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  • I want to go to Frank Sinatra High School?

    I'm in 8th grade right now & I'm gonna move back to NY in a couple months, I haven't auditioned to get in yet. I want to do Fine Arts but I've never taken an Art class, I had Art in elementary school but that's basically it. My art teacher said I had talent & that I should study Art. A lot of people say I draw really nice but I'm worried because I don't know anything about "Art", I just draw well. I love the Arts though, music and everything else & I REALLY want to get in. Any advice? Also, do you need to be very smart to get in? I'm a pretty good student, like average. Do you think I can get accepted?

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  • How to talk to girls online?

    So, I have a my yearbook account & I get to match with people. Anyways, this girl messaged me in my inbox saying hi, I wanna know how to start a conversation. Like, the girl is really cute and I like her, how can I get to know her without making things awkward? Any flirting tips? I really suck at talking to people online, especially in person so yeah. :/ Help, please?

  • How to get girls at the mall?

    I've been wanting a girlfriend for very long & I really don't know how to talk to girls at the mall. I get really nervous & I start to freak out. Sometimes, girls actually look at me or smile but I always look down or look away or something. Do you think I should wear rainbow bracelets or something? I want to also know how I can dress pretty & what I should say if I ever do meet a gay girl there? Help me please?

  • Please help me out? I want to know?

    I was wondering if any of you knew you were gay from a very early age & if you still are.. I'm 13 years old & I really think I'm a lesbian. Since I was about 7-10, I remember I always dressed in boy clothes and I had short hair, I also used to fantasize about girls A LOT. I would think about it all the time & I always had this sort of weird feeling towards girls, I liked being around them & stuff. I do think boys are really cute and stuff but I wouldn't date them, I don't like it x) My mom thinks its just a phase and she seems really annoyed by it too. So I was thinking.. Is it possible to be gay from a very early age? & still be gay for the rest of your life? Tell me your stories on how you knew you were :)

  • I want my ex gf back?

    I dont know but I think I was a little too young when I had my first girlfriend. I was only 11 in the 6th grade and my girlfriend was 13 in 8th. We went out for a week until she kind of dumped me, telling me that she wasn't over one of her ex- boyfriend. I thought it was just an excuse. I wish our relationship was better though, I always talked to her over the internet or just texted her, I never really knew her or hanged out with her in person. All I did was help her with problems and give her advice, I was basically always there when she was upset and I always tried my best to fix it. She considered me as a good, close friend. I did corny stuff though, like write her these crappy poems, I was super obssessive and I always got butterflies from her which made me like spaz out when we were talking lol, so now Im like 13 and I just can''t get over it at all. I wanna change for her, I wanna be more mature and I wanna treat her right. Im hoping one day we become really good friends. I don't know what was the reason why she broke up with me, but I have a feeling it was me. Do you think if I work on my self work out, get pretty and more mature like, I can win her back?

    She also dates a lot of guys and girls who play musical instruments, she's really into the metal/rock music like me. I remember a lot of her interests, I play the guitar and maybe I can like impress her? What should I do? lol. >.< I need some ideas. Or do you think it's useless and I should just move on?

    Oh and we don't talk anymore, I have her on facebook but I get scared to talk to her because she probably just doesnt want anything to do with me or something. So yeah?

  • How to get rid of her?

    Alright so, yesterday me and my best friend were hanging out...He has been trying to hook me up with girls for a while. He told me that there is this girl who has recently turned bi-sexual. We never hanged out, we just talked on facebook and stuff like that. So like, he called her and put her on speaker so I can hear everything they were talking about and then he asked her "Would you go out with Elisa? And who do you think is or her?" Then she answered ".....I dont know, I barley kno her and I..might, i dont know." So I kind of got happy and stuff so I was just like yayy :)

    Also, later in the day she called me again and we were talking a little bit, like to ask how we were doing and what kind of bands we liked and things we had in common, it worked out pretty well! But people tell me not to go out with her because she is really wierd, crazy and bitchy. I dont really believe it so I was gonna give her a chance. Me and my bestie made plans to hang out with her the next day,

    So we all went to the park and we both talked privatley, she told me she went out with Dahvie from "Blood on The Dancefloor" (some scene band)...........

    HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO BELIEVE THAT?! Really?! I just said "Cool" and then she told me she had plugs and when i checked her ear...NOTHING! She was also singing the WHOLEEEE SONGGGGG of "I'ma Monster" by Blood on the dancefloor and it was just soo disturbing. I had to hang out with her for 3 hours. My friend kept making us try to ask each other out but I was pretending to act shy and just ignore it. Then I got so mad because he kept saying things like "Oh, if you two ever make out, Im sooo watching." or "C'mon Elisa, she thinks your hot!, just ask her out right now!!!" and a lot of other things so I just started to cover my eyes then next thing is she started hugging me and stuff, then i got a little uncomfortable and started holding her hand...O_o What is wrong with me? Also, she made me trade sunglasses with her now I have hers and she has mine.....and I also dropped her of at her house and she gave me a big hug so I think she likes me alot. Kedar (my friend) even told me. I felt sooo bad because I dont like her, it feels akward because i barley kno her, she is so wierd, a liar, and I just dont feel right with her. I dont wanna go out with her but i dont kno what to do because I hate hurting peoples feelings and things lie that...I need help what do I do? She kept calling me too like 10 times today after we hanged out. I DONT LIKE HER! :/

    I need help, Im such an idot.

    P.S: Im a 8th grader and she's a 6th sooo, I don't think it was gonna work out anyways?

  • Why am I acting like this???

    Alright, Im having my summer vacation now and all I have is like a month and 7 days until I go back to school. 7th grade was really difficult for me and I always did my work 24/7, kind of like if I never took a break. I had this teacher who would give us like projecfts every single week, it was hell. Now it's summer and now that Im not doing anything, I feel thoughtless and really lazy. Ive been trapped in my house for the whole summer and I can't even speak in clear sentences, I can't think anymore and I barley talk to my friends...I've been ignoring my texts and call from my friends the whole time ad Ive been having a lot of mood swings. Like, I feel like crying most of the times because Im getting really insecure because of my weight and the way I look, I dont know....I feel wierd and stuff O___o What do you think it is? Maybe its because Im a teenager or something, or a lot of work I got this year? You tell me lol. Im getting scared because I literally can't figure it out.. :\ I hope these feelings and problems go away soon.

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    Well, I had this best friend, Her name was Cara and she is in the seventh grade like I am.I had been having a crush on this girl in my humanities class and I told Cara, she said she wasn't going to tell anyone and I trusted her.That was about like 2 months ago and I dont think anyone knew.Anyways, then one day Cara was like "Elisa, when are you going to tell your friends your gay?" and I was like "I dont know, whenever I am ready." Then that day, Me and Cara were talking about Tianna and I was saying how pretty she was and how much I liked her...Turns out that the next day one of my friends Rebecca had been looking through Cara's phone and found out I was a lesbian and that I liked Tianna! Rebecca said she swore not to tell ANYONE.Now, it all comes to today's news.Daniella (another girl from my school) said that Rebecca had told some people I liked Tianna because of Cara's text messages, I DON'T KNOW WHY SHE DID IT, i never did anything to her! Now, I am soo upset, this whole freaking week I had been trying to build myself up to be a better person, I was working so hard and now people think I like Tianna and actually, I DONT LIKE HER ANYMORE! I USED TO! I cried a little and this was on thursday so I haven't even talked about what happened today yet...

    I came late to school because I didn't want people staring or talking to me in the gym so on my way to Humanities class, I saw Cara and all of my close friends, Cara said "Elisa, hey how are you doing?Listen, Tianna knows already, I heard her talking about it to everyone, but don't sweat it just ignore them." and she just left me! I was like in my mind "HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO BE CALM IF TIANNA THINKS I LIKE HER AND IF THE WHOLE SCHOOL KNOWS IM A LESBIAN?!" SO, I came to Humanities, Tianna was there and so were everybody else...I didn't even bother looking at her or anyone! It was such a horrible day! It's so confusing because now I hear that Rebecca never told anyone and that it was Cara who said it 2 months ago but people eventually found out now adn then I hear another rumor that Rebecca told some girls and they told Tianna so now Tianna knows! I didn't even change for gym today, all the girls would have been disgusted and really freaked out because Im into girls.THIS WAS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE, I WANNA DISAPPEAR RIGHT NOW, PLEASE HELP ME!! =[[[


