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  • Painting over faded/cracked walls using original paint in rental property?


    This question is for landlords, or anyone who had an experience like this... I moved into a place recently and stupidly started doing a few touch-ups that I wasn't supposed to do according to the lease. I basically painted over a few wall sections with faded/missing paint. The color didn't quite match so I decided to call over a professional to do touchups using the original color.

    I'm worried that when my landlord sees these changes that they might not return my security deposit once my lease is up. Technically, I will have made the apartment more marketable because the professional will paint over sections that were entirely bereft of paint. And I heard that as long as the paint matches the original, it should be fine... But will the landlord be angry that I started painting in the first place when I wasn't supposed to?

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  • My employer is in New Jersey but I live and work in New York?

    I recently got hired by a New Jersey employer and I'll be working for their client in New York soon. For the time being, the only employer-sponsored health insurance I have available to me is by my New Jersey employer.

    I know the individual mandate was eliminated, but not in New Jersey. Do I still have to buy health care through my New Jersey employer if I am technically a New York resident?

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  • Can my credit card debt disqualify me from getting hired at a financial company?

    I have a good credit score (704) but I'm worried that my current revolving credit card debt (over $9,000) can disqualify me from getting hired at a financial company that I have a phone interview with tomorrow.

    I have no missed payments (although I'm only paying the minimum on my two cards right now), no bankruptcies, marks, etc. I'm not sure exactly what the credit report will show (this is for a job in New Jersey) but if the debt shows up, can they disqualify me? This is for a web developer job and I'm not sure if it will require any access to financial records or data.

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