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  • Does this sound like it could be brain tumour symptoms?

    About a week ago I fell asleep in the evening and when I woke up I had a headache and felt sick. It lasted all night (I did take a painkiller), I still felt the same when I awoke in the morning, long with this I had dizziness, lightheaded-ness, and a sort of throbbing feeling at the back of my head when I moved my eyes from side to side. I had the sickly headache feeling for around 2 days, it is now pretty much gone -it is now only faint and less frequent and the nausea seems to go when I eat. The dizziness is not as bad. The main problem now is with my eyes, (I still have the throbbing and slight 'white noise' sound when I move my eyes/head from side to side) but now my vision isn't quite right. It seems blurred/less sharp, and I have a feeling of not being in reality. I am less able to concentrate and I feel like I'm 'not really there'.

    Does this sound like it could be evidence of cancer in the brain? Or could it be symptoms of something else because tumour symptoms don't usually go or get better on their own, they usually continue and get worse, don't they?

    Could it possibly be something else like undiagnosed type 2 diabetes?

    Or in addition, I stopped taking Citalopram for OCD a few weeks ago - could it be withdrawals from that?

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Problem with pet Galah?

    We have had our pet Galah for 4 months and they have suddenly begun acting strangely. They are eating and drinking fine and interacting with us normally, but seem unable to keep their feet still (even when standing on the spot). They are constantly shuffling their feet and acting jittery.

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

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  • skype on mobile phones?

    I was wondering whether Skype works from mobile to mobile. I know you can make calls from PC to mobile and vice versa, but I've not found anything about mobile to mobile. Are there special requirements?


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  • Any good MMO/MMORPG games?

    I was hoping someone could recommend one.

    I've been playing Guild Wars and have really enjoyed it, so something similar would be ideal.


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  • Problem with laptop, any advice?

    I recently tried to install a dongle on my laptop but it didn't work, and it seems to have done something to it.

    I am unable to play games or go on the internet because when I try to launch them boxes come up with things ending in .exe and run or save buttons. I press the run button and a window starts to launch but then closes again, only for me to be confronted by the same box again.

    I have uninstalled all the dongle information but that didn't help.

    Any advice please?

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  • Animal Crossing on Nintendo Wii?

    I was hoping someone could tell me how you get into Crazy Redd's shop. He just keeps saying I need an invitation.

    Can anyone help?


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  • What would Region: 100 mean on a video game box?

    And if I bought a game from America that said that, would I be able to play it in the UK?


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  • Pokemon Red Rescue Team for GBA/DS?

    Where do you find the Tight Belt?

    I had some but lost them - and now i've forgotten where you find them!


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  • The 'Coke Zone' Website.?

    Is anyone else having probs with the coke zone website?

    Firstly it doesn't let me log in, then it does but it doesn't let me redeem codes, then finally when I click on any of the links (help, rewards etc) it doesn't do anything.

    Is anyone else having these probs - or is it just me!

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  • Egyptian Uromastyx?

    We've recently just bought an Egyptian Uromastyx. The book we bought too says that they like to eat red and yellow flowers, can anyone suggest some flowers that would be safe for them to eat, we've been feeding him dandelions but would like to try him on something new.

    Could he eat daffodils?

    We live in England, UK so any suggested flowers would need to be available here.


    2 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago
  • Longhorn Cowfish.?

    Does anyone have any experience of looking after horned cowfish/longhorn cowfish?

    My girlfriend really wants one but I've read they are really hard to look after.

    Has anyone got any info? Thanks.

    This is a pic of the one she wants:

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  • Animal Crossing: Wild World questions. Please help?

    I have a couple of questions, and would be grateful for any answers.

    Q1: I was previously playing my animal crossing game on an ordinary DS, however the top screen got damaged - so I got myself a DS Lite. Anyway, the game doesn't seem to work properly on the new DS Lite, the time/date was correct on my ordinary DS - but when I put it in my DS Lite it seemed to have skipped ahead - it said Monday 1st June 2015. I put the date/time correct and saved it, but when I next switched it on it had skipped back to the same date again. The date/time is correct on my DS Lite system. Has anyone got any ideas as to the reason it's doing this? And any solutions?

    Q2: I am wishing to use WI:FI but unsure how, I have a PC + Broadband connection - but I do not have a wireless connection - I have a cable modem (with wires). Can I still do it?

    I've read all the booklets but they don't seem to tell me much about this.

    Many thanks in advance.

    P.S Sorry for the long questions! lol!

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  • Lump on lower back,?

    My fiancee has a small, hard, pea-sized lump at the base of her spine, on the left. It is the same colour as her skin, and it is painful if pressed.

    She's had it for about 3 weeks.

    She's 27.

    Could it be cancerous? If not what could it be?


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  • Please could anyone tell me what these German words mean?

    Hi, I am trying to translate a lizard care sheet I found on the web. I'm hoping someone (obviously someone who knows the german language) can tell me what any of the following german words mean.

    Thanks in advance.

    The words are as follows:




    Grundfarbung (umlout on the 'a')

    Kielformigen (umlout on the 'o')

    Turkise (umlout on the 'u')



    Umfarbung (umlout on the 'a')







    Habitatverhaltnisse (umlout on the 2nd 'a')



    Wurzelstrunke (umlout on the 2nd 'u')













    Vitalitatszyklus (umlout on the 2nd 'a')


    Braunungsstrahler (umlout on the 1st 'a')


    Hautung (umlout on the 'a')





    Tropfdusen (umlout on the 'u')

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  • Kaposi's sarcoma?

    Does Kaposi's sarcoma only appear in people infected with HIV/AIDS? Or are there other causes?


    3 AnswersCancer1 decade ago
  • 'Condom in beer bottle' News story.?

    Have you read the news story about a russian who found a condom wrapper and part of a condom in his bottle of beer?


    Do you reckon it's genuine?

    If it is, how does this happen. What are condoms doing in factories making consumable items?

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  • Riddle................?

    What can go up a drain pipe down, but can't go down a drain pipe up?

    12 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • Your favourite music video?

    I was watching a countdown of the '100 Greatest Music Videos' on TV last night, and now i'm interested in finding out what is everyone's personal favourite.

    So, what is your favourite music video of all time, and why?


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  • Surnames: Dancer or Watret.?

    I'm trying to do my family tree.

    Do you/does anyone have any connection with either of these surnames?

    The surname Dancer may have connections in Coventry, and/or Oxfordshire.

    Watret may have connections in Leicestershire, especially in Ashby-De-La-Zouch.


    2 AnswersGenealogy1 decade ago