and I, so I want to know what phones are the best over all. My phones always dead, so it needs to have a long battery life. I do want a smartphone, but it doesn't need to be good for buisness. Just good internet, and good for texting. It would also be nice for it to have a good inbox, and have a wide selection of apps. And how are the cameras.... So, what are the best 2011-2012 phones from each of the major U.S. companies?

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  • simplify the following sums and differences?

    Math homework:





    []=fraction while ()=numerator/denominator


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  • Math homework!! solve for variables with 3 equations?









    Thanks for any help!!!

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  • Math Geometry Help? Please!?

    I have a triangle with a 90 degree angle and then two 45 degree angles. I know the hypotenuse is 14, how do I solve for both sides, IN SIMPLIFIED RADICAL FORM. Thank you for the help!

    Also, I have another triangle with a right angle and a 60 degree measured angle as well. The side that is opposite the 60 degree angle is 21, how do I figure out the other two sides, in simplified radical from?

    Lastly, I have another triangle, a right triangle with a 30 degree angle. The side adjacent to that is 33. How do I find the other two sides in simplified radical form?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Math homework help..? Thanks?

    A) 27a^2b^5-45abc+3a^4b^2c

    B) 36r^3p^5q+24r^4p^4-12r^2p

    Thanks for the help... And If you can help with these? Thanks so much!

    C) 3a^3b-12ab^3

    D) 8x^2-52xy+60y^2

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  • Geometry math homework help! Please?

    A) 4root20/root48


    Please help!!! Thank you soo much

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  • Shock gum stuff? Where to get it and...?

    Well ok you know that shocking gum stuff where you pull it and you get that mini electrocution? I love those! Haha I know you used to be able to get it at Spencer's, but they dont have them anymore... So i was wondering where you could get them other than ebay, And if i do end up getting one what's the best brand? thanks!

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  • Verizon EnV touch's touch screen problem?

    I was walking down the stairs holding a few things and rushing because i had to get to the doctor and my phone just fell out of my pocket and down to the second floor. i was on the stair 2 from the top, so that's a pretty long fall. anyways, now the front part of my phone is black. i can still feel the short vibration when i touch it though, so it's not completely broken. i just cant see anything. i just recently had to get a new phone because of water damage and i know that my mom won't let me get another one already, so is there any way to fix it?

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