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  • About Height Measurements?

    I would like to know how exactly the result of a height measurement is developed, through all the questions I have looked through on here, I know how and when to measure, but every time I see a result (example: 5'11) I truly have no earthly idea how tall or short that is, I want to learn how to measure, but this specific method for measuring looks different, because one day, I was thinking about how tall my Werewolf Character was going to be, then it dawned upon me........0.o how exactly do I get the result? and I know (Anthropomorphic)Werewolves are REALLY TALL, and another thing, measuring by feet, someone could say something like "WHOA! THATS 7 FEET TALL!" I understand if measuring by the average foot size, then your doing right, I pretty much have a average foot size, but when I walk and count my steps, they are only half the size that person was referring to,

    I feel lost, I know if I learn this and more, it will open new doors for me

    Please Help me lol

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  • is spybot truly superior?

    i have been using spybot search and destroy and it has been useful,but now every time i get my results up,it won't remove them,and i also got MS security essentials and i do a full scan with it and it won't detect what spybot does and it is REALLY frustrating,when i go to my yahoo mail,every time i change it to "Available" it switches right back to "Offline" and i played an online game called "Desert Operations" loved the game,played it for about 5-6 months,then all a sudden i'm unable to access my account and on top of that my yahoo goes offline,so i used my spybot and it detects not only adware but hijackers and the adware was by IncrediBar which has been hauting me no thanks to google chrome and if any of you guys can help me out with this path SB showed: HKEY/SOFTWARE/MACHINE/USERS,then a couple scans afterwards showed HKUS/SOFTWARE/MACHINE/USERS,and i looked at the text document and it all led to a trojan,but spybot cannot remove it and who ever hacked me knew i had my email and played Desert Operatios because those are the only 2 things its worked on and i don't got money to drop,it needs to be completely free,i don't want to get rid of SB because it works very well,so please help me out,plus i have not talked to my friends for a month now

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  • i think there might be some thing wrong with my laptop?

    after a while that i got my laptop,my "Internet Explorer" started to get slower and slower,and i tried to find things that that would help with that and all i found was stuff you had to register for,which then come with a cost,and i found out paying for stuff to try and get rid of malicious software is a scam,my PC already came with a windows defender,but it's not getting rid of every thing,and pretty soon i got google chrome but soon after that,i got a system message saying that "Internet Explorer has gone corrupted"and when i first got my laptop i got this update called "HP Quick Web configuration tool" which is what i'm using right now,and so i use google chrome but then it started to get slower,and found "SpeedItUp free and i still really don't see a speed diffrence,and now every time i open google chrome,at the top where the tab is,it will say "Untitled" unless i'm hooked up to the DSL we have,i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to fix this,because if there down and you can't save a thing on the HP Quick web configuration tool,unless you got a device to connect to it,which,i have to MP3's, i just don't know,can you help me out?

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