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  • what size crate do I get for a Corgi husky mix?

    im getting a 10 month old corgi husky mix this weekend. I was told hes 26lbs but really long. for his weight a medium should do but Im afraid it wont be long enough. does anyone have experience buying crates for long dogs? lol

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  • can we buy a house with a credit score in the 400's?

    My husbands credit score is in the 400's, I dont really have one. I have a credit card but its not paid off yet. Is there any way we could get a loan for a house? does anyone give out loans that dont require a credit check? we are only looking at houses for sale around $60,000

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  • Vets in Missouri who will do Doberman ear cropping?

    Im getting a Doberman puppy in a couple weeks and I have a very small time frame to get his ears cropped. Does anyone know of any vets that will do cropping in Missouri? who doesnt charge like $500 but has experience with cropping different lengths. Please no comments on how you think its cruel.

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  • is there a soft dry cat food?

    Im looking for a softer cat food for my cat, hes only 5 and missing most of his teeth already. I got him off a farm, idk if he just didnt get enough nutrition or what but hes had to have several teeth removed. Right now hes eating Taste of the Wild, Im looking for something similar to this, a grain free high quality food. He was eating cheap foods from walmart but he was rashy and itchy so I put him on that and hes been fine but now hes starting to have problems chewing, and he will throw up huge piles of whole pieces of food that were not chewed and it concerns me that hes not eating enough because of his teeth. I heard canned food wasnt good for them because it doesnt scrape the tartar off their teeth plus it can be pretty expensive if your buying a high quality food, which I want to do and try to prolong his life, being him a farm cat and losing his teeth and most of his siblings were sickly I want to give him the best as possible. and Yes ive had him tested for feline leukemia twice and he was negative. So is there a softer dry food I can put him on thats high quality and possibly grain free?

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  • what online schools offer conservation and ecology?

    im looking for a great online school program that offers conservation and ecology and anything of the sorts, but im looking for one that also lets you pay small monthly payments. im not having any luck.

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  • Which is better, Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs?

    I love ALL Bully breeds. Im trying to find out which is better for when I have my own place to rent, which would be easier to rent with and get approved? Which is best with all animal, children and any kind of situation. Im trying to weigh pros and cons for both to decide on which to have in the future. I really want a pitbull but most places don't allow them, so going with the next best thing lol. Ive researched both breeds a bit and theres things I like and dislike about both. How are their temperament's? asking people with personal experience. Ive read that frenchies cant swim, are kind of lazy, that boston terriers are bouncy and very hyper. ANY and ALL info and opinions are welcome. Im just looking for a fun goofy dog that I can take places, show off and one that'll want to do all that with me but can still be reserved in the home, especially for apartment life

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  • stages of Crohns disease info?

    my best friend has Crohns disease. lately shes been seriously ill and in the hospital. I just got news that she has an obstruction in her lower intestines and her crohns has reached stage 3. she is pooping and puking up blood and hes on heavy meds. What is stage 3 of crohns? can she die from this?? she also has Ovarian Cancer as well so shes not doing well at all. Im really concerened aboout her right now. Shes bed ridden and has been out f work for 2 weeks. Can anyone give me info? I was diagnosed with IBS which i hear Crohns can be mistaken as IBS. I have had alot of her syptoms just not her advaned serious stages. They put me on a medication but lately it has not been working. my stool has been black and my dad thinks i have internal bleeding. Icant eat ANYTHING that doesnt upset my stomach in some way. i wake up feeling sick all the time, everyday. And no im not pregnant. I just want some info on this Crohns disease and want to know how serious it can actually get. I have a bad feeling about my friend but i dont want to have negative thoughts :( shes part of my family

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • meaning of tree of life circle paganism/wicca?

    im just getting into the pagan religion. im in it for more of the spiritual connection with nature and the world around me. I dont know much about all the symbolic meanings to things. My friend wants to get me something for my birthday for my religion and ive decided on 2 things first. Shes got a pentacle necklace that she says is for protection, i really like it and would like one but I came across a tree of life necklace that has Opalite on it. I am real big into the celtic stuff too and have noticed a tree on alot of their things. I figured the tree of life would help me to possibly conect with nature and better understanding but i dont know its real meaning or symbalizm. I know they say pick things that you can connect with, like your crystals. you dont just buy them you have to feel the connection and something just keeps drawing me back to the Opalite tree of life necklace. And if i do go with it do i have to bless it? my friend rubs oil on her pentacle for blessings or something like that. I dont really know what to do other than wear it lol

    this is what it looks like and im just drawn to it

    any info you could give me would be great

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • exessive urinating and thrist in dogs?

    i have a husky i got from someone and she drinks alot and pees like every 15 mins, even after i let her out and she pees a whole puddle she comes back in a pees all over the place. i took her out twice within a half hour and she peed twice outside both good amounts and then she peed twice outside. also she pees wehn she gets really excited or i get firm with her, i think her previous owners beat her. how do i fix this and go about training her since i cant be firm with her?

