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  • How long does it take to become a counselor?

    I have help people with mental health issues before and people such as friends and ex girlfriends have told me things deep personal things in a short amount of time I am trust worthy kind hearted problem is I have dyslexia and ADHD and I might have to write thousand word S.A to do it and other problem is a symptom of ADHD is I have social anxiety disorder and I take street valium not just for the high but to take the anxiety away but I'm not a junkie just that is a issue I have and if I get drug tested I might not be able to do so just alot of people said I should become I counsler or psyhcoloisgist it would take a long time for me to become one so that is an advantage

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  • In the UK is it against the law to have sex with someone who lives in a different household?

    It seen somthing about it on Facebook but is it true its ridiculous

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  • Why does 50 cent hate his son?

    Why he said he would rather have 6ix9ine as his son if think he changed his mind about that said that a while ago

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  • Would being a psychologist messed my head up listening to other people's problems?

    I am not sure if I am smart enough to be a srink but when I was younger I knew a boy who was sexual abused I helped him listened to his problems it kinda messed my head up because he came to me almost every day he had other problems too it was sad he has lost it can't not be helped

    I have always been interested in how the mind works and interested in mental illness I know it would take me years to become one but. I have had a been depressed and have been in a mental health hospital so I have my own problems and I don't need anyone elses but at the same time I feel like a could help people my old career adviser said I would make a good srink and I never told her I was interested in being one but im afraid of becoming one Incase I lose my sense of humour and my charm style and end up more messed up than I am I have ADHD and I didn't come out my shell till I was 17 so it was hard for me to be chatty confidant and to be one of the boys

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  • Why am I not scared of people I know who can beat me in a fight but a little scared of people I could probly beat?


    Okay tbh when I fight I'm always a little scared Why is this so it's weird it's kinda a good but bad thing I'm not a fighter I don't look for trouble but I'm not a coward like a few month ago this guy who has been in prison for stabbing was trying to bully me so I challenged him to a fight I lost but was not expecting to win and a few weeks ago this guy was trying to wind me up for a fight and he's fat and tells lies to make himself look like a tough guy I know I could most likely kick him up and down like a empty cann but I'm a little scared of him. I have ADHD and came off my meds maby that's why. But the other guy who beat me up left me with a mark on my face witch might scar and he has muscles and he beat the sh+t out of me the other guy is a fat and does not have rep for being a man he is about 6 years older than me he use to try and bully me back when I was younger I just tell him to F off

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  • Smackdown Vs raw 2011 can I change the tittles on universe mode?

    I want to change the unified tag team tittles to just the world tag team tittles then the tag champs can make a entrance at the same time also can I make tittles and change it on universe mode

  • How can I get perfect looking skin?

    I'm a guy I have bags under my eyes and I have lines on my forehead I'm only 24

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  • Were can I get grey Adidas oringals jogger pants with grey strips and navy blue Adidas oringals logo?

    I have the jacket for a tracksuit but I burnt the throusers jogger thoursers with grey striped that blend in and a navy blue Adidas sign

  • Can I help my uncle he has boarderline personitly disorder and he has pushed his only friend away?

    Okay he is mental I'll but he is also a idiot his friends name is John and johns dog died and John was upset and my uncle sent John a text saying it's a dog get over it your behaviour is unacceptable and John sent him a text back saying don't talk to me again. I was talking to John and he said my uncle pushed him in the head and the backed off saying nasty words my unçle is a is unconsitrate to other people's feelings and selfish and John is the nicest guy you could met. My uncle is a idiot he makes up lies pretends he was a soldier and lives in a fantasy world and he is nasty to John because my uncle knows John won't hit him John also said my uncle threw a stone at him my uncle is anti social and does not have many people in his life most of my family members can't stand him but he is a idiot that thinks he knows everything so talking sense into is tricky best way to describe him his he acts like the character begbie out of the film trainspotting but he is a coward and he is nasty selfish it's always about him he pretends he doesn't care and has no emotions but he does John said he has had enough of the the disrespect my uncle gives him and John is right to stay back my uncle is rarely in a good mood but they were friends since they were kids John has a repution for being fight and go easly beat my uncle in a fight but won't hit him because he is kind hearted and wouldn't want to hurt him but my uncle also spat on him. My uncle has a bad temper he's a nasty guy

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  • Are people with boarderline personality disorder ever happy?

