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  • Math Problem:Minimizing production Costs:?

    The total monthly cost (in dollars) incurred by cannon precision instruments for manufacturing x units of the model MI digital camera is given by the function

    C(x)= .0025x^2 +80x +10,000

    a. Find the average cost function C.

    b. Find the level of production that results in the smallest average production cost.

    C. find the level of production for which the average cost is equal to the marginal cost.

    Please please help! I have been stuck for days and i just dont get it.

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  • Math Problem: Optimal selling Price: The present value of a piece of waterfront property?

    The present value of a piece of waterfront property purchased by an investor is given by the function P(t)=80,000e^√t/2 -.09t

    (o < t < 8)

    Determine the optimal time (based on present value) for the investor to sell the property. What is the property's optimal present value?

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