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  • Does anyone know of a party supply store/warehouse w/ cheap discount prices?

    We are throwing my son's first birthday in 2 weeks. I'm trying to find a good party supply store that will sell alot but at cheap prices. I already tried stores like party city and alin's party supplies but they seem to have enough for like 20 people in one package at a very high price. But I have about 200 (kids and adults) coming and I need to know if there's other options. Oh and also its a sponge bob theme. So anyone....please.....oh especially like a store that sells a wide variety of sponge bob party supplies will REALLY REALLY help as well......we can't shop over the internet so if anyone can refer such a place....we would sincerely appreciate it.....oh and were in the Los Angeles County area (south bay/harbor area).....thankz to all

    da utuonez

  • Questions about my son's first birthday party?

    Well, my son's first birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. His theme is Sponge bob. I was wondering if anyone knows a place where they sell a variety of sponge bob stuff? We live in the south bay area (torrance, carson, long beach, garden area, etc) we've tried allen's party supply store and several party city's. We're kind of looking for like a warehouse type of store. Only because the packages that are selling in party stores are like 10 items in a package. To where i just want to buy a whole set. Hope someone knows of a place! Thank you very much

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  • What age is it normal for a baby to start walking?

    my son started to walk at 9 months. And I was wondering, would this cause any harm for his legs? because he is a heavy baby!

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  • What is the average MGP for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

    I know there's several that vary or whatever..... but i'm curious because i was looking through my owners manual and didn't find a thing. So any expo owners out dere..... please help me out....thankz... oh and everything on it is standard.... i dont' have the message center or how many miles to E gauge, etc. i would like to know if anyone knowz or whatz your mpg....

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  • Is it okay to swim in the ocean while being pregnant????

    I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and we often go to the beach....I want to swim but I dont' know if its good for me and the if some bacteria or something goes up there....or the waves pushing me around..........someone please help.......

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  • How can I watch live NFL football games online???

    I'm a die hard Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan..ok at my old house that I lived at last year.....we had direct tv and I watched all the buccaneers that we live at a new house.......i can't afford to get it reconnected.........but i have the internet......and i was wondering if anyone knew of a website where I can watch a buccaneer game........this is really frustrating.......even tho' itz preseason......I need help.........any suggestions???...............

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  • What's the name of that song in Rush Hour 3??

    When Chris Tucker is directing traffic and singing....who sings that??....and whats the name of that song??...........that part is hilarious.....and da song is crakkin'.....

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  • Has this ever happened during your pregnancy?? PLEASE HELP...?

    ok, I just turned six months pregnant today...... and lately I've been having a yellowish clear discharge down has kind of a mucus texture to it..........I really need to find out if this is normal during pregnancy........It happens daily and often everyday....I'm just wondering if I should be worried and if anyone knows what it is and what causes it.....This is my first pregnancy by the way....oh and I've talked to 2 people and they both said its normal and they had the same thing during all of their even said it was something from the placenta or something like that.....please please please help me.......and please only serious answers.......thanks a bunch..... and have a blessed day......

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  • When are you considered to be in your 3rd trimester?

    sources are telling me different weeks...which one is right??....

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  • Please Help....curious!!!!?

    According to water conservationists you should water your lawn in the early morning to avoid what?

    a) Getting Heat stroke

    b) Evaporation

    c) Grass from burning

    just curious!!!...thank yall!!!!

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  • I am 5 months (tomorrow)?

    i wanted to know is there a certain way that i should look by now?? husband and family members think that i'm not as big as i should be and that i don't eat as much as i husband and i measured myself a few days ago and i was 26 inches going across my belly...

    hearing all of this makes me think sometimes that i am NOT as big as i should be....

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  • How would you guyz rate the company name brand foods?

    I, myself, have tried many different foods for my two boxers have owned, pedigree, science diet, Nature's Choice (large breed) just to name a few. I now feed my one boxer I have now Royal Canin Large breed puppy32 and have felt like this is the best for them. I later plan on switching my boxer to Royal Canin BOXER food after she's 15 months as directed on the "boxer" food label. I'm just curious what foods do you guys perfer for your dogs? (boxers preferrably but other large breeds are welcome)

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  • Is it safe to give a dog gatorade??

    Yes, this is a serious question.... this thought has crossed my mind many of times while my dog and I are excercising......I have two bottles with me.....a water bottle and a gatorade....and while i'm drinking mines and giving her the water......I sit there and wonder...." . . . this gatorade re-energizes me.....will it do the same for her?...." .... oh and I was wonderin' .....i seen alot of people on TV feeding their dogs raw meat....who else does that??...and what kind of meat do you feed them??............and though i think it's safe because if the dogs were in the wild the'd be hunting and eating raw it really safe??.......and what's the difference in nutrition value between the meat and company name brand dog foods???........PLEASE HELP..........i'm very curious....

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  • Does anyone know a cheap vet in L.A. county that can assist with my dog's birth?

    aight, my boxer's not pregnant but I was thinking about breeding her just one time. I'm not trying to become a breeder or trying to strike rich off of this because I know that with vet fee's and taking the "RIGHT" precautions, I'll probably barely brake even.....I just want to do this for the experience and also everyone I know wants a pup from my female boxer. Oh and I know all about the dog rescue stories and that situation so please just, if anyone answers, leave the sad stories out. It's like on every website I asked for help... all these people started to slay my thought of doing this.......but you all can trust that my boxer and her pups will be in good hands.... oh yeah and what's your opinion of all the steps I have to go through?(In order to breed my dog the right way) .......oh and does artificially impregnanting her exist??.......and how much do you guys think the whole process will cost me??..... I only want to do this once and then get her fixed.......

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  • how do you deal with your wife's pregnant moods?

    i cater to her 24 hours 6 days a week, and on that one day, i would like to have time for myself to relax and have a couple beersand sometimes fish. is that healthy?

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  • is it ok to....???

    is it ok to go to the nail shop while you're pregnant???

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  • Is it good to...????

    OKis it good to fly on the plane if you're pregnant?!?!?...whens the best time to fly a baby wen its born???

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  • Does anyone own a boxer in Carson, CA??

    just mondering because me and my husband loves the boxer breed and wanted to see our boxer play with its own kind for the first time!!!!! please answer!! my boxer is a female and its 6 months old!

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  • does anyone know of a free ultrasound in carson or long beach, california?!?!? there such a thing???

    i was wondering because the last time i've had an ultrasound check up was wen i was about, 4-6 weeks, i am now 4 months pregnant and want to know how my baby is doing in there! doctor is sooooo backed up and i rarely see him at check ups... i would love to have an ultrasound! please help...

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