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  • How many people have actual photographic memories?

    So a friend of mine recently underwent a test to find out she legitly had a photographic memory, as does her mother, just wondering approximately how many people have one?

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  • In need of a story title for my book?

    I love writing short stories and I just finished one but I'm having trouble finding a title for my latest one. It is two hockey players, one whom is a Russian import and the other, Auzzy, a US native who are both best friends with this girl (the Russian is dating) bla bla bla. Anyway the Russian, Kita, starts commiting random acts of suicide but they soon find out it is Auzzy trying to kill him so he can have Brooke to himself but then at the end it actually turns out his actual parents paid his billets to kill him and they framed his best friend Auzzy for it.

    I am so stuck for a title!!! Help!

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • How much is a Martin Brodeur autographed rookie plaque worth?

    About three years ago I purchased an autographed rookie (Stanley cup) 2004 season plaque of Marty Brodeur, with COA on the back. It's 10 inches by 14inches, solid wood, perfect condition. No interest in selling it but I assume since he has retired the price has shifted a bit since I had it last appraised ($235). As a hockey autograph collector I really want to know the value. No interest at all in selling it but just curious.

    1 AnswerHockey6 years ago
  • Tinder 'Moments'?

    I got the app Tinder a few days ago, I pretty much got it figured out except I see this 'moments' thing, which I get is pretty much like snapchat for tinder but when you take a 'moment' does it go to all your matches or do you select which ones to send it to?

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  • Who are some of your favorite (male) YouTubers?

    So yeah I'm a teenage girl, I love YouTube, looking to fill up my feed a bit! I like young guys basically. No vlog channels!

    Some of my favorites are Mikey Murphy, MannnTV, Joey Gatto, Ryan Abe, Joe Santago, Jonah Green, (really just all the guys from SDK), Maxnosleeves, Lush, Luke Korns, Olli White, and Brandon Schaus! So just channels kind of like that!

    1 AnswerYouTube6 years ago
  • Traveling to Russia?

    I posted this earlier today and totally messed up my whole post. I am 17 and hoping sometime to travel to Russia/Ukraine. My parents say if I go anywhere over there I am going to get shot. I can write in Russian and learning how to speak it. What are the best places to travel to? Or advise;

    4 AnswersRussia6 years ago
  • U.S citizen traveling to Russia?

    I am 17 years old and have always been fascinated with Russia. My parents are always saying how awful it is and how I'm going to get killed if I go over. Has anyone traveled there? Best place to visit if so? Anything like that. I am currently learning the language hoping to go to Kiev or Ukraine next year.

    3 AnswersRussia6 years ago
  • How much should I feed my rats?

    I got two male fancy rats about two and a half weeks ago and I noticed they eat a ton! I'm used to my hamster who will just eat when he is hungry so I don't have to worry about putting too much in. I give them about Two big handfuls every night and they eat it all in like 10 minutes. I don't know if I'm not feeding them enough or they just will eat until they are sick? So what would everyone recommend?

    1 AnswerRodents6 years ago
  • I fractured my jaw last week, now its swollen, feels bubbly?

    So, last Wednesday (over a week and a half ago) I fell at hockey tech. And had to go to the ER for concussion and i fractured my TMJ and I cracked a bone in my cheek. I enicially landed on the left part of my jaw but fractured the right TMJ. Now its been 11 days and my chin where i landed is swollen and feels like little bubbles under the skin and very ragged. I dont want to go back to the doc if its not serious. What is going on? We did not see a rupture there the first time?

    1 AnswerInjuries6 years ago
  • Whats a free reliable sight to learn Russian/Cryllic?

    I work for a hockey team who always has scoured Russian players who often don't speak English. I'm lookin to learn to language! So I need a free reliable sight! Thank you

    2 AnswersLanguages6 years ago
  • Do i have a concussion?

    I took a pretty nasty spill at hockey technique practice today. I was just wraping up and went to cross over around the corner, ( like ive done 1000 times) and I guess tripped over my skate or something and fell. I remember thinking i was going down but don't remember hitting the ice. I landed on my jaw and smacked my cheek after that. I remember opening my eyes and seeing four guys huddled on top of me, they helped me off and i had to go sit in the screening room with ice on my face. I called my mom because i didnt want to drive home, feeling lightheaded. I have had a headache ever since and my jaw is throbbing and I can barely open my mouth. They're probably taking me to the doctor tomorrow. I have never had a concussion but I think that's what it is. Also, as soon as it happend, I remember being drenched in sweat, like when they sat me down, I was soaked in it and my head and hair was the worst. My cheek is swollen and my chin is cut up. also my ears will not pop and its making a lot of tention in my head.

    If I think its bad enough, they are going to take me in. What do you think;

    1 AnswerInjuries6 years ago
  • What are some good fund raising ideas for school?

    So, i am a leader of yearbook at my school. Me and another kid just got a fundraiser approved for our local junior hockey team to come to our school to play a rally game against the teachers. The only idea we have to make money I'd to put bomb jars up for students to elect which teachers they want to see play them. So were looking for more ways to make money off of that! Thank you!

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education6 years ago
  • Why do my hands shake?

    I am a 17 year old girl and over the last month or so my hands but mostly my thumbs and palms are shaking like 40% of the time. Nothing had changed in my diet excersise or lifestyle. It doesn't hurt or anything it's just really starting to bug me. Any ideas?

    I am healthy and workout every day. Including skating and playing hockey, so I can't imagine it coild be a health issue but i am unsure.

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management6 years ago
  • What are some classic songs that everyone knows from around 1995-present?

    I got a new phone and need some new music, and by new I mean new-haven't-heard-in-a-long-time. So pretty much looking for the biggest hits from the last 20 years. Only the ones everybody knew from any genre! (No 'This song wasn't a single but its great, you should listen to it')

    Basically any song popular at a time in the last 20 years, looking for titles I already know!)

    Titles like

    Super Bass -Nicki Manaj

    Classic -MKTO

    These are my people -Rodney Atkins

    Staceys mom

    Jesses girl

    Come on get higher

    Amarillo By morning

    Price tag

    Honkey Tonk Bedonkey Donk


    Down with the sickness

    Me and my broken heart

    All stuff like that. that was way overplayed in its time!! Thanks!

    2 AnswersR&B & Soul6 years ago
  • Does my friend have social anxiety?

    My best friend liberally lives three miles from me but won't even hang out but messages me every single night on facebook but dropped out and became homeschooled from FEAR of being bullied. She has admitted to me she doesn't have a ton of friends but the fact that she won't even talk to me or anyone her own age in person and goes everywhere with her mom is starting to concern me considering she is 16. With a car. Please no trolls, I am actuallly very concerned.

    1 AnswerFriends6 years ago
  • Should I go to a chyropractor?

    Not sure if I spelled that right but I started playing hockey in 6th grade then quit when I got a little ankle fracture. I recently started skating and taking lessons again but my back has been bothering me like crazy now, not only on skates but even just standing. I also work at the rink and have to stand up for 5 hours every weekend and I can barely stand it anymore.

    Not sure who I should go see to have it looked at.

    I am a 17 year old girl by the way.

    1 AnswerOther - Health6 years ago
  • I feel like i have 1000 needles in my back and stomach, is it hair?

    I am 17 years old and over the last two or three days it feels like I rolled in a rosebush all back and stomach. First I thought i washed all my clothes with something that had dropped on the ground but even after I rewashed everything and cleaned my back and stomach really well its stoll happening. There's no.visual hair but i don't know what else it could be and if so, how long does it feel like that. Ps. I have never shaved my back or I don't know why it'd be growing now! Help! Lol thanks!!

    2 AnswersHair6 years ago
  • Does anyone know where i could buy a rare vintage Boston Bruins jersey?

    Dave Silk is my all time favorite hockey player and I already have his jersey from the '80 Olympics, but he only played one year with the Bruins, and not being a huge star, I can't seem to find a Bruins or even a Rangers jersey anywhere!

    Does anyone know where to find one or even maybe have one made?

    2 AnswersHockey6 years ago