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  • Air Force vs Army Family Life?

    I'm torn between joining one of these two branches and the biggest decisive factor for me is the quality of family life as I am married. We've dated for over 5 years, met in high school, and dealt with distance in college and were able to overcome. Granted I know that the distance of training and deployments will be much more difficult, just wanted to throw out that it wouldn't be the first time we spent away from one another and we didn't just meet or anything like that. I've heard that AF Kicks the **** out of Army when it comes to quality of family life due to shorter Deployments, better base, housing, etc. But I want a hands on, in the field job. In the Air Force the most combat oriented job I can find outside of Spec Ops is Security Forces. But I've read that they can deploy up to 6 months out of every year... if that's the case, would the Air Force really be that much better when it comes to spending time with your family if you're constantly leaving? Especially when you can GUARANTEE a job with the Army and have longer durations of time at home? Because if I could have my pick, I would love to do something like Cavalry Scout or Combat Engineer in the Army but those 12-24 months deployed seem really shitty when you have a family. Just wondering which seems to be the better option for someone with a family who is still wanting a combat oriented job. Any advice is appreciated!!

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  • Training Opportunities For Air Force Security Forces?

    I've heard that there are opportunities for some Airmen in this AFSC to go to special schools such as Ranger, Phoenix Raven, CPEC, etc. But there is not a lot of consistent information out there as to what all schools there are and how one would go about applying for them. Also, I am aware that it is very rare to get in, so spare me that. Also spare me the whole "you'll hate Security Forces" speech as well. That isn't what I'm here asking, I'm just curious in regards to what all schools are available and how one could apply for them. Thank you for your time.

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  • Mental Preparation For Fight?

    Hey, I ve got a fight coming up on February 20th. It is a grappling tournament and it will be my 3rd to fight at. I have had 5 grappling matches and 1 boxing match. My question is concerning how to get fully mentally prepared for this fight as I have been facing a lot of doubt lately. The reason behind this, I believe, stems from my last two fights. The first being a grappling match that I was behind on the cards against a much larger opponent before getting inadvertently injured and being sidelined for a month of training. Second, was my amateur boxing debut where nerves got to me and prevented me from performing to the fullest of my abilities and I lost a close decision. Physically I am much more athletic and skilled than I was when I had these fights but the doubt is still present. Any advice?

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  • Exercises to strengthen my knee?

    So I had surgery on my right knee a while back from a skateboard crash that knocked something around in there, I had it scoped. I was 14 and being the stupid kid I was, I neglected physical therapy. It healed fast and shortly, I was back to skating. Last summer I was competing in a JiuJitsu tournament and I suffered a very painful injury to the same knee. It popped when my ankle was pushed up past my knee. (Hard to explain how it all went down). Well, in the years that passed I had not smartened up any and I completely didn't go to the doctor's. It was feeling much better, until recently it started locking up on me. Not frequently, about once a week or so it'll lock up for a moment when I'm sitting down. I intend on going to the doctor eventually but until I can, what are some exercises I can do to strengthen the muscles around my leg? I've looked up some but most of them are hardly workouts.. I'm a boxer and I have good physical conditioning so I need a workout that'll push me still, most of these workouts appear to be for people who are out of shape with bad knees. I'm simply looking to fix my knee pains. Thanks!

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  • How to become more aggressive when competing?

    I've been trainingBboxing and JiuJitsu off and on for two years now, and I have competed in both. I have noticed that when I'm training, I'm incredibly fast and strong and I feel very confident. But when I competed, I lacked a lot of aggression and did not perform to my fullest at all. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not confident when I know that I can get the job done?

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  • How to make an embroided patch smaller?

    I bought two flag patches to put on my Jiu Jitsu Gi. They both had the same measurements on the website but of course they aren't. There's an American flag with a white border and an Irish flag with white border. The Irish flag Is larger and it seems if I can take off the white border it'll be the exact size. How can I remove the white outline?

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  • Heavyweight Boxing Dream Tournament?

    Okay, here's the deal. I'm gonna show you a bracket I put together with 8 of the best heavyweights of all time and all you have to do is say who you think would've won and why. 10 points to the best answer! All fighters are presumed to be in their prime and looking as good as they did in the best fight of their actual career.

    Quarter Final Round

    Fight 1: Muhammad Ali vs Joe Louis

    Fight 2: Joe Frazier vs Mike Tyson

    Fight 3: Jack Dempsey vs Jack Johnson

    Fight 4: Rocky Marciano vs George Foreman

    The winners of fights 1&2 go on to fight each other as well as the winners of fights 3&4 in the semi finals. The winners of those two fights fight in the finale. The deeper the analysis and more thorough, the better!

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  • How to cure soreness?

