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  • Algae Treatment?

    Just wondering what everyone recommends for algae in a freshwater aquarium? Ever since I purchased my Discus and raised the temp. to 86 degrees, I've noticed more greenish-brown algae on my tank. It's kind of slimy, too.

    I need something to control the algae, but also something that's not going to mess with the bacteria in my tank or harm my fish. I have 3 cory cats and a few ghost shrimp, too.

    Thanks so much!! :)

    Some more info: I have a 55 gallon aquarium with a Penguin BioWheel 350. No live plants, a few artificial, though. Aquarium rocks line the bottom and I have a few castles as decor.

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  • When do Discus develop their color?

    I just purchased 2 King Cobra, 1 Brilliant German and 1 Mandarin Orange. They arrived yesterday and they're all orange right now, with some distinguishing features. I can tell the Cobras by their vertical stripes and the Brilliant German has a silvery-purple around the edges with vertical and horizontal stripes. But, how old are they when they usually develop their FULL color?

    Thank you!! :)


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  • Hole In The Head Disease?

    I was told that once one of your fish have come down with or died of HITH that you can NEVER get rid of it out of your tank. Is that true?

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  • Will fish fins grow back?

    Well, I've removed my spotted green puffer.....He's taken a BIG chunk from 3 of my gouramis' bottom fins and eaten half of my flame gourami's tail!

    Will they grow back? Or are they forever scarred?

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  • Spotted Green Puffer question.....?

    I added a spotted green puffer & 6 mollies to my 55 gallon tank this past Saturday (June 16). The other day, one of my albino cory cats came up missing.....Found him yesterday almost completely eaten!!! I have the tetraodon nigrovidis not the tetraodon fluviatilis, which is the venomous one to my understanding.

    Today, my sucker fish is dead. :( I fed them and saw my sucker swimming along the bottom. An hour later, I found my sucker dead with his sucker eaten OFF and his eyes eaten too. :(

    I've NEVER seen my puffer snip at any of my fish. I've seen the mollies chase a few around, but not enough to hurt any. Everytime I feed the fish, the puffer stays away. In fact, I haven't noticed him eating at all......Do you think that the puffer is the one killing my other fish or could it be the mollies? Everything was peaceful in my tank until they came along. :(

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  • Cleaning a stainless steel refrigerator?

    Okay....I was cleaning my s.s. fridge last week and now it looks like CRAP! :( Someone told me that I could use glass cleaner on it and I did---Bad idea. :(

    There were so many fingerprints (I have 4 kids) and also water drippings (it has a water/ice dispenser that goes everywhere when you use it) all over the front that I started spraying generic (Wal*Mart brand) Glass Plus on a paper towel and then wiping it.

    Well, one of the kids started talking to me, I became distracted and I sprayed the glass cleaner DIRECTLY on the fridge in 2 spots! Now, you can see the 'starburst' pattern from the sprays and also where the cleaner ran down the door..... Ugh! It looks awful!!

    I have tried using vinegar, dish soap and water, glass cleaner again---This time ONLY on the paper towel.....But, to NO AVAIL.

    Is my fridge going to look like this forever? Or is there hope?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • My freshwater tank water is YELLOW......?

    I have a 55 gallon tank that we just bought and set up on April 30 of this year. The tank has just finished it's cycle (about 1 week ago) and right before it was finished, I noticed that the water had a yellowish cast to it.

    Here's what I have in my tank: 2 blue gouramis, 2 dwarf flame gouramis, 3 conga tetras, 1 rainbow shark, 1 pleco and 2 cory cats. I have a Penguin Bio-Wheel 350 filter and a heater, of course. The bottom is white and red rock with 3 castles---1 lg. and 2 sm.---and 2 artificial plants.

    When I turn the light on in the aquarium, the water looks fine. But, if the light is off, it just looks yellow/green. The water is NOT murky/cloudy AT ALL. My fish seem to be doing fine. The tank does not sit near a window or any where near where light can hit the tank at all. I don't see any moss growing on anything in there, either....

    Any ideas on what's causing this and how I can make my water look clean again?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Questions about a post-cycling tank?

    Well, my tank has FINALLY finished cycling after 5 full weeks. Whew! :) Thanks to all of you WONDERFUL people who took the time to answer my beginner question. You are full of knowledge and wonderful to 'speak' with. Hats off especially to 2Girlsmom for emailing me extra stuff when she didn't have to and putting up with me PATIENTLY. lol :) Now...On to the question......

    How long will it take my tank to cycle again? How often should I do water changes now that my tank is finished cycling? If I add more fish now, will it mess with my tanks 'balance'? Can I put away the test kits now for awhile? lol

    Thanks in advance!! :)


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  • Nitrite levels....?

    Well, my ammonia & nitrate levels are in the normal range, but my nitrite levels are too high. Is this the end of the cyling? Does the nitrite fall last in the cycle? Do they go in order?

    I've done a 20% water change (yesterday) and they are still too high....I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank with 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 gouramis, 4 conga tetras, 1 ghost knife and 2 cory cats. My tank was set up on April 30th and fish added on May 1st......So, my tank is 3.5 weeks along..... :)

    Thanks in advance,


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  • What is there to see in Hershey, PA?

    I'd like to hear from people that have visited here. Planning a vacation there this summer and want some input. We plan on seeing the Hershey factory, but what else can you suggest?



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  • Aquarium amonia levels?

    No matter what my husband and I do, we can't get the amonia levels in the safe range. It stays right between 'stress' and 'harmful'. We've done water changes, vacuumed the gravel, done more water changes, added a little salt, added some Cycle to the tank, cut back on feeding them.....We did a 25% water change last night while vacuuming and about an hour later, it was still in that 'stress' to 'harmful' range. Nothing seems to help.

    We have a 55 gallon tank and we have in it: 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 reg. gouramis, 2 lg. angels, 4 conga tetras, one ghost knife, one clown loach and 2 albino cory cats.

    Any advice? Thanks so much! :)

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  • My gourami is acting funny.?

    It's laying on the bottom of the fish tank. Looks to be breathing okay.....When I approached her with the fish net, s/he swam away pretty quickly. But, s/he keeps sinking to the bottom....

    How do they act when they are about to lay eggs? Not sure if it's a female or not, but just wondering...

    Also, how do YOU prounounc gourami? I say gore-a-me (short a). Is that correct? TIA

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  • Cycling & pH?

    Can someone PLEASE explain cycling to me in very plain terms. I keep hearing about it and I don't know what it is.......Also, I can't seem to get my pH any lower than 7.4 I'd like to see it down around 7.0. I've tried the pH lowering liquid and tablets. Just don't seem to help. Any suggestions? I'll add that we have well water and a water softener. Would this affect it?


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  • Can my mom hook up 2 towers to one monitor?

    She wants one tower for her internet service only and the other for all of her games that she has downloaded. Possible? Is so, how? Thanks in advance! :)

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  • My Oscar doesn't have a chance......? eat! :( Or my angels.....I have some baby small silver dollars and some tiger barbs and as soon as I put food in the tank, they gobble it up! My oscar and the angels aren't getting anything to eat because of the little piggies. Any suggestions?

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  • How long to 'un-cloud'?

    I've overfed my fish. :( Now, the water is cloudy. How long will it take my aquarium to clear up? And how long should I wait to feed the fish again (how many hours)?



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  • Where's the BEST place to buy freshwater fish for an aquarium?

    I've looked at,,, there any where else to look at good prices on freshwater aquarium fish?

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