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  • Is it required by law for an employer to be transparent about commision pay?

    Commision is obviously a perk of a job, and I don't disagree with that aspect of my employment. However, if commision is paid, is an employer not required to be transparent in how they calculate it? For instance. I work with a team. Our commision is .03 of revenue split by the members of our team. For every 80 dollars in earned commision, my split is ten because we have eight team members.

    However, lately, its not that clear cut. Instead of getting ten, I'm getting eight. So is the rest of the team. The employer is stating that its none of our business how they get our commision numbers, because its a perk of employment. There is also a level of secrecy that is kept because it also determines how the other team members get paid (we know each other's pay essentially because its a team earned commision). When hired, I was hired with base plus commision. Of course I understand that means that how commision is calculated can change, but I would think that an employer would at least be required to show how it has changed and how it is currently calculated.

    And if you happen to find any laws regarding the transparency of pay, with specific detail of commision based pay... I would greatly appriciate it.

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  • Does a hospital staff member have the responsibility to report a wanted fugitive in their care?

    If a known fugitive is recognized by hospital staff, while in their care, do they have an obligation to report the whereabouts of the fugitive, or would a report be a breach of patient confidentiality?

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  • Do hospital staff have a responsibility to report a wanted fugative?

    If a hospital staff member recognizes a wanted fugitive, do they have a responsibility to report the fugitive? Or is it considered a breach of privacy of that patient?

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  • Question for Professional Painters regarding trim?

    I have a dispute with someone and was looking for a professional's opinion on time frame for a job.

    How long does it take to paint trim with the proper tools...looking for how many feet per hour, and with what tools?

    Now, how about with no painter's' tape or edging tape (I thought about using cardboard to edge, but it is actually to thick for the detail which the employer wants this done now), and a two inch edge brush (this is very basic trim)?

    And how long does it take to prime, repaint, and recut the wall along the side of a door frame (the wall color was painted onto the door frame and needs to be fixed)....again, with no tape, no edger, just the same less than two inch edge brush?

    Again, looking for how many feet per hour kinda answer... along with your credentials and reason why you quote that amount.

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  • Tran-sexuality and mental illness?

    First, let me say that I choose not to judge anyone who lives with this life style choice... other than I think it must be very difficult to deal with. But I am curious about the professional psychological opinion of this type of lifestyle.

    Is it considered a mental illness? I have heard that it could be considered a trait of Borderline Personality Disorder, where the person who is tran-sexual feels that they have to alter who they are to fit their sexual desires to be with a certain type of person. If so, why is it considered a mental illness?

  • Would you consider breaking up with an individual that cheats at games?

    I know this is silly, but it is bugging me. My boyfriend and I haven't been together long, but we are compatible on some many different levels. I like him and I am comfortable, BUT... he cheats on games and he is a poor sport about them. Its just turning me off as far as his personality is concerned. I am getting to the point that I don't want to play any games with him, but he likes to play.

    Example of what he does... dominoes... when he is loosing, he blames it on the application... there has to be a glitch, he had a tile to move but it wouldn't let him put it down and he had to pull from the boneyard instead. And I only won because of that single problem. Bejeweled Blitz... okay, this is on facebook for all our family and friends to see... so keep this in mind. We competitively score. I beat his score and dared him to beat me... with the full understanding that he probably could. I didn't bash him or anything, just dared him. The very next day his score is not only high, but impossibly high, and he basically said I needed to bow down and worship him. When I mean impossible... really impossible... smell a rat because he is a computer geek and knows how to change applications and software to do what he wants. When I ask him about it, he just smiles at me and told me that I will never catch him. Of course not.... if he is cheating! And this is published on our web pages for all family and friends to see. I've already gotten emails from friends asking me how he scored so high. Really want to tell him that I believe he cheated, but I don't want them to think ill of the guy I'm dating if that isn't true. Of course, he won't tell me or anyone else for that matter how he did it.

    It makes me wonder what type of character he has if he has this kinda of spirit with games.

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  • Problem with telling the truth?

    I don't even really know where to begin. I know what I have done, and have been diagnosed with a specific persoanlity disorder. Just don't think that justifies compulsive lying, but thats my problem.

    I have spent years covering up the things I've done and said, lying mostly to my family. It has been easy, because they live in another state. But there has been no real reason for me to do it. Some of the things I've done: Mom hasn't been told I have a son. She thinks that I couldn't get pregnant after my daughter, so never have told her. I gave up both my children, because I can't really see how I could take care of them. Terrifying idea that I was responsible for their happiness when all I really wanted to do is die. Don't get me wrong, I love my children to death, but I was not a fit mother, horrible, and now I find it really hard to forgive myself, although I think I did the best thing for them by giving them up. My daughter's father is pretty much aware that I've dove off the deep end at some point. Think that my son's family thinks the same thing (yep, I have two different fathers for my kids, wasn't planned, but the rest of my life choices haven't been that great either).

    Now, I live alone, afraid to let anyone in because they may hate me just as much as I do myself. I want to forgive myself, but don't feel that I deserve it. I've been to doctors, been in and out of hospitals. Attempted suicide over and over, most half attempts in the hopes I could get some help. But a good deal of the time all anyone ever tries to do is put me on medication. Then send me to a therapist that I end up getting bored playing with and miraciliously am all better.

    When people meet me, they have no idea. I'm relatively charming on the outside, do well for a long time, and then eventually my errosive personality starts to show through. I hate myself and have done an insane amount of things to prove it to myself and everyone else around me.

    Has anyone else tried to overcome compulsive lying and actually accomplished some improvement in their self esteem? At this point, I can only espect my family would want nothing to do with me, and I can't blame em. But I would like to try to at least forgive myself and do something a littl e more than try to survive my life by lying my way through it.

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