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I am an expert on fish and i have been raising, breeding, studying and learning about fish for a while. Im more of a freshwater fish person. My expertise in saltwater isn't very good. My first experience with fish is when i was four and my parents had a fish tank in our house. Around 14 i started getting intrested. Some of the fish i had/have: -All Livebearers -13 different species of Tetras -3 species of Gouramis -A LOT of Bettas -Almost all corydora known to man -Plecos (common, and bristlenose) -Different types of Catfish -African Cichlids -Snails, and shrimps -Bichirs -Alot of Barbs -Alot of Danios and minnows -Alot of Loaches -Alot of Rasboras -Alot more i can't name on top of my head right now ~Feel free to ask me questions ~Feel free to email me and add me as a contact