    1 AnswerDogs8 years ago
  • dog raises hair on back when meeting dogs?

    i have a husky that i had before, i just got her back. i had to rehome her but now shes back with me ( its a long story) well i had another dog when i had her the first time and she did great with her. well i have 2 different dogs now and she met the male last nigth and when he sniffs her she raises the hair on her shoulders. also if he gets in her face she gives a low growl but nothing serious. they did fine last night as long as he didnt get overly excited and jump on her but i noticed when he walked past me the husky would lay in front of me and they were kind of fighting over who was going to lay on my leg. what does this mean? is she just nervous or is she dog aggressive? she didnt attack him

    7 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • natural home remedies for anger problems?

    i need some kind of remedy or over the counter drug to help get rid of my anger outbursts, i do not have insurance to see a doctor or counsler of any sort. I also will not let weed be an acceptable answer, as it is illegal where i live. I am bipolar and become very aggitated easily and out burt in anger. I have a very sensative dog who takes it to heart and gets upset when im angry so i need something fast. I also heard exercise is good but i cannot excercise without being so short of breathe. any ideas?

    11 AnswersAlternative Medicine8 years ago
  • what are these symptoms caused by?

    my dog is acting very strange, he barks and growls at every noise and at people besides me and my husband, his eyes are red, puffy and have drainage that cause tear stains. his hair is like literally falling out and thinning, theres dog hair all over me and my house, i can pet him down his back and a hand full of hair come off. hes a pit bull so he shouldnt shed like this especially during the winter. his hair is dull and course. he seems to have mood swings, he will be happy and all over someone one minute and crabby and growling the next, idk whats wrong with him

    3 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • what is wrong with my rat?!?

    well i got rats like thursday i think it was, since i brought them home one of them has been breathing weird, the other day i come home and find her bleeding and foaming at the mouth and grinding her teeth, so i take her out and stroke her bcuz i thought she was gunna die, well a couple days passed that ive had her in a seperate cage and she started acting better so i put her back with the other 2, now she can hardly stand and is bleeding again...idk wuts wrong with her.

    wut should i do? the other 2 arent acting sick, i dont have a small pet vet near me and if i take her somewhere else they r gunna charge me alot for it and i dont have any money right now. some lady just gave them to me for free, do you know whats wrong with her?

    3 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • needing a fear aggression/protection trainer?

    im in serious need of a trainer in Missouri who works on fear aggression and protective issues in dogs. Im looking for a great trainer who uses ONLY POSITIVE training methods. No shock collars or prong collar training, Tom Rose is out of the question and they want to charge me $900. Ive been searching for at least a month and the people ive contacted either want to charge me an arm and a leg or dont want to help me. PLZ HELP!!

    4 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • should i end my rats suffering?

    i got rats the other day and one is apparently deathly ill, shes been huffing and today i came home and found her bleeding and foaming at the moth and i think she may be having small seizures. i dont have aa smell pet vet near me especially not open at this time. should i just put her out of her misery? i want to do the most humane thing for her :(

    3 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • rat with respiratory problem?

    i just got 3 rats the other day from some lady giving them away for free, they r all female. wehll one rat has been breathing funnier than the others. today i checked on her and shes laying on her side huffing. what should i do? i dont have any small animal vets anywhere near me unfortunately so im lost on what to do. with the way shes breathing idk if she will even make it another day :(

    2 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • how to know if my rat is pregnant?

    i just got 3 rats from some lady giving them away today for free, she said they are all female but i dont know for sure. her belly looks different from the other 2 and shes been like doing some kind of hyperventilating. she wont let me pick her up either. how do i tell if they are male or female?

    6 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • symptoms of problems with appendix?

    my lower right side is like tender. when i go to the bathroom, either urinating or pooping my ride side feels like theres pressure on it. i thought maybe it could be a bladder infection but its just mainly on my right side. what does it sound like? and if i sit a certain way i feel pressure on it. i cant afford to go to the doctor so is there any home remedies or anything over the counter that i can take?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • how to be a conservationist?

    what are the requirements to be a conservationist? what kind of degree would I need, or classes will I have to take? im not sure if a conservationist is what im looking to do. I want to go and try and help wild animals, save trees, try to lower polution, stuff like that. Do I even need a degree for this? And if so where in Missouri can i find these schools. i guess you can call me a tree hugger lol

    1 AnswerOther - Education8 years ago
  • how to become a conservationist?

    what are the requirements to be a conservationist? what kind of degree would I need, or classes will I have to take? im not sure if a conservationist is what im looking to do. I want to go and try and help wild animals, save trees, try to lower polution, stuff like that. Do I even need a degree for this? And if so where in Missouri can i find these schools. i guess you can call me a tree hugger lol

    4 AnswersConservation8 years ago