    When I came home from school today my mom asked me what the hell was going on and I didn't say anything, she was really worried because every single day I come either in a cranky mood or really upset one.She then said that she thinks that I think she's a bad mom and that I don't love her anymore BUT IT ISN'T TRUE! I don't want to tell her about this because she already told me A LOT of times not to ever tell secrets because it always spills out. AND IT DID! Now I blame myself for EVERYTHING! What do I do?! Please please help me, I have been thinking of actually killing myself but then again I WANT TO LIVE, I WANT TO GROW UP, I WANT MY DREAMS TO COME TRUE, but it feels like Life doesn't matter anymore. And im also even thinking of moving back to NY so I don't havta face all this at my school, PLEASE MESSAGE ME, PLEASE, I BEG YOU. I have been trying to talk to someone for a while and no one ever seems to listen well. Help </3

  • I think I am the full rainbow.. :p?

    Im confused about my sexuality, I know I like girls though that is definitley a yes! & Im only 12 going on 13 in July.Okay so, when I was little..I used to be obssessed with Lindsay Lohan & that was like before she was even lesbo! Umm, yeah I was like 7-8 & I never knew about the words "gay" or "bi" or "lesbian". I always had these really odd dreams of liking girls & stuff but I didnt think it was wrong at all. In the 5th grade I had a best friend and I think she really liked me, she always stalked me & one day when I went on her myspace she said she was bi! I was really scared because I just didnt like her, she was wierd! She even stalked me whenever I went to the bathroom! Then in the 6th grade..I moved to NJ in 2009 which has been recently. In the 6th grade..I met a girl...Her name was Katie :] I lovedd her soo much but I was kind of a joke to her...she was an 8th grader & I was just like a child to her so it didnt go well at all.. :\ but all I know is that I ALWAYS felt soo alive & my heart would be pounding when I see her face or whenever I thought about her. We broke up in May & I considered myself as a bisexual now. During the summer I had a really close friend named Anderson too, we started going out & when he took my out on our first date I felt kinda kinda odd. We were looking at the sky & we were both cuddling, I guess I kinda enjoyed it but something just felt different. Then Finally when we both had to leave he kissed me on my lips & I was just in my mind like "Ohmygod .. I kissed a boy O_O ..kool." & it was my first kiss so it was kinda shocking. He was really really happy too but I didnt feel anything & when I think of him I just feel like normal. I think Im a lesbian because I really like girls a lot & I find them really attracted, i think i was born gay or something like that..I always had a lot of fantasies about girls.But I also think about guys SOMETIMES! Like..Brandon Lee is hot but ehh...Girls are way better ;) Like Megan Fox xD Haha lol. OH, AND ONE LAST THING! When I was around 8 and 9 years old.. I dressed like a boy because I felt more comfortable that way & idk i was just like that. I have no idea why but now I think its all starting to come to me, could any of you PLEASE message me, I need help because I really want to know what I am, I have more to say but just please help me! Im so confused!

  • I think she is giving me signs...DOES SHE LIKE ME??!?

    Well, I've been crushing on this girl for a couple of months already like 3 I think. She's in my social studies and reading/writing class.She looks at me A LOT. Like, when class starts we always have to get a book nd do silent reading. She sits across from me but not at my table. She is always facing me. When I start reading I pretend im not looking at her but I do :p So this is what happens: I start reading and she looks at me like she's daydreaming, ok so then when she isfacing another way I look at her lol. Omg but you know what..this is starting to hppen more: When I think she isnt looking I look at her and then we both end up staring at each other she smiles at me :D She also touches me and talks to me a lot. The problem is we are both girls and idk if she just wants to be my friend.She also teases me about my ex, we are best friends and we always hang out but she says "Ooo ELISA, YOUR BOYFRIEND." It is sooooooo annoying! I love her and I hope she doesnt think I like him. ALSO, When we havta work on our projects in class, she ALWAYS always alwaysss sits next to me. She always asks me "Who do you like,Who do you like?".... She lives right across the street from me too lol soo we hang out. She always askes if i could hang out and stuff with her. Today she even said "Ohmygod,Elisa, Yesterday I was about to go to your house." I was sooo mad because I wish she did! lol she also gives me so many signs ughh im just so confused too because I remember she said she liked this boy michael nardone but the good thing is she doesnt like him anymore. Now she is trying to ask me to the park in our neihborhood more. WHAT DO I DO?!?! :O Im freaking out! Im so confused and anxious to know whats going on!

    & please to let you all know, if ur against gays or bi's then leave this page right now, I don't wanna hear rude comments, i really like this girl so please help me!