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  • What's up witn my cooch?

    I've been actively sexually active for three months now and just this morning I've started to feel... extremely tingly in my nether region - border-line burning a bit when I pee. I've been having sex about 4 to 6 times a week, and I have definitely got a chaffed **** (the keener pushed in when I was too dry a couple times). I've also just completed my first week on birth control, nothing seems out of the ordinary so far seeing as everything (I think) I'm experiencing from that is in the warnings. I do have a bad habit of not properly hydrating which last night I tried to remedy and drank two large glasses of water (like really large) and now it really just feels like I have to pee all the time, even though I don't (I'm on the can as I write this, there is nothing much coming). I don't know if my vag is just really dry, because I have been being more careful about, ahem, drying myself after using the toilet (it does feel better when it's wet, but when it dries it goes back to being super tingly). Any suggestions on whether this is a case of an over-used, dry vag or if maybe an infection is starting?

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  • Is this dress too fancy for everyday?

    Just wondering is this dress: is too fancy for or if I should just wait to pull it out at Christmas :)

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  • How much would this tattoo cost?

    I'm a total tattoo noob, no idea how much this would cost, but I love it!

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  • Really Good Adventure Anime?

    Preferably short, completed anime's - Things like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Blast of Tempest, Bleach, Fairy Tail... something funny and adventury but as I said, preferably not 400 episodes long and on going :)

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  • What manga is this - ppl turning into animals?

    There's really not much I can remember of it, but there's a whole bunch of feuding families that kinda transform in animals... one family is bears, one family is tigers - they're rarer I seem to recall. And there's two sisters who try to hunt the families and kill them I think... any ideas??

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  • What's this manga called?

    It's about this girl whose father owns a cram school, but she doesn't get along with him (or her brother) then she goes to this Blackbird cram school or Owl or something like that and she meets this older guy with black hair whose younger brother is in her class :P

    I've read the first few chapters twice so I remember all this but it was a long time ago, so I was hoping there were new chapters out but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called xD

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  • Am I paying for 3G on my phone?

    I just got a new phone yesterday - first smartphone - and it says 3G in the upper left hand corner but I did not get a contract or data plan - just pay as you go. I'm in my house, with my own wifi and I'm connected to that so is 3G just making the internet faster and if it's on when I'm out of the house but my wifi is off, will it generate it's own?

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  • T.S. Elliot Comparison Essay?

    I have to write an essay on "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock" but the question is "Examine what Eliot considers the major human problem(s) of the twentieth century by an exploration of the speaker’s predicament in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”" and it's supposed to be a comparison essay. I don't understand what I'm supposed to compare it to. My teacher didn't explain anything else outside of the questions. We've covered a lot of different 20th Century authors as well, like Pound and Frost and so on, so do I compare it to other authors? I just want to check to make sure, thanks for helping :)

  • Is there a website to help with french verb tenses?

    I'm looking for a site that will help me edit my french essay and get it all in the correct verb tense and stuff. I used to use but it doesn't really work anymore :P

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  • So I'm looking for a title for my essay...?

    I'm doing a comparative essay between Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak and John Green's Looking for Alaska. I'm saying that with out their friends, Melinda and Miles would not have been able to pull out of the slumps that they were in. I'm trying to find a title for my essay (Grade 12 ISU) and the best I have is "The Test of Friendship" or something along those lines. Is that okay? Any other guidelines I can go by?

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  • What is the Illiad/Odyssey known for?

    I know they're one of the oldest western works... but I know it's also known for being the most quoted or most read or something like that... could anyone help me? I know it's kind of vague... but if you know any records or something it's broken... let me know!

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  • What happens when you OD?

    I'm writing a story so no worries... I'm not dying :P

    One of my characters OD's and I'm just wondering what happens and how to deal with it.

    If they go to the hospital and all that, and they are obviously high... what would happen to them legally? Like do they go to jail and for how long? What type of procedures would they have to go through?

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  • Really good romance/comedy?

    Write as many as you can! They can be movies coming out soon or are out or on DVD or anything :P Just in the mood for some funny stuff :P

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  • Where can I watch Chasing Liberty online?

    I haven't seen the movie in AGES and you know Mathew Goode is pretty dang gorgeous!!!!!!! :)

    I would like to watch it for free somewhere where I don't have to complete a quiz or something :P I've looked everywhere on YouTube, but if you know who has it on YouTube and you could tell me that would be awesome :D

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  • What this manga called?

    these two people are childhood friends and the girl is obsessed with cactus's. They're in high school now and don't get along to well and somehow the guy gets stuck in a cactus and the soul that was in the cactus before him went into his body. The woman soul thing is set on finding her daughter and then will tell them how to switch the bodies back. Im pretty sure it's a one shot...

    1 AnswerComics & Animation10 years ago
  • What this manga called?

    It's about this dancer girl who was given the heart of a demon for whatever reason when she was younger and now she's traveling with this guy (who happens to be the demon who gave his heart to her) and people don't like her for whatever reason and then she almost dies because the demon guy went crazy when it was time for him to take his heart back

    I read it a long time ago, so if you could tell me the title that'd be great :)

    3 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • How much does WOW cost?

    How mush does WOW cost? Are there any monthly fees? If there are, is the price higher the more I play? juuust wondering :P

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