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  • Furthering the debate, romans vs vikings?

    This is an interesting topic as it pits two fascinating cultures against each other, and leaves room to each his own interpretations and opinions.

    Continued from this question if you need to catch up:;_ylt=Ak_9L...

    In response to ashcan:

    I see what you are saying about the vikings generaly winning only when they didn't have much of an organized resistance, though I disagree that the size strength and equipment would not come in to play. I think more about the specific scenario would need to be known to come to a solid conclusion. After considering your points if this were a toe to toe armies lined up on a battlefield fight I may have to agree with you that the romans military discipline and skill would win out. On the other hand, no matter how organized, a legion could be ambushed and caught off guard. That is what the vikings were known best for in battle. A fast hard strike out of no where crushing oponents before they had a chance to rally.

    So how do you think that would affect the outcome? Picture a roman legion navigating through the north, break for camp and a viking strike hits. Who do you think would win out in such a situation?

    Just to add another point while there is no arguing the greatness of the roman military, they were not impervious. Don't forget Attilla the hun with his band of "savages" gave the empire far more trouble than anyone ever would have thought possible. Now I know that this can't be a direct comparison to our scenario as vikings and huns are virtual oppisites in equipment and fighting style, but the point remains that the romans were not unbeatable by any means.

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  • Anyone know anything about chimneys?

    here is a picture inside my chimney. Anyone know if these 2 spots would be an issue in a chimney liner for a fireplace?

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  • Universe 156 billion light-years wide?

    I just ready this question...;_ylt=Avc3G...

    and it got me thinking so I looked up the article

    Now I am intrigued stated in the article the universe is 156 billion light-years wide, and is 1000 times larger than 13.7 billion years ago.

    If that is true, than 13.7 billion years ago the universe was 156 million light-years wide. Given that, 2 objects on the outer reaches have then increased their distance by 155,844,000,000. Divided by 2 assuming both were traveling at equal speed away from each other means each object traveled 77,922,000,000 in 13.7 billion years. That means the object traveled at over 5 times the speed of light??? Am I missing something?

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  • Anyone know where I could get a cheap used college physics book?

    The college book stores are expensive, I've checked. I'm not taking classes, just want to read one so I don't want to spend much.

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  • Why don't people understand where man came from?

    There is so much evidence to back up this fact.

    Odin, Hoenir, and Loki Came upon two trees, an ash and an elm, that resembled the shape of man. They carved them to our final form, Odin gave them souls, Hoenir gave them mobility, and Loki gave them blood.

    Its a simple fact. I just don't get the confusion.

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  • Salvatore Norse Mythology?

    Has anyone that has ever read any of R.A Salvatore's Icewind Dale books Made a comparison of his world and characters to Norse Mythology?

    I find a striking resemblance. Almost to the point where I think He should have been more creative. I mean Wulfgar may as well have been called Thor they are so similar. Their magic hammers even have the same abilities.

    What do you guys think? Am I wrong, or do you see it too?

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  • Mythology and Folklore?

    Why does the M&L section have far more people asking about ridiculous things like are unicorns real, how can I turn into a mermaid, why don't all of my spells work, any vampires out there, and all sorts of other crazy superstitious non sense than people actually asking about, and with an interest in mythology and folklore???

    I mean I like Vampire movies, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or whatever other fantasy movies are out there as much as anyone, but that doesn't mean I believe I can become a creature of the night, a mermaid, or cast spells on people. Get real folks. If you actually believe in this stuff not only do you have issues, but shouldn't you be in the spirituality section?

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  • Pyramids? Your thoughts....?

    The great Pyramids in Egypt are one of histories biggest mysteries, and a wonder of the world. They are constructed with such precision that the corner angles are within a half degree of perfect, each side perfectly faces North South East and West, and the stones are cut and fit with precision that we would be lucky to rival with today's technology.

    What are your thoughts on how an ancient civilization could accomplish such an amazing feet?

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  • What the heck is wrong with yahoo messenger?

    Every once in a while my password for yahoo messenger just stops working, so I go through the steps to reset my password to what it was already suppose to be anyway. Now this last time I started the reset your password procedure, and as I was trying to enter my new password (which was actually the same password I've always used on yahoo) the website said the password did not meet their requirements for a password. It always has before, and it turned out it didn't matter what I put in for a password it would not get accepted. Now yahoo has locked my messenger account for 24 hours for security reasons....that was three days ago, its still locked. WTF!!!

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