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  • If someone has a private, "Legacy" health insurance policy,...?

    (an insurance policy purchased prior to The Affordable Care Act and is not through an employer), and wants to add another applicant, such as a spouse, can that spouse still be denied coverage for a pre-existing conditon under a legacy policy?

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  • Mormons? ........Temple Garment Please?

    The White Undergarments with the sacred symbols on it. It has been said it wards off evil and temptation. If this is true, I would like to know in what way it does so. I'm guessing its a constant reminder of purity which thereby keeps you on the alert for evil/temptation coming your way?

    Also. Do you ever put into practise dieing to self daily and being filled with His Spirit in purity of heart that only Christ can manifest through you?

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  • Is there sound biblical doctrine which supports 'special unspoken prayer requests'?

    In what way, that it would be pleasing to God, can we pray for someone requesting prayer by which we know not what to ask? I think it would not be right to simply shrug ones shoulders and walk away from someone who needs prayer by which we don't know what to ask but at the same time, I don't think it is good to go before God empty. I don't need details of their circumstance as a very generic understanding would suffice.

    Does biblical doctrine give us an answer regarding these situations?

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  • Buddhists. What are the reasons that keep you from turning to Christ?

    I have just recently had an interest in those who follow Buddah and was wondering what the main factor was that helped you make the decision to follow the teachings of Buddah. As a Christian its hard for me to see and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

    Much appreciation to those who can enlighten me.


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  • Are Evil and Sin One In The Same?

    Some say, "Not all people are evil" others say "We are all evil".

    Can sin exist without evil or evil without sin?

    How does God see sin being committed by us?

    How does He see evil being committed by us?

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  • If you are a Christian, how would you answer this question ?

    God, being all-knowing, knows those who will choose Him and those who will reject Him.

    So why does He not prevent those who will reject Him from being born,

    thus eliminating evil in the world?

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  • Why do so many Christians spring into the threatening mode?

    I hear more and more people using the 'scare tactic' of going to hell to drive people the other way. God didn't say "drive hell down their throats!" I didn't receive Christ to avoid hell. I did it because I came to realize I had a need for a savior in the Here and Now.

    Why do you not encourage? It is God who calls us and we are commanded to give testimony of God in our lives. Do you not have a testimony about how radically your life changed when you received Christ? How wonderful its been to receive God's promises ever since?

    Why do you not share your found treasure in Christ? If someone did not share with me, I would still be stuck not knowing what I was missing out on and living a destructive life.

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  • Have you ever given God the little things?

    Have you ever given any thought as to taking ownership of something, thinking nothing of it, nor anyone else does and then find that God has something to say about it? This is one chapter of God’s story in my life if you care to read and please share any related experiences you have had for His Kingdom's sake.

    I remain convinced by God in renouncing ‘my self-designated’ church seat consenting to sit where He appoints me to be. Bearing in mind even the smallest attitude of self-proclaiming ownership, even in the act of unconsciousness, would limit my awareness to the needs of the body and my availability to God resulting in a missed opportunity and without remedy.

    Perhaps a missed opportunity for the woman, front and center, silently weeping with an empty chair on either side of her. For the new visitor who sat in the distance gone unaddressed; for the woman, mid-center, who needed that scripture card tucked in your bible, for the one seated far right who had a mishap and needed the awkwardness quickly put at ease, for the one back and center who needed to see Christ shine through you, for the one who was seeking God’s written word when you had an extra bible in your car, and for the many more unknown opportunities that await us within the body including the chair which sits far left and empty of a wounded sheep gone missing and nobody sees.

    One small sacrifice which came to light enabled limitless opportunities from God to come into my plain view when He stirred me from attending the body and in the direction of quietly tending to the body. This testimony is not the result of or on the subject of moving to another seat. It is the outcome of disowning the little things, the unknown things, and the thoughtless things with the intention of God working in a really big way.

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  • Are You Willing When You Can't See?

    I used to daydream about going to Macau to hand out Chinese bibles. I daydreamed because there was no way that I could see I would be able to make the trip. After getting back to spiritual reality and God's truth, it was time to at least make myself available despite it seemed impossible I would ever reach the Chinese.

    Well it was God's plan to reach the Chinese but not in China. Right here in the U.S.! It all began with a car taking a wrong turn and getting stuck in my driveway. They were 3 Chinese boys that has grown to over 25 young, and not so young, men, women, and children visiting this home. Mostly they are those who told a friend of their experience, and they told their friend, and then another, etc.

    I am convinced If you make yourself willing, even though you can't see, God will make a way........He did not send me out, but instead brought them in.

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  • Christians, How Bright Do You Shine Before Others?

    It is easy to shine before those who are of the same mind but how brightly do you shine in the midst of darkness?

    .............................Has anyone ever put it out or was it persuasive?

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  • Atheists. I have 25 non-God believing friends.?

    We get together often for dinner and laughs. I am different that I am a Christian, however, we love each other just the same. One night, one of them came to me asking sincere questions about God and I answered him. The love and respect of his atheist friends did not change towards him nor did they try to persuade him from what might be a change in his thinking or his heart.

    My question is……would you love, honor, and respect one of your atheist friends if they had a change of thinking/heart or would you try to steer them back to disbelief? Would your friendship ever be the same?

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  • Ephesians 2:8...............?

    "For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God"

    But are we safe?

    Has Christ died for us just so we can go to Heaven?

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  • Brother Branham????????

    What do you know about Brother Branham. I took notice of a poster with these prophets on it and also a cloud web picture that is supposed to be a prophet. There are also claims of supernatural photos of Brother Branham, however, the photos appear to be photographically altered.


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  • This was written for a reason.?

    “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” Deuteronomy 22:5

    Something had to have occurred for this law to be written. What was it and what is the true meaning of this verse?

    Cross dressing is a consideration of some, however, there was little distinction between a man's tunic and a woman's so perhaps this law was written for people wearing something of a greater distinction(?) This small difference does not seem to provide adequate separation between man and woman.

    Some say women are not to wear pants but who said men are to wear pants when tunics or short 'dresses' were worn by men when this verse was written? If one believes a woman should not dress like a man, why do they say its okay for a woman to wear sandles and sneakers? Has this particular belief turned into legalism?

    This is enough to make my head spin. What are your thoughts?

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  • Atheists and Christians...I'm curious about the head knowledge and spiritual knowledge on this.?

    Is an attitude of being content and an attitude of complacency the same or different? How so?


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  • The Last Supper.................................?

    Is there anywhere in the bible that tells us of the frequency of communion?

    If you do it frequently, do you ever catch yourself treating it as a routine thing or are you deeply involved each time in the remembrance and meaning of Christ's body and blood and also consider the warnings of when one should not receive?

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  • What do you think of when you hear the words;?








    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4

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  • Christians? Have you learned or are you learning to be content in every situation?

    If so, how did this change in attitude come about for you and how has the journey been?

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  • Depreciation on Business Equipment?

    I first depreciated 5yr. property (MQ 200%) in the beginning of year 2011 but was used only for 2 yrs. (through Dec. 2012).

    Do I need to change my depreciation method for 2012?

    The Business is going to be closed early this year.

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  • Christians. Who is your Teacher?

    Who is your teacher when it comes to God's word?

    Do you put to the test what is taught?

    Are you able to catch an untruth spoken?

    How is one able to catch it before being deceived?

    What about those who speak skillfully? Is it convincing enough?

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