    My uncle has it he's always grumpy and doesn't really care about anybody besides himself and it's always about him my exe has the same mental issue and she's always post depressing things and it was always about her when I was with her and was not considerate to my feelings she is selfish my uncle is selfish too but back in his day the disorder was not as understood as it is today he is nasty selfish anti social he is never happy the only time I seen him happy is when he has cannabis when he has no weed he's a drama queen overreacts to nearly everything I have never told him he overreacts because I know that somthing I should not say to someone with a personility disorder

    That girl pushed me away before I really got to know her personility but my uncle said his ex wife dersves a mental for putting up with him said after she married him he turned into a nightmare. Seeing him happy is rare but he must of drove his ex wife insane he's my uncle and the man is the ultimate pain in the bum/butt/behind

    I'm just asking this question because I find mental health issues interesting I have been told I could have been a drink but listening to other people's problems I think would damage my brain

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  • Will housing benefits cover my full rent if I were to move to a private let flat??

    I have found I few private let flats in the town I want to move too but the one I want is two bedroom and is the cheapest oddly enough but I would have to pay bedroom tax but if I moved to a 1 bedroom would the housing cover the full rent if it was £400 a month I have a mental illness and I get personal independence payment I am class as vunerable the town where I am living just know is bad I grew up in my current town is has gotten wrose I have been robbed and knife point and stabbed in the leg and I got a right good kicking a a about town month ago left me with a mark on my face witch might scar so I'm not enjoying staying here the town I want to move to is a nice place to live

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  • Will housing benefits cover rent for a private let in the UK scotland?

    Let's say £400 a month I have found a few private let's their are cheaper ones around £350 to £370

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  • UK scottish housing council does being in debt for council tax stop you from moving house?

    I have not had enough money to pay council tax and I owe money for rent arrears I have heard it is just rent arrears that stops me from moving house and not council tax

    I want to move to a private let after I pay off my rent arrears will I be able to move house even if I'm in debt for council tax I have ADHD and I'm not good with paying debts and managing money

  • How to get people to respect you?

    I respect myself I can I get other people to respect me

  • Is Donald trump a rapist?

    I heard rumours about him raping a young girl and sexual harrising women

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  • UK Scotland housing council question I want to move a private let but I am in debt with the housing council?

    I owe money for council tax and lost my keys and had to get my locks changed so and have been told the housing won't let met I found a nice private let. I was in a mental health hospital last year my srink was going to help me move house but it would have meant I would have been in that hospital longer so I signed myself out I have seen my srink once being out of hospital but due to the coronavirus lockdown I haven't been able to see her and I can not get in contact with my housing officer

    My dad said he was a landlord when before I was born and said because I am in debt with the council the housing benefits would not let me transfer but he was a landlord in the 90s and my mental health srink said it would be a good thing if I moved so the debt could I move and pay it off a little bit at a time

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  • I'm going to move to a new town it will make me happy but at the same time I am scared I will be lonely I know slot of people who live their?

    The town I want to move to is a good place to live it's nice it is not posh but it's better than were i live the town I live in is full of idiots and their is slot of thugs the town I'm moving to I have a sister who lives their and I know plenty of people who live their I use to live their in a homeless shelter unit and not too far away from were I am from so it's not too far away from family and friends

    The reason I posted this question is I know the move will make me happy but it's a little scary I'm trying to see it as a new stage in my life but at the same time it's a little scary but I know the grass is greener their are people who like me and I was taking to someone a while ago from their said she would like to meet up she's is a girl I use to like she knows I use to like her last time I spoke to her was in Facebook I was opening up to her about this girl I dated who self harmed and the girl sort of drove me a little crazy because I had feelings for her but i have moved on that girl who I opened up to said I deserved better because I'm a great guy so I could be friends with her but just friends she only dates older guy and I'm younger so could just be friends I use to like like her though

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  • When is Mike Tyson's boxing match with holyfield?

    I have heard their is a rematch I seen their fight back in the day I'm looking forward too their next 1

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  • Can someone give me a workout routine?

    I don't have access to weights

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  • What did sir Isaac Newton do the man who discovered gravity he must have done more than have a apple fall on his head?

    Gravity have been around since the dawn on time I mean someone must have dropped something or fallen before he was boring. The man must have discovered more and down alot more than have a apple fall in his head

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