    Twice a week I train Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing for 3 hours at my local gym. I do my own conditioning at home on off days. Anyway, I'm competing in my first grappling tournament this weekend and we've been rolling super hard this past week including tonight. How can I cure the pain by Saturday so I can be 100% for my fight? Thank you!

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  • Good supplements to increase power?

    I don't have access to a gym with heavy weights so my exercises are predominantly bodyweight, cardio, or dumbbell exercises. I'm an MMA fighter but I train it just for self defense so weight class and going the distance isn't an issue. I'm just trying to add power to aid in my ability to finish attackers fast. I have some Muscle Milk powder that I drink as a meal replacement or before bed daily. And I have some Whey Gold Standard for post workout. What other supps would be good to put on some mass and add strength? Creatine? Multi-Vitamin?

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  • Bodyweight exercises and diet to get in shape?

    I have dumbbells and a pull up bar but that's all the equipment I have pretty much. So it looks like I'll have to do mainly bodyweight exercises. What would be a good routine for my upper body? Lower body? Abs? And what would be some good healthy snacks I could eat to help burn a little fat so I have good definition while gaining a little muscle mass?

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  • Protein shake for boxing?

    Would you recommend taking a protein shake 2 or 3 times a week as a supplement for muscle and strength? Or would that put on fat as well?

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  • Is this a good set up?

    My first question is, how much difference is made by replacing your stereo? I'm taking out the old stock one and putting in a brand new pioneer stereo. How much change will I hear? Anyway.. I have two Sony Xplode 12" subwoofers, two pioneer 6 1/2" door speakers, two 6X9" pioneer door speakers, and a 900 Watt pioneer amp. Is this a good set up?

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  • Should I compete in amateur boxing?

    I train boxing and wrestling. I've been debating lately, should I compete? I'd love to step in the ring and test myself but the main reason I'm training is for self defense. Competing means I need to cut weight and try to get lean. But if I don't compete, then I can just focus on getting stronger and better regardless of my weight. What do you think?

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  • How to become a firefighter or policeman after high school?

    How can I become a fireman after I graduate high school? Or policeman? What's the process for both?

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  • How to get around this PDQ?

    I tried to enlist into the military. Active duty and got PDQ'd. I was so pumped about turning 17 and being able to enlist that I rushed things and didn't send the right stuff to MEPS. Therefore, I was disqualified. I've heard several people say that I should get all my stuff together and try again at a different branch. But some people say I'd be better off enlisting into a reserve or guard unit then making the change to active duty. Because normally the doctors are more lenient if someone is joint reserves or guard. Help?

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  • How to protect the country?

    I have had a dream of being in the military from a very young age. To protect my nation was my ultimate goal. After years of waiting to reach the eligible age, I finally enlisted. They sent my medical pack to MEPS where I was PDQ'd for going to counseling. Honesty bit me in the ***. While I'm in the process of fighting to get this fixed, I'm trying to get some back up plans. What are some other jobs that would allow me to protect people? And how would I go about getting into those fields?

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  • 25 months of counseling?

    I'm enlisting into the military, I was enrolled in school based counseling for 25 months. Not court ordered, voluntarily. Because I had family issues at the time. Will this disqualify me? If I could just get a chance to be screened by the doctors they would see that I'm okay. I didn't take any medication either.

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  • Does this disqualify me?

    I took ADD meds when I was really young but my parents took me off of them and now I'm fine. But about five years ago I began seeing a case worker (pretty much an unbiased third party who would talk to me weekly about how things were going with my life) because I use to have problems coping with my father abandoning me. Well they made me see a psychiatrist and he prescribed me trasedone and seroquel and lexapro for conditions I didn't even have. I didn't take the pills because I didn't need them. But we gave my recruiter a clearance to pull my medical records and I'm scared that it'll disqualify me. Help?

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  • To Re Enlist or not to Re Enlist?

    I have a question for all veterans out there. I'm enlisting into the United States Marine Corps and want to know your thoughts on whether it's better to stay in for a full 20 years and retire or get out after 4-12 years while you're still young and get a job with the skills you gained. Also which MOS gives you the most experiences and most marketable skill set? Thanks!

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  • At home boxing workouts?

    I've been boxing 4 hours a week and doing Jiu Jitsu 4 hours a week for about 6 months. Now I have certain limitations set and can only manage to go to one 2 hour boxing/kickboxing class a week and one 2 hour Jiu Jitsu class every other week. On the weeks that I don't go to Jiu Jitsu I train with the Marine Corps to prepare for basic training so I'm still getting a damn good workout. So I have two days of intense workouts per week and if I factor in one rest day that leaves me with two days that I need to workout from home. What are some workouts I can do at night? I have some dumbbells and some perfect push up things and lots of road to run on haha. Help me out? Preferably workouts that in some way improve boxing skills.

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