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  • Guns, what do you think when bad things happen.?

    I know this bad but does anyone else share this feeling I get that we are witnessing evolution in action when some kid kills themself or their instructor or their parent or their sibling when their parents make decisions such as: Yeah, my 9 year old really needs to shoot an Uzi? or Yeah, my house is safer for my children when I leave loaded guns in house?

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  • Have you noticed increased trolling in Biology on evolution vs creationism in the past few months?

    Has anyone else in Science and Math noticed what seems like an unusually high frequency of trolling on evolution in the past few months? Mostly questions in Biology. The common themes include "why do Atheists..." or "if evolution is true...". I mean WTF??? Has some devout fundamentalist evangelical preacher just discovered Yahoo Answers and figured out a way to improve his tithing by getting his flock all riled up to do "god's work" here among the heathens?

    One potential reaction... simply stop answering these questions. If you have spent much time here, you can kind of tell by the question whether someone is genuinely interested in a science based answer or not. If you think they are not genuine, just don't answer. Another option would be to flag them as violating community guidelines but that is a form of censorship and, my personal opinion, this is not a place for censorship.

    If you agree, I encourage you to act according to your own beliefs.

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  • What does the Korean Ferry tragedy tell us about "Job Killing" government regulations?

    The new info today (April 23) suggests that the root cause of this terrible accident is much more complicated than simply having an inexperience sailor steering the boat.

    If today's reports turn out to be true and the company that owns and operates this ferry (and other ferries like it) knowingly broke the law and knew that they were operating a ship that was over loaded with freight and who had reason to believe that the ship was not seaworthy (they had failed to carry out the inspections government inspectors had recommended), then the entire Management Team of this Company should be tried for murder.

    And an even bigger question... If the Government Inspectors were not given the authority to prevent this Company from operating a ship that was suspected of being unseaworthy and if the government body that oversees the inspectors is "unduly influenced" by the Companies it is supposed to be "policing", then "something is rotten in Denmark".

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to be different. How many similar ferry tragedies have there been in Korea? How many similar ferry tragedies have there been in other countries with similar government "arrangements" with private companies? And Republicans continue to rant about "Job Killing Government Regulations".

    There but by the grace of God (and sound principles of science and engineering) goes us.

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  • Anyone considering Hugh Down's new book on "secret" medical miracles?

    Beware... The advertising for this book appears to be very misleading. The first item claims to be about a heart disease treatment that a Dr Ignarro received a Nobel Prize for. Ignarro did receive a Nobel prize with 2 other scientists in 1998 for their work on nitric oxide (NO) but it is not clear that this is a miracle treatment for heart disease. The claim that big companies are keeping this secret because it is too cheap is not telling the whole truth. According to Wikipedia, Dr Ignarro is financially involved with Herbalife and serves on a committee for a French pharmacuetical company. If this book Hugh Downs is promoting is full of similar claims about similarly questionable items, it sounds like a scam to me. Caveat emptor!

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  • What is Australia's experience since outlawing gun ownership?

    I heard that ~ 1 yr ago, Australia law in effect forcing ciizens to turn in their firearms. If this is true, how many legal guns were turned in? Have the crime statistics indicated any changes in the number or type of crimes committed?

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  • What pigments were used in ancient Egyptian paintings?

    Saw the Egyptian exhibit at NYC's Met, I wonder what pigments they used, in particular the reddish flesh color.

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  • Switching Jetta TDI to dual fuel?

    If I add a second fuel tank just for waste vegetable oil (WVO) and run a line from that tank to the existing diesel fuel line (with a two way solenoid valve), do I need a dedicated fuel pump for the WVO or will the suction be enough to feed the engine? I figure it would be easy to put a nalgene carboy in the trunk, run copper tubing to the existing fuel line under the car, and install a good two way valve. This would allow me to run WVO once the engine gets warmed up and switch "on the fly". It would also reduce the chances that I'd get stranded somewhere if I do have problems with the WVO. Would blanking off the diesel fuel pump while it is running be a problem?

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  • 2000 Jetta TDI: do I need modification to run Fr Fry oil?

    I bought it new and I love it. I hate that diesel is more than unleaded premium (when it used to be cheaper than regular unleaded). If I switch to 100% french fry oil and the like during the summer months (and I filter it well), will I have any issues (other than smelling like McDonalds)? thanks..........gary

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