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  • Who cannot see the power of the rich owned media to tell you what to think ?

    You know some of them get off on it ie Rupert Murdoch loves getting involved and controlling public thought

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  • Who thinks the Capitalist Rich who own the media tell you the truth about their enemy ie Communism ?

    What is in it for the 1% rich capitalists who own the media what interest do they have to tell you the truth about Communism ?

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  • Who thinks the Capitalist Rich stayed out of trying to pervert Communism ?

    They 1% own 97% of the world's wealth so why would they not have tried to place their people inside countries trying to become Communist to try and take over and help blacken Communism's name what was in it for such a powerful set of people financially to sty out of it ?

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  • Why was Christmas moved away from Jesus's birthday ie from summer to winter?

    & don't just tel me to fit in with the pagan festival

    surely (showing insult to Jesus not honoring his birthday as they say Christmas is) they moved Christmas

    because they knew that people will buy more clothes in the winter and spend more

    while they are forced to stay inside IE just way of rich maximizing their income and

    selling us more cr*p

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  • Can any of you who attack Communism name the three main principles of it ?

    Just wondered how many of you who attack Communism or those on tv who spread hate against it, have ever read anything about it, or can actually prove they know what they are talking about.

    I as a true Communist who has always been vehemently opposed to Stalin's Soviet Union & to N Korea etc as none of these places has ever been truly Communist and I can prove it by explaining the main principles of it and why none of these countries have even really applied any of the main principles , therefore Not Communist.

    Remember the hundreds of supporters of Trotsky that were murdered along with the ice pick in the spine of Trotsky, they don't tel many of you about that, ever wondered why that is bot spoken about much on TV or in the media whenever they attack the idea of Communism anyway or keep telling you that so & so places are Communist.

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  • Should Capitalists or those that support Capitalism celebrate Christmas ?

    Let's face it. Jesus wasn't the biggest fan of people being selfish, nor would he have supported Capitalism which is based on selfishness. Ao should Capitalists or those who support the system which is based on selfishness be celebrating the birth of someone so opposed to these things ?

    Let's face it, Christmas has become almost all about what can I get and mainly about how much s*it the rich can sell you.

    It barely showed respect to Jesus or his birthday, in fact some would say a callous insult to Jesus and because he really was a Communist, a real one, not like the fakes set up by the Capitalists ie Stalin and previous leaders in n korea) when they moved the date of it too, no doubt in order to sell you more as you need to buy more layers of clothing in the cold months and because you will spend more on fuel when you are forced into staying in doors for longer periods over 2Merry Capitalism" ; which is what it really should be called

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  • Will Rich Men's investment in the Tory Party be examined?

    When Union Investment into Labour is being highlighted will Rich Men's investment in the Tory Party be examined too ?

    Seems fair, if you're talking about Unions owning and controlling Labour Policy, surely we should talk about Rich Unelected people controlling Tory Policy ?

    I'm no fan of Labour, they are just the lesser of two evils for me. I am much more left wing than Tom Watson or Len McCluskey and am annoyed at Unite for helping the Tory media further create a bad image of left wing people,

    though, surely it does show how biased the media is against the left if Unite had to go to those lengths to stand a chance of a left wing person being selected.

    If the media didn't constantly keep left wing people off the media yet at the same time insulting and lying about us every day

    then there would have been no need for Unite to try and do what they did to get a left wing person selected.

    No one mentions how these selections are biased towards picking a right wing or conformist candidate.

    Anyway I'm angry at Unite for doing what they did as it was stupid and there are other ways to take on and expose media corruption towards the left and it helps the right wing media further create a bad image of left wingers.

    I'm glad Ed Milliband is standing up to Union bosses, I would also like him to make a point of how no one ever examines Rich Individuals investment in and control of Tory Policy though.

    I wonder if he has the guts to mention that,probably not because the reason there is so little difference between Labour and the Conservative Party is because bopth are owned and controlled by the Super Rich,

    it is they and the media they own that really owns and controls what the Labour Party does and not what the Unions want from them.

    The real truth is Labour too are controlled by the Super Rich and that's why they can't normally stand up and say what they should about the Tories

    and why Milliband probably daren't as part of saying what he'll do about the Unions mention that he'd like an examination of investment in the Tory Party too

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  • Is it just violent terrorists that the CIA and MI5 spy on ?

    It's put out by Government Ministers that our intelligence forces only spy on certain types of people and only after it is obeys certain rules and they've had to get Ministerial permission for. IE They only spy on terrorists or potential terrorists and people who are prepared to break the law.

    That's rubbish, of course.

    But what do you all think. Do you really think they only spy on people who are terrorists or who are prepared to break the law ?

    Do you not think, that the most senior or most active anti-system people, even though they are law abiding, will be spied on too. ?

    Of course they will, IMO, certainly the most active & the most senior ones, will be spied on too, regardless of whether they are terrorists or have broken any law.

    The Intelligence Services,just like all other state forces Primary function is to protect the Rich and to protect their system.Anyone who doesn't think so, can you explain, why political blacklists denying anti-system people from employment have been kept ?

    The Intelligence Services are there not to protect the general public, that's a cover story, their main function is to protect the system for their Rich Masters regardless of whether any law breaking happens or not.In their minds, anyone who pops their head up too high above the parapet, IE who is to active or too senior in anti-system circles will of course be spied on, of course lied about and of course denied being on TV to answer back to defend themselves.

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  • Were the first Soviet stars white with a red outline rather than just red or red with a gold outline ?

    Now that Capitalism has begun "digging it's own grave", as Marx predicted, and the left are beginning to unite at last and starting to rise, I am getting together some badges to wear to show clearly that I am a Communist.

    I am proud to do that, and to know that I've never fallen for the Capitalist propaganda and always knew it was all a big lie, and proud that I've always known that the Rich of course didn't allow Communism to be formed.

    They financed people who they placed in these countries and financed corruption then had the cheek to say that the corruption they brought about by their finance was Communism and to make out true communists like myself supported the very people and these people's corrupted version to try and blacken the name of Communism forever, to make out that we are the same as the people who murdered our people IE Trotsky and 300 and odd of his supporters.

    So I'm very proud of all that, but of course want to make it clear that I am a real Communist, and that I have always been opposed to Stalin's Soviet Union and to China etc.

    So I'm getting some badges, but want to have no truck with Stalin etc and want to show clearly that I am a Communist, yes, but that as a real Communist I did not ever support Stalin's regime or China etc.

    I know the Red Star and the hammer and sickle have been used before Stalin, but because they are so associated with him and with his corrupted Soviet Union, making sure Communism could never really happen there, so I don't want to be seen wearing a red star badge or a hammer and sickle badge because many, particularly those who know nothing about politics or have just accepted what they are told by Capitalists about Communism, they will think if they see the red star etc that I supported Stalin.

    I've seen once a year or two ago, online, that there was a white star badge with a red outline, I think that was the colour of the star used to symbolise the first Soviets set up by Trotsky before he had to flee along with 300 and odd of his supporters in fear of their lives from Stalin and his KGB trying to shut them up.So is it true, were the first Soviet Stars used to symbolise the Soviets set up by Trotsky, white with a red outline, rather than red as later used under Stalin ?

    If so, where can I get a badge of this design. And if they were not a different colour how can I wear a Communist emblem, whilst still making it clear that I never supported Stalin and that in fact I was vehemently opposed to him and what happened in China too.Why, mainly because they could never become Communist and they were helping the Capitalists to try and blacken the name of Communism forever more.

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  • Do any of the people on shows that insult the left actually know what they are talking about ?

    It's a constant thing that happens here in the UK.People constantly insult the left wing and automatically label them insane.Yet if anyone else is automatically labelled insane their is outrage at it.The sheer hypocrisy eh ? And they call this Democracy ?

    Apart from the obvious, that as the left aren't invited on to defend themselves yet can be insulted as often as anyone else wants yet anyone else that gets insulted that is out of order, IE their brainwashing the general public to accept their system

    and not approach left wing people to find out the truth about their beliefs and what really happened in so called left wing places.

    Apart from the obvious brainwashing to keep the general public on side and tell lies about the opposition and not allow them to defend themselves

    do any of these idiots who say what they do about the left actually know what they are talking about ? How many of them have actually read books on the left or studied it ?

    or are they just like most of the public they've never read anything about it other than what the Capitalist media has told them about it ?

    One idiot on Question TIme the other night seemed to think that Stalinism was the same as Communism. I suppose that's why Stalin ordered over 300 real Communists to be murdered then ?.

    What an imbecile to think that Soviet Communism (which wasn't Communism at all) or Stalinism was the same as real Communism

    which the rich having so much wealth of course have never allowed to happen.

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  • Can anywhere be Democratic if you don't allow Anti System people to speak ?

    Here in the UK we have something call;ed "The Representattion Of The People's Act".It is used to keep people with Anti System views off TV, it works like this, many anti system people do not stand for election because they know that the electoral system cannot ever return Governments that are backed by anywhere near 50 % of the voters, therefore you can never have anywhere near majority backed Government.

    We also know that of course the System works on blackmail by the rich IE "give us what we want or else" therefore the idea that this is a Democracy is pure propaganda and lies.

    The real test of a Democracy surely would be to allow Anti System people to debate with supporters of the system on TV.No place can ever be Democratic unless it allows it's Anti System people to speak

    instead of as it is now that Anti System people can be insulted and lied about as much as supporters of the system want yet they are not invited on to be able to answer back.

    The sheer hypocrisy the other week when as soon as UKIP were insulted who are a party who supports the system it

    was almost if not immediatley called Undemocratic to insult them yet they can defend themselves on TV

    yet Anti System people can be insulted all the supporters of Capitalism want and they aren't invited on to defend themselves ?

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  • Why was it Undemocratic to call UKIP insane yet it's OK to call left wing people insane?

    The sheer hypocrisy of our so called Democracy in the UK which always returns Governments not backed by 60 odd to 70 odd % of voters and which of course is blackmailed by the super rich "give us what we want or our money goes abroad", the sheer hypocrisy of Democracy was shown up clearly the other week.

    After UKIP were called insane it was widely decried as being unfair and Undemocratic to insult them like that. OF course they are all;owed to be on TV and are invited onto shows like Question Time so can defend themselves.

    Why is it, that in the first week when these insults were used about UKIP and like I said they are invited on and can defend themselves; why was that called Undemocratic yet the left wing are automatically insulted and labelled as insane all the time ?

    Yet many of them are not invited onto TV to defend themselves because they are honest enough to say we don't believe in your electoral system as we know it always returns Governments not backed by the majority and your system works on the principle of blackmail by the rich "give us what we want or else".

    How come it was Undemocratic to do that to UKIP and how come it's ok to do it as often as any of the panel members want about the left ?

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  • How many families are on £500 a week benefit ?

    The Tories have been using the £500 a week benefit cap amount over and over as a tactic in order to mislead the general public that a lot of people are on that much. No one ever asks the question "how many are on £500 a week".

    Or makes it clear that only familes can get £500 a week, that most of the £500 is not for them but is taken up by enormous rents charged by private landlords, or questions if the Tories keep using the figure to try and mislead the general public that a lot are on so much.

    Or makes it clear that of course not many are on that much anyway.The Tories are being allowed to get away with misleading people and by telling shear lIes sometimes all because their press is too powerful and has controlled public opinion to such an extent that others daren't say anything in case it ruinS their electoral chances.

    No one is saying how they ignored the report Harrington did on their benefit policies.They called for him to do the report but then ignored it when he was highly critical of their benefit policies.They also lost the vote on their bill Lords voted against it but then they forced them to agree by using a rare rule on finance so they had to agree when they re-represented it.

    Also the DWP has ignored GP and Consultant letters and instead used less qualified staff at their medical examination centres to force genuinely unable to work people off benefit.

    No one is saying any of these things because most papers are Tory and it is stifling debate because the myths and lies spread in these papers is making it undemocratic that no one is brave enough to make the points I have made above.

    Surely it is wrong that the Tories are able to get away with misleading people to think so many are on £500 and surely it is wrong that there being mainly a Tory press it prevents others saying these things.

    It's about time these things were exposed and the truth come out about Tory tactics and how they ignored report and forced Lords to agree.

    And how something has to be done to stop too large a share of the press being on one side as it is preventing Democratic debate.

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  • Why wouldn't the Super Rich have financed the enemies of true Communism to form Govt after revolutions ?

    Think about it. I'm not saying they did but think it's more likely they did. When the Super Rich Global Capitalists IE Rothchilds etc are so rich.They own trillions upon trillions, the vast majority of the world's wealth in less than 1% of the world's populations hands Why would they not try to finance the opposition to real Communists during Communist revolutions anywhere they have happened.Think about it They have so much wealth, why not use it, to try and finance the opposition to true Communists so that they form the Government after the revolution.Then you have a nasty dictatorial regime in charge who murder any real Communists who speak up IE as happened to Trotsky and hundreds of his followers and who help you the Super Rich to be able to try and blacken the name of Communism forever more together with the constant anti Communist propaganda in the media you own so as the majority never approach the descendants of the real Communists who were murdered by the regimes backed by the Super Rich and never have a chance of bringing true Communism about.

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  • Why would the media owned by the Super Rich tell you the truth about Communism ?

    Why would it be in the interests of the Super Rich Capitalists who own the media to have their media tell you the truth about Communism ? Surely if they can get away with it (and so many don't seem to at least question what they are told in their press or on their TV news) it is in their interests to lie about Communism, the same as it is in their interests to financially back the opponents of real Communism to be in Government in so called Communist countries.So many real Communists haven't been murdered by the regimes in these countries for no reason.It's to keep them quiet.These lies in their media and them controlling who is in Government in N.Korea, Stalin in the Soviet Union etc are all designed to try and blacken Communism in the maj s minds forever and to stop folk approaching real Communists IE those who believe in what Trotsky said those who support the people who were murdered by the side the Capitalists have backed to be in Government in these places.

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  • Are there enough 1 bedroom properties for people to move to ? Did IDS believe answer he gave on BBC news ?

    The reason the conservatives Under Occupancy Charge has been called the Bedrroom Tax is not just as a catchy name to oppose them on it.IT has been called a Tax even though the Tories and their supporters keep arguing it isn't an actual Tax, because there is not enough 1 bedroom properties for people to be able to move to to be able to avoid paying money from their benefit to replace the missing Housing Benefit.That's why it's called a Tax because we are forced to pay it and are unable to move to 1 bedroom places to avoid having to pay.The Tories know this yet they force it on us.So is it true that there is a shortage of 1 bedroom places ? I believe it is. And early on MON 1ST April Ian Duncan Smith said on BBC News I think that he did not believe there was a shortage of one bedroomed properties for us to move into to.He actually said that "I don't believe there is a shortage".Surely he must know there isn't enough 1 bedroom properties and surely he didn't believe what he said or did he tell me what you think ?

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  • Why aren't more employers paying below the legal minimum wage being prosecuted ?

    There haven't been many prosecutions of employers who have been paying below the minimum wage.So surely that and making sure employers pay a decent wage are the best way to get people off benefits and back into work.Surely that is far better and the decent thing to do rather than taking even more money off those on benefits (as some genuine people have lost a lot already) and forcing them further below the Department of Work and Pensions legal minimum to live on (which they say on our decision letters) and a lot better than forcing people through poverty back into work.Perhaps it'd be a good idea for the conservatives to be able to get their Private Enterprise heroes to create more jobs first too.

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  • Are the Conservative changes to benefits fair or unfair ?

    In my opinion as they have been sold to the general public through the Tory supporting press from the beginning as bringing justice to benefit cheats and as their changes apply to all on benefits (not just cheats who are only a small percentage of overall claimants: most claimants are genuine) they are highly unfair and are really an attack on the poor.Hardly surprising from Bullingdon Boys who have one of their initiation rituals as burning a fifty pound note in front of a tramp.That is true: they actually do that.So Conservatives aren't just opposed to poor people and on the side of the rich because of ideology because they think that the riches investments are what will rescue the economy and create jobs etc, they actually have to show they take the micky out of the poor and actually hate them by those rituals carried out to prove they are one of the rich in gang as part of the Bullingdon club.Also apart from their benefit changes being aimed at everyone on benefit, beginning with the moving of incapacity benefit claimants onto Employment and Support Allowance a while ago, their Department of Work and Pensions has several times ignored Doctor's letters and Consultant reports sent in as part of their claims by claimants and they have turned down genuine disabled and sick people umpteen times by ignoring these medical opinions forcing genuinely ill people through hell as they tried to appeal against them.Also it has been known for a while that they would axe Legal Aid for befit claims, therefore they attack everyone then cut our right to fight back.They also forced the citizens Advice Bureau to make a lot of their staff unemployed ages ago and they must know that that made it harder for benefit claimants being put through the wringer by them to be able to defend themselves too.Apparently the latest excuse which they've used for a while is to help people back into work as it's unfair that those on benefit should be better off than some in work.To cut back people's money from what the Department Of Work and Pensions themselves say in bold black writing on decision letters is "The Bare Minimum The Law Says You need To live on" surely should not be allowed as it is cutting back people to being on less than the law in the DWP's own words says we need to live on, and is of course a disgrace, when the obvious way to make it better for people to work is to make sure that some employers don't get away with paying below the legal minimum legal wage.There has not been nearly enough convictions of those paying below the legal minimum wage and to make sure that employers pay a decent wage.That is the way to encourage people back to work.That is if the jobs are there in the first place of course as we all know that the Conservatives are having trouble getting their heroes the Private Enterprise entrepreneurs to create jobs.That is the way to get people back to work not by reducing people's money below the legal minimum the law says we need to live on.Finally as regards their Bedroom Tax which is called a Tax because people are having their Housing Benefit reduced for having an extra bedroom and because there isn't nearly enough properties with one bedrooms available for us to move into to avoid having to pay the difference out of our benefit, again putting us below the minimum the law says we need to live on.So there isn't enough places for us to move into to avoid paying so we are forced to pay money out of our benefit to make up for the reduced housing benefit.That is why it is being called a Tax because we can't escape paying it.IF they were going to bring in such a charge then they should only have done it after they built enough one bedroom flats for us to be able to move into.So we would have had a choice, which we haven't because there aren't enough, and could have chosen whether to move and avoid paying it or not.That must have been obvious even to the Conservatives that they had to build enough one bedroom places before they did that to benefit claimants.They didn't though they are forcing us to pay the missing money so we don't get into rent arrears when they know there are not enough one bedroom flats for us to move into to avoid having to pay it from benefits, that is why it is called a Tax.I look forward to opponents of it presenting their proof there are not enough one bedroom flats to Ian Duncan Smith who this morning said he did not believe there was a shortage of one bedroomed